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Online course sales slow? You are putting in the work and doing all the things you’ve been taught. Yet, here you are, wondering if there is something wrong with your sales page links, because nothing seems to be bringing in the sales.

So what do you do when sales are slow, or have stopped all together?

Finding yourself in a sales slump can be caused by a number of different things, but even if you’re feeling like you just can’t catch a break, there is something you can do to break yourself out of your slump.

Now before we dive into the specifics on how to boost your sales numbers I want you to consider doing something that might seem counterintuitive.


“The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” – Moliere

Sometimes we’re in such a rush to grow and build and scale that we skip steps and forget the nurture our business in a way that creates sustainable and long-term growth.

So now that we’ve taken a breath, let’s figure out how to improve those sales! (We’ve got bills to pay right?!)

What do you do when your course and coaching program sales are slow?

Make sure you're clear on your marketing message

Make sure your messaging is clear. It is important to make sure you are clear in your unique messaging and what you do: People pay people who hold their own space and approach common problems with a unique perspective or edge that only they can bring.

Knowing that what you sell is more than a product but an experience, more than a training but a transformation and one that only you can provide will put you in a position to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Through your messaging you’ll show people what makes you unique and special and different and worthy of someone invsestig in.

If people are confused about who you are, what your purpose is, what you offer, how you can help, who you help, or your ability to address the very specific needs they have….

They are not going to pay you!

Create a new lead magnet (aka freebie)

Your “inability” to make sales has nothing to do with your intelligence or how smart you are or how many followers you have on Instagram or Facebook.

Your ideal client can afford you and will buy from you IF you are abe to attract them. Sales are made when you can get your online courses and coaching programs in front of quality leads.

And how many sales you make has everything to do with getting your messaging and what you bring to the table in front of the right people.

If your sales are low, you have to figure out new and creative ways to boost the number of people you get your business in front of, and one of the best ways to do this is to build your email list with a lead magnet or freebie.

Your freebies should be high value products without the price tag. Not only will your freebies help you attract fresh leads, your freebies are great for nurturing and building trust with the audience you already have. (which ultimately leads turns into paid customers).

How do you come up with new freebie ideas?

  1. Check your insights to see which blog posts, Instagram posts, or Youtube videos go the most engagement, and think of ways to give them even more value through a related freebie!
  2. Get inspiration from your peers! What content are industry leaders putting out? Seeing what other coaches and course creators are providing in terms of content helps you keep your pulse on what content is trending and resonating with like audiences.
  3. Think about the course and coaching programs you will be putting out over the next few months, Can you take a module, lesson, or outline of a course and package it up as a freebie? It is not about recreating the wheel or adding more work, but using what you have to maximize your sales.

Review your "Audience Attraction" strategy

Whether you are creating content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or TikTok, your ability to attract your audience and drive leads to your email list can be a great driving force for improving your sales and if your audience attraction strategy is not working, it might be time to rework it!

Here are some things you can do to improve your traffic generation strategy and online course sales:

  • Create better content. If you are not attracting quality leads…99.99% of the time your content is the culprit.
  • Create better content, more consistently. Every day you should be getting your message out into the world. You can’t build momentum and create traction in your business if you are not consistent.
  • Create better content, more consistently, and don’t forget to add a CTA. Invite people to take the next step with you. If you don’t invite people into your world, they’ll find someone else who will!
  • Do more Facebook and Instagram stories. Sharing stories gives you the opportunity to get personal and take people behind the scenes.
  • Show your face! It’s hard to make a connection with someone you never see. This is going to get people invested in YOU and it builds trust quickly!
  • Show up and be social online. Mingle, initiate conversations, and leave meaningful comments for the people you follow and respond to the people who follow you. These are your future clients and your followers. Let them know you see them.
  • Use Intagram Reels and go live to increase your reach. This is a great way to improve your visibility and credibility.

Implement these strategies and see which ones have the biggest impact and then double down on what works.

If you want to learn more about how to grow your audience and make sales more easily with your content, grab the Viral Content Startup Kit.

Collaborate with other course creators and industry leaders

You can’t win alone. Even if you are a solopreneur, you need to involve other people if you want to grow and excel.

If you were out there thinking, “I could just produce awesome products or programs and people will find me,” then you are wrong. That just does not really happen. You need to involve other people in order to make this all work.

So what are some types of collaborations you can do to increase online course sales:

  • Promote in each other’s FB groups
  • Co-host a webinar or masterclass
  • Social media takeover
  • Email each other’s list
  • Create a paid program together
  • You can do a summit or live event
  • Host a podcast together
  • Create a collaborative freebie with someone who has a similar audience
  • Exchange Interview posts or Guest posts.
  • Promote each other’s offers, posts, or lives

Now, when you are thinking about doing a collaboration make sure you do your very best to know who the person or brand is that you are working with. I am very strategic and very careful with collaborations now and I make sure there is mutual respect and friendship there first.

In business when people reach out to you, it’s because they believe it is something in it for them. Which is fine, that’s the whole point of doing a collaboration, because you think it can help you grow in some way. But make sure that you are thinking about what is best for you and your business.

what are your next steps?

I hope these ideas on how to online course sales inspire you to take some action! The worst feeling in the world is to pour of heart into our business and not reap the benefits of that work.

If you are ready to turn your experience into passive income and create an online course or group coaching program that SELLS OUT make sure to check out The 5 Figure Course Creator.

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