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Instagram has become a cornerstone for many online course creators and brands who want to monetize social media. Building your online presence, driving profitable traffic to landing pages, and building an engaged audience should all be priorities if you want more subscribers and sales.

If growing your Instagram has been something you’ve been meaning to get around to, I have put together for you the Ultimate Instagram Checklist in the hopes it will help you grow your community and minimize the overwhelm that often comes with trying to conquer the Instagram algorithm.

Let’s dive in!

If you haven’t made Instagram a part of your content and marketing strategy, go and download the app now.

step 01: your Instagram account
  • Is your account a professional (business) or creator account?
  • Does your Instagram handle represent your brand or business?
  • Is your Instagram account linked to your Facebook account/business page?
  • Is your Instagram linked to a Twitter account/page?
  • Is your Instagram linked to a Pinterest account/board?
  • Did you tick the option to include your account when recommending similar accounts people might want to follow
  • Have you set up double identification for account safety?
  • Do you understand how to navigate your Instagram insights?
  • Are you checking your insights daily?
  • Are you posting at your optimal posting times?
  • Have you checked your account status lately?
step 02: your Instagram bio
  • Does your profile picture stand out? Is it of your face or logo and is your profile picture simple, clean, and recognizable.
  • Is the name section of your bio SEO optimized with niche-specific keywords? Example Andrea | Passive Income with Online Courses
  • Does the first line of your bio let people know who you are, what you do, and how you serve your audience?
  • Do you mention your most popular or profitable offer in your bio?
  • Do you have a call to action on the 4th line of your bio?
  • Do you have a link back to your website or link tree that shows how people can take the next step with you? (Here is an example of mine)
  • Is your bio catchy and memorable? Does it show off your personality?
  • Do you have contact buttons set up?
step 03: your Instagram branding
  • Does your Instagram page have a branded theme, look and feel? Ex. Do you have 3-4 brand colors that you use throughout your page?
  • Are you using a preset or filter to ensure you can create a cohesive look with your feed/pictures?
  • Are you using the same 2-3 fonts on your posts and reels?
  • Do you have a logo?
  • Are you using an app to create your feed graphics?
  • Are you using an app to plan, schedule and/or post your feed?
step 04: your Instagram highlights
  • Do your highlight icons match your brand?
  • Have you updated your highlights to include relevant info?
  • Do your highlights showcase your niche, offers, and services?
  • Are the first 5 highlights shown on your profile the most important ones?
  • Do you have an About Me or Start Here highlight that is positioned in the first spot?
  • Does the info under each highlight match the title of the highlight?
  • Have you added or organized relevant archived stories to your highlight?
step 05: your Instagram content
  • Do your posts look professional? Make sure your photos are clear and high quality.
  • Does your post fit well into your Instagram grid?
  • Are you creating and posting a good balance of content categories? (lifestyle, pillar business topics, etc.)
  • Are you creating and posting a good balance of content types? (i.e. stories, carousel, static, and reel posts?)
  • Do your captions resonate with your graphics and are they relevant to your target audience?
  • Did you add a compelling hook to your captions?
  • Did you add relevant hashtags in the caption?
  • Did you add a call to action that invites your followers to take the next step with you? (i.e. Click link in bio…)
  • Did you add geolocation to your post?
  • Do you have a posting schedule that helps you post consistently? Do you know the best time to post and are you sticking to your strategy?
step 06: your Instagram engagement
  • Do you spend at least 15-20 minutes a day engaging with your followers?
  • Are you responding to each and every comment?
  • Are you exploring and engaging with other accounts in your niche? Following other businesses in your industry is a great way to network and build a following.
  • Are you exploring and engaging with other accounts outside your niche but that your target audience may follow?
  • Are you sharing to your stories often?
  • Are you using interactive features on your story daily to connect with your followers? (i.e. polls, questions, stickers, etc.)
  • Have you responded to all of your DMs?
what are your next steps?

Whether you’re an online coach, blogger, infuencer or entrepreneur, Instagram is an amazing place for building your brand and attracting customers.

If you loved this checklist then you will LOVE the other resources I have created for you including The Viral Content Startup Kit & WomanpreneuHER University. I am so excited to help you grow your community and passive income online.


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