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After having written thousands of pieces of content from blog posts to Instagram carousels to YouTube tutorials, one question I often get is: How do you think of new content ideas?

I’m not going to lie; coming up with fresh ideas can be hard at times especially when you are not in a “creative flow” but for the most part, coming up with content ideas is not really that hard.

If you pay attention to what’s going on in your niche and listen to your audience, you should never run out of potential ideas for social media posts.

Also, there are so many tools and tricks that will help you find even more ideas. (which we’ll talk about on another day)

But, if you are looking for content ideas right now, I decided to compile 30 days worth of ideas for you so you can get a jump on your content for the month of September. These ideas can be used to develop a blog post, social media posts, a podcast, or whatever else you want to create.

Enjoy the content and then let me know in the comments which content ideas you are excited to try!

30 days of content ideas

Thursday September 1st

Share YOUR story! How did you get here?

Friday September 2nd

Create a before and after post.

Saturday September 3rd

Talk about a big myth in your industry or niche.

Sunday September 4th

Take your audience behind the scenes of your business.

Monday September 5th

Explain why your process or product works.

Tuesday September 6th

Share client result or testimonial.

Wednesday September 7th

Create a post on a common mistake + how to fix it.

Thursday September 8th

Share a step by step of how to achieve XYZ.

Friday September 9th

Show a path that leads to a specific result.

Saturday September 10th

Unbox or demo a product or tool you use.

Sunday September 11th

Share your favorite apps/tools.

Monday September 12th

Share a picture of your personal life and the story behind it.

Tuesday September 13th

Collab with someone in your niche.

Wednesday September 14th

Share a day in your life as an entrepreneur.

Thursday September 15th

Share your 3 best selling products.

Friday September 16th

Share a free resource.

Saturday September 17th

Share a snippet from your newsletter.

Sunday September 18th

Share the framework from one of your courses.

Monday September 19th

Share a customer using your product.

Tuesday September 20th

Create a CTA post to invite people to work with you.

Wednesday September 21st

Post answer to a frequently asked question.

Thursday September 22nd

Do a “3 things I wish I when XYZ” post.

Friday September 23rd

Share a new blog post, reel or youtube video.

Saturday September 24th

Share a self-care tip and it’s benefits.

Sunday September 25th

Ask your audience what they need help with.

Monday September 26th

Share something you’re working on.

Tuesday September 27th

Share a snippet from a coaching call or session.

Wednesday September 28th

Share how you plan your day.

Thursday September 29th

Share your work space or office.

Friday September 30th

Share a collage post or reel of your week.

Ladies, content is KING, QUEEN, and EVERYTHING THING IN BETWEEN and if you want to make passive income online having a solid content creation strategy is key.

If you are in a funky place with your content right now, and you need help coming up with content consistently, check out the Viral Content Startup Kit.

Inside you will find 12 months of content to help online entrepreneurs, coaches + course creators build their authority, grow their community, and convert more SELLS.


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