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Are you ready to build a profitable small business from home and take the steps to start an online business of your own? Maybe you’ve been sitting on the sideline waiting for the right time, the right opportunity, or saving up to have the right amount of money to create a better future for yourself by starting an online business that pays you every single day on auto-pilot.

Yes it is possible and thousands of people do it everyday. Thousands of people build online businesses from home, making money online, even on days when you don’t work.

Over the past couple of years I have gone from a desperate stay at home mom who left her corporate job, didn’t have a good plan B and had no clue how I was going to replace my income from home to financially independent, fun and fabulous mom of two who travels the world, owns multiple homes, and gets to live out her passion of helping and teaching others how to create 6 figure success by implementing simple steps to start an online business.

It’s been a crazy ride, one I continue to drive every single day and now I want to share with you a few of the key principles and the steps to start an online business.

3 Steps To Start Your Online Business



What are you passionate about in life? Your family, having a great lifestyle, teaching people what you know so that they can live a better life? Maybe it’s homeschooling, clean eating, making money online, sports? No matter what it is that you are passionate about. No matter what your calling is on this earth, embrace it and allow it to guide you into your ultimate success in life. Whenever you focus on your purpose and hone in on your passion, work becomes…well fun! You create content, generate ideas and promote a marketing message with ease because it is coming from a place of love. And that love and energy is what attracts people and money to you with ease! You “sell without selling” and your online business is no longer a business it is a labor of love because you are driven by something “BIGGER” than yourself!



If I would have found a coach from the very beginning, I would have saved myself a lot of frustration, time, energy and money. A mentor is someone who can tell you exactly what you need to do to make your passion work.  WHY? Because they have been through it. When you can avoid all of the mistakes and mishaps your mentor or coach had to go through it cuts your learning curve down drastically. You get to skip all the silly little blunders that trip up and sidetrack most aspiring entrepreneurs and get straight to making the money. A mentor helps you get to the front of the pack. A mentor helps you get to the prize. A mentor helps you cross the finish line while everyone else is worried about how to get started. When you can consult and confide in someone who already has what you want in life, you can model that person (do what they do) and create your own level of success that much faster. A coach allows you to begin seeing success right away instead of waiting to figure things out on your own (which most people never do!)



Not only do you need to the right mentor to model you need the right business model. The Internet is the gateway to opportunity, In fact, it can be overwhelming because there is so much opportunity out there and it can get touch sifting through what’s legitimate and what’s not. It’s important to take your time and find a profitable business model that allows you to promote and market a product, service or income opportunity that is REAL!! The worst thing you can do is waste your time, energy and money building a business on a shaky foundation. There are a lot of people who will promise you get rich quick, make money overnight solutions or scams and you must be educated enough to know right from wrong. (That’s why a mentor is so critical). You want to build a business that you are passionate about, that embraces your interests. You wan to build a business that promotes an in-demand product or service (not one that is years old and out-dated). You also want to build a business that provides you the tools to win from the very beginning. Doing your research and finding all of this out in the beginning before your invest your time and money if key to sparing you the pain, frustration, overwhelm and heartache later.

Build a business that resonates with you, showcases your value and gives you the best opportunity to live the life of your dreams!

Be Bold, Brand U


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