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One of the keys to slaying your online sales is to level up your passive income by creating your own signature info products.

But, when you’re done packaging your genius how do you deliver the goods?

How are you going to sell your product?

Do you need to set up a shopping cart?

What about a payment button?

or merchant account?

For every ebook or downloadable digital product you create, you have to think about how you are going to deliver that content and get it into the hands of your customer.

Well, today I want to share with you how to sell your ebook or digital product.


One of the best things about digital products and online courses is that you don’t have to ship anything? Your profit margins are higher, and order fulfillment is much easier! You still have to deliver your product to the customer, but thank goodness there is software that will do it for you.

That means you can be off traveling, lounging on the beach, or playing with your kids while people are buying your products and services.

I know there are a lot of you that are pivoting right now and trying to figure out how to offer products that are 100% online so I hope this video will be helpful to you.

So I want to show you how to easily deliver your digital products.

If you want to sell an eBook you can use product delivery tools like Gumroad, DPD or SendOwl but if you want to sell your eBook on your WordPress site, the best and easiest way to use a platform like WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a powerful and super easy to use WordPress eCommerce plugin. You can install it on your existing WordPress site, or create a new online store to sell your ebooks.

It can be used to sell both physical goods (things that need shipping) and digital downloads (ebooks, audio, software, video, etc).

By default, WooCommerce comes with support for PayPal, PayPal Standard, and Stripe payment gateways. There are many other payment methods available for WooCommerce which you can install later if you need it.

The easiest way to accept payment is by using PayPal Standard.

A lot of people will use both PayPal and Stripe. By using Stripe, you allow your users to enter their credit card information on the checkout page without having to leave your site and going to PayPal.

I will go into detail on how to set up your Woocommerce store in another tutorial, so look out for that but after you get your essential pages and payment methods set up you can use your shop to sell your digital downloads.


The first step to adding your digital products to your online store is to visit ‘Products’ and go to ‘Add New’ to add a new product.

You’ll want to put in the title for your product and then some detailed description.

On the right-hand column, you will see the ‘Product Categories’ box. Click on the ‘+Add New Product Category’’to create a category for this product. This allows you and your customers to sort and browse products easily.

Scroll down a little and you will notice the Product Data Box. This is where you will provide product-related information like pricing, inventory, shipping, etc.

Below the Product Data Box, you will see a box to add product short description. This short description will be used when users are viewing multiple products on a page.

Lastly, on your right-hand column you will see boxes to add the main product image and a product gallery.

Once you are satisfied with all the product information you have added, you can click on the Publish button to make it live on your website.

Repeat the process to add more products as needed.

You can extend your online store with themes and plugins to add new features to your shop but this will get you up and running and ready to make money.


Ready to give the WooCommerce a try?

Hop on WordPress, search the WooCommerce Plugin,  and get to work! 

Well, I hope this video was helpful. Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources!


Andrea Bolder | Creator of WomanpreneuHER University

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  • Awesome post 👍👌 Thank you for the info on woocommerce. I’ve been working on making my product sell buttons straight from PayPal but I’m definitely gonna check this out 💖

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