In today’s post – Turning Your Story Into Success From Home – I share with you the quickest way to connect to your target audience and turn your story into success.

In our industry they say facts tell, stories sell. The highest paid income earners in network marketing are also the best story tellers. Get good at telling stories, and see how it impacts your bank account!

For years I failed to tell stories. And it was affecting my business in a major way. It wasn’t that I sucked at telling stories (well maybe a little bit) I just didn’t see how a story could turn into a someone buying my product or joining me in business.


I started studying the success of multi-million dollar income earners in my industry. While they all came from different walks of life, had different entrepreneurial experiences, sold different products and promoted different industries, they all shared ONE common link.

They were master story tellers.

Whether they were telling their product story, life story, business opportunity story or the stories of their peers, they shared in such a way that made you want to be a part of their experience.


Talk about a light bulb moment. One of the easiest and most effective ways to stand out in your prospects eyes is to have them remember you through a story.

They may not remember your name or even the product you sell but they’ll remember your story and the personal details that resonated with them the most.

Are you the stay at home mom of two who never had success in the home based business industry and after 20 years of struggling to find success, found it with XYZ company.

Maybe you’re the engineer who built a 6-figure income working your business on your lunch break and was able to retire at the age of 30.

You could be the broke college student who needed a way to pay for next semesters tuition and through network marketing not only paid your way through college, but helped mentored 100 others how to do the same.

Stories are powerful.

Stories are memorable.

Stories sell YOU.

Stories sell your products.

Stories sell your business opportunity!

So How Can You Begin To Share Your Story?

I teach my team to create 3 stories:

  1. Their PRODUCT story: How they used the products and the benefits they experienced as a result.
  2. Their BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY story: Why they joined their program and how it will or IS changing their life.
  3. Their CUSTOMER story: The success stories and testimonials of their customers.

The Quickest Way To Share Your Success Stories

If you are building your business from home (outside of casually talking to people while you’re out and about) leveraging the Internet and social media is the best way to share your stories…and to be more specific, VIDEO is my medium of choice!

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Smartphone or camera
  • A tripod or selfie stick (optional)
  • Natural light

The best places to shoot “story” videos: 

  • At home
  • In your backyard
  • At the park or other natural setting
  • In the gym (or while working out)
  • While on vacation
  • At live events for your company/industry
  • In your car (almost 50% of my videos are shot in my car)

How easy is that right?! You don’t need super fancy equipment and the more casual the better. People want to get a glimpse of the realness. People want to see your lifestyle and share in your experiences AS IF they already know you!

If you want someone to join your business, you have to give them the confidence that people just like them, are doing it too! They have to believe they can do it. The mom, the engineer, the college kid, needs to believe they can make it happen and that they can do what you do.

So if you’re not sharing your success stories or the success stories of others, you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice.

Crafting Your Story

When you are recommending a product or service to someone, what’s the first thing they are going to ask you?

“Did it work for you?”

You must get good at sharing your personal product experiences with potential customers. This means getting good at communicating your product story. When sharing your Product Story use the following outline:

  • Share your history or challenge before you where introduced to the product or service.
  • Share how you were introduced to your products or services.
  • Share the product/services you started on.
  • Share the timeframe you saw results (or the immediate results you saw).
  • Share what the best part is; share the greatest results you are achieving with your products or service.

For example I sell health and wellness products and our flagship product is the worlds #1 best selling detox tea. So here is my product story:

“After a medical scare that landed me in the hospital 2 weeks after I had my second child, I was searching for a way to get healthier. I really struggled with losing weight after I had my second child and my girlfriend and business partner, Nicole, introduced me to the detox tea, thinking it would help me jumpstart my weight loss efforts and stabilize my blood pressure. Within 7 days of using the detox tea, I lost close to 6 pounds, my skin was clearer, my blood pressure was down, I had more energy and today I’ve lost almost 17 pounds and counting!”

When someone shares a problem you can solve, share your story! Remember, facts tell, stories sell!

So Now What?

I give my team a simple template for crafting ALL of their stories (product, business opportunity and customer) and teach them how to share those stories through video. But if you are not apart of my team and don’t have access to The Champions Circle Facebook Group, it’s your lucky day…because I’m giving you my Success Story Video Script right here:

Video Script For Your Story

  • Introduce yourself – “Hey! This is _________(your name) coming to you from ___________ (current location).
  • What they can expect to learn – “I wanted to talk to you today about or show you how/what/where/who ____________. “
  • Share Your Product, Business Opportunity or Customer Success Story – (This is where you can explain where you where before you or your customer found your company product or service and where you or they are now as a result)
  • Call To Action – “If this story helped you in any way ___________ (Like, Comment, Share this video with friends)”, “If you want to learn more about how I/customer went from _________ to ____________ (Go to my Blog, LIKE my Fan Page, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel, Find me on Instagram, etc.) so you can ______________ (learn more about my/their experience with the name of the product or “name of company”).”

If you would like to learn more about my story just click the About tab at the top.

I also want to personally welcome you to Read the posts, absorb the information, but more importantly, take action on what you learn. Remember this is about experiencing a TOTAL LIFE CHANGE, business, body and bank account and you can’t have success if you don’t TAKE ACTION. Learn it, implement it, share it and teach it to someone else who needs it!

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