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Welcome to Part 4 of our new 6 part mini-series, where we’re sharing some of our most popular action plans from inside our WomanpreneuHER University program. It’s an incredible community of online business builders, coaches, and course-creators, who all come into the program to turn their passions into something profitable (and sustainable). And it’s inside WomanpreneuHER University that we show them how to create, grow, and scale their product offers — passively.

Women entrepreneurs come into this program at all levels. We have people who are still exploring their entrepreneurial options and people who already have 6-figure businesses and are looking to take their income to the next level. Wherever they are, we give them the strategies they need to get them where they want to be.

And that’s what this 6-part series is about!

While we can’t give you all of the secret strategies you get inside the program, long with the 1:1 coaching, personal feedback, content reviews, strategy, tech training, and more…

You can use this actionable game to get you on the right track.

Earlier this week we looked at the steps you need to take when you have an awesome offer but no audience to sell it to!! If you are struggling to grow an email list and online community, make sure you check out that free training tutorial here: You’ve Just Created an Irresistible Product Offer…But You Don’t Have an AUDIENCE To Sell It To. (Part 3)

Now, today’s action plan is for those of you who have an irresistible offer…

but are struggling to make sales.

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Have a Product Offer that’s Hard To Sell?.. Try This!

If right now your digital products, online courses, and programs are not selling like hotcakes…

If you don’t have a VIP Waitlist hundreds of people long…

If your launches are flopping…

and your passive income sales funnels are falling flat…

Then, captain, we have a problem!

I see this far too often.

Amazing, intelligent, passion-driven women, pouring their hearts and souls into a product only to see it fail.

And it doesn’t matter how many shiny new marketing strategies they try or how many funnels they build (or rebuild),  nothing seems to work.

Failure can not only kill your confidence it can leave you disappointed, disheartened, and disillusioned.  You begin to wonder if success is ever going to happen for you…

Sound familiar?

If you’re nodding your head right now…

Today’s post is going to save you years of wasted time, effort, sweat, and tears…

Because the truth is most offers can go from NOT SELLING to SOLD OUT…with just a few minor tweaks.

Which I’ll show you in the action plan I layout below.

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Now let’s dive fix the failure and turn your products and program offers into best sellers.

reason 01: your products are not selling because your program is not being seen by enough people

As a business owner, your job is to market the heck out of your products and services. Most people don’t understand the level of selling (marketing) they have to do to actually get consistent sales. If you want to sell out your launches, book your services, and get butts in seats, you have to learn how to sell, sell and sell some more!

At the core of what we all do as entrepreneurs is SELL, right, but a key component to attracting the right people, getting your products and services in front of the right people, and then converting those people into your products and programs means putting yourself out there and getting seen.

And a lot of times, the fear of getting seen stems from the fear of how people will react to you. Will they judge you, will they question your competence, will they reject you, will they laugh at you and think what you’re teaching them is dumb or wrong…

Well having these feelings is completely normal, but at the end of the day, you have a choice.

You can choose to show up fully (despite the fear) and focus on marketing what you know in your heart is a badass product, or you can continue to hide and struggle to make sales.

So if you want to sell more, ask yourself if you are truly putting yourself out there like you should.

reason 02: your products are not selling because you have not communicated the value

If you are not generating leads, attracting the right clients, and converting sales it may be your messaging and the way you are communicating (or not communicating) your value.

I want you to look at how you communicate the value that’s being given when someone purchases your product.

Are you concise? To the point? Clear?

Being concise with your message cuts out the confusion and if your audience or blog visitors or social media followers are not clear on what you are trying to say or they have to read between the lines just to get your point, then you are clouding your message and that never bodes well for conversions.

You want to make sure people understand the benefits. So to attract leads in mass, to generate buzz around your brand, to drive sales you must effectively demonstrate someone’s return on investment.

It doesn’t matter whether you are asking someone to give their name and email address or drop $10K on a high ticket offer, if you can not articulate the value and the tangible return on that investment, you will not get the conversion.

In the mind of your ideal client or prospect, they have to be clear on the benefits and end result, or else what’s the point….right?

I want you to be aware of the fact that if people do not understand what is in it for them – then it won’t appeal to them and they will be less likely to take action on it.

So tighten up your messaging…. and this includes all of your copy. From your blog posts to your videos to your emails to your social media captions, to your product descriptions, ONLY use the words necessary, get to the point, demonstrate the value – get in and get out.

Let me give you a quick example

If you say that you help corporate women escape their 9-5 so they can live their dream life – what are you really saying?

It’s up for interpretation based on who is reading it right?


When it comes to attracting leads and making sales you may think you are speaking to the woman who wants to quit her job and start her own business but is that what your statement is clearly articulating?


