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Growing up my mom used to say, “Why pay for the cow, when you can get the milk for free.”

Well, obviously my mom wasn’t trying to build an online empire!

If you want to sell more products, more services, more stuff then you need to start slangin’ some FREE content. Hold up…I take that back. You need to start slangin’ LOTS and LOTS of FREE content.

So you may be giving me the side eye right now and saying, “Girl – do you know how much time and effort it takes to create amazing content? Shoot I can’t even get a blog post out  each week.”

Believe, me. I understand. Yes, creating kick-ass ebooks, videos and printables can eat up time you barely have already, but when multi-millionaire marketing moguls do it? You should take a hint and do it too.

Today we’re going to lay out three advantages of giving away your BEST content for FREE (especially if you’re selling online courses) and why putting a price on everything can actually be hurting your bottom line.


To get people to buy you must not only be seen, you must be trusted. The online world is uber crowded and it’s becoming harder and harder for people to filter the good from the bad . To survive you have to position and posture from a place of “I know what the heck I’m talking about!”

The more killer content your create and the more useful information you provide to your audience, the more they will begin to see you as the expert you are. People will begin to seek you out, look for you to guide them and make decisions based on the recommendations you give. When you’re known for giving away high-quality content for free, people begin to label you as their ‘go-to’.

So let’s say you’re a natural hair care blogger and you create downloads, ebooks, and hair regiment videos, that you give away for free. Do you know people who want healthier and longer natural hair will eat that stuff up! Don’t believe me – go to Youtube right now and type in natural hair care. Those videos have hundreds of thousands even millions of views.

What if taking 15 minutes to shoot a quick video or put together a hair care checklist could result in that kind of traffic? Would it be worth your time and energy then?

Champion Tip: Your free content doesn’t have to be boring. Make it fun, make it cute and make it educational. You should always ask the question, “Why would I want this?”


People love FREE. I’m mean really; have you been to Costco lately?! They ain’t slick. They know that samples equal sales. Just last week, the hubby and I made our monthly trip and we had three new items in our basket – items that we’ve passed a thousand times before – but, because we got a chance to try them for FREE in the store, we ended up adding an extra $35 to our normal total. The POWER of FREE is real ya’ll!

FREE means there is no risk. FREE means I can taste test. FREE means I can consume without commitment.

The same holds true for your readers. They have the opportunity to get a taste of what you have to offer, before going all in. Your readers also have the opportunity to share your stuff with their people, which can create even more awareness for your business and brand.

Champion Tip: Every free piece of content you create needs a name tag -meaning you should always include your name and your website’s URL at the bottom. For example, take a look at my freebie – The Ultimate Checklist For Course Creators – it includes a link back to so if people share it they will be lead to my site.


When you give in good portion, you receive in good portion. People value and often reward those who go beyond the status quo. People don’t want short cuts they want solutions and offering solutions to your readers in the form of content upgrades, freebies, live streams, webinars and in your newsletters is a great way to set yourself up for the financial abundance and overflow you desire for your business.

People are attracted to those of like-mind . Game recognize game. And if you are putting out high-value content, you are going to get high-quality followers in return. Followers, who will buy your products when you’re ready to launch because they value and trust that what you are selling is actually going to benefit them. Again, it’s going back to the POWER of FREE. They’ve gotten a taste and now they can’t resist, they just have to put your product in their shopping cart!

So in addition to attracting a stream of potential customers, giving away free content will give your audience the confidence to make more educated and informed buying decisions. They will know the quality of your content and if they have the opportunity to purchase from you in the future, they know they are going to get something truly amazing!

Are you fired up about freebies yet? What digital products can you give away?

If you’re having a brain fart as to which types of freebies you can give away – start by downloading the Fired Up For Freebies Cheat Sheet.

I created it just for YOU and it will give you a jump on all the wonderful freebies you can give away to grow your list and put smiles on the faces of your subscribers! Oh..and NO OPT-IN Required!! Boom!

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