The 2020 Womanpreneuher™ Profit Planner (FILLABLE)


The 63-Page Business + Blog Planner That Will Help You Plan a Productive, Purposeful and Profitable Year!

Welcome to 2020, WomanpreneuHERs! New decade, New start!

The 2020 Womanpreneuher™ Profit Planner is hands-down one of the most comprehensive and cutest business planners out there for female entrepreneurs who want to organize their brand, business, and blog the profitable way! This beautifully crafted, 63-page fillable planner is the must-have resource for those who want detailed planning sheets and prompts that will keep you productive, prepared, purposeful and profitable for the coming year. This rave-worthy planner is THE PLANNER profit-seeking female entrepreneurs have been always wanted!​


  • Business + Brand Sheets
  • Lifestyle Goals Sheet
  • Marketing Goals Sheet
  • Year in Review Sheets
  • Profit Goals Sheet
  • 12-month Preview Sheet
  • Goal Progress Sheet
  • Yearly Goals Sheet
  • Blog Post Brain Dump Sheet
  • Monthly Blog Post Planning Sheet
  • Daily Blog Post Planning Sheet
  • Weekly Blog Post Scheduler
  • Weekly Blog Post Plan Sheet
  • Before and After Post Checklist
  • Weekly Content Sheet
  • Monthly Content Plan Sheet
  • Content Upgrades Tracker
  • Product Creation Sheet
  • Product Launch Tracker
  • Social Media Schedule
  • Instagram Promo Plan Sheet
  • Facebook Promo Plan Sheet
  • Pinterest Startup Plan Sheet
  • Daily Gratitude Sheet
  • Daily Promo Schedule Sheet
  • Weekly Promo Schedule Sheet
  • Pinterest Promo Tracker
  • 5am to 9pm Daily Schedule
  • Monthly Calendar Sheet
  • Monthly Recap Sheets
  • Traffic Plan Sheet
  • Weekly YouTube Plan Sheet
  • Sales Funnel Prep Plan Sheet
  • Sales Funnel Tracker Sheet
  • Tripwire (OTO) Tracker Sheet
  • Webinar Promo Plan Checklist
  • Livestream Plan Checklist
  • Passwords + Login Sheet
  • Product Price Sheet
  • Affiliates Tracker Sheet
  • Yearly Profits Sheet


The 2020 WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner is a digitally delivered product available for immediate download. No refunds or exchanges can be accepted.