Instead of saying I help corporate women escape their 9-5 so they can live their dream life – I would say something like – I help corporate women build their own businesses so they can control their own time and paychecks.

being able to control your time and paycheck is the REAL BENEFIT!

So, I want to encourage each and every one of you to review the clarity of your copy – because when your messaging is clear, your messaging does the attracting, marketing and selling for you.

reason 03: your products are not selling because your product has too much information (aka it’s overwhelming!)

In Part 2 of this 6 part action series: You’ve Created a Product! But Is It Irresistible?, we talked about the 3 things people pay for:

  1. They pay for you to solve their problem (something they currently can’t do by themselves)
  2. They pay for convenience (so something they could do but don’t want to do)
  3. They pay for urgency (so that’s something they want done like yesterday)

A BIG mistake I see people make is creating products that are filled to the brim with so much information that it makes it hard to complete. I get it, you want to overdeliver. You want to help your students get results. But sometimes sharing everything you know, means your students finish nothing!

The sheer thought of having to complete a 20 module program cripples most people and while you think you are overdelivering in value, you are actually throwing your students into overwhelm.

Do you want to over-deliver? Absolutely!

But you also want to deliver in moderation.

The main goal is to get your students to take action, so they can get results. And when you can get the results, they leave your program happy and ready to take the next step with you.

So as you’re creating your offers always remember that people don’t really want MORE information. They want MORE transformation. Think about how you can get them the results they desire without all the fluff. Your goal as a coach is to help them move from where they are right now, to where they want to be – in the easiest and shortest way possible.

Take a moment to do an audit of your product or program and BE HONEST with yourself:

Does the sheer amount of content you share on your sales page seem overwhelming?
Are people asking you how much time it will take to complete your course? (hint hint)
For those that are enrolling, are they opening up your lessons and completing them? Which ones?
How far are they getting through your course before they drop off? Where are people dropping off?

The great thing about creating your own products and services is that you don;t have to create just one. You can create multiple products and programs that give your students the additional support and information they need to move to the next step…with the information overload.

Less is more!

reason 04: your products are not selling because your product is not priced correctly

We talked a bit about pricing in Part 2 of this 6 part action series but if you are finding it hard to sell your products and programs you may want to look at your current price point.

Pricing can be a huge sticking point but no matter what price you charge, the value needs to be there and the price needs to be aligned with your values and goals.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do I feel good about the price of my offer?
  • Is there any internal conflict, fear, or resistance to selling at the price point?
  • Will selling at the price point help me reach my goals?
  • Is my current price point in alignment with my brand?

If you are unsure about your price or find that your current price is causing resistance in either your willingness to market at that price point or in your customers’ willingness to purchase at that price point, then you will need to revisit your pricing structure.

Asking yourself these questions will help you to pick a price and deliver your offer in a way that aligns with your goals, is profitable, and is a win-win for both you and your future clients.

reason 05: your products are not selling because your bonuses are “bad”!

Bonuses are a great way to sweeten up the pot with value-packed content, support, or tools that turn your products into “I just can’t pass this up” best sellers.

You’ll find that the vast majority of coaches will offer a handful of bonuses to encourage sales, but if you do not present your bonuses in the right way, they can actually work against you and repel buyers.

How? Let me explain:

One mistake I see often is people using bonuses to falsely inflate the value of their programs. It’s okay to add bonuses but if you’re going to add a bonus, make sure the value is there. No fluff, no filler.

The second mistake is adding bonuses that are not relevant to the course or product or program content. You want to make sure your bonuses are going to support your customers in a way that helps expedite their results. Anything outside of that purpose should not be promoted.

The third mistake is that the bonuses are confusing. It is important to explain your bonuses so people understand the full value, It’s not good enough to simply add a value next to your bonus image or name, you must clearly articulate what your customers are getting. Bonuses can be described in one or two sentences, but you must be super clear to communicate how the bonus works and helps them.

So speaking of value, the fourth mistake people make is when they claim a bonus is valued more than it actually is. I’ve seen sales pages where coaches will offer a .PDF bonus that’s valued at $1000 so that they can inflate the “value” of the course. Don’t do this! If the value is there, fine! But, if you are misrepresenting the value of your bonuses it can come back to bite you in the butt. So in everything you do operate with excellence and integrity.

The last mistake is that you offer too many bonuses or none at all.

Sometimes the difference between someone purchasing your program over another is the number of bonuses included, but be cautious with how many you add, because bonus fatigue is real. If you give people too many options it can easily overwhelm them. (It can also de-value your main product offer.)

Also, the more bonuses you add, the more “work” you are potentially adding to your student’s to-do list. Do people want more work? Nope! So any bonus you do add, make sure it makes their lives easier, not harder!

next steps

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Here’s to your 6-figure future!

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