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Are powerful money mantras and positive affirmations a part of your daily growth mindset and business strategies?

If the answer is NO…they should be and here’s why…

You may not know this, but you are much more capable of attaining financial success than you are currently aware. The fact that you are immersed in this journal right now is proof that a part of you knows that it’s time for a major financial shift.

A part of you is tired of the restriction and limitations your current “money” situation has you in and you are ready to make major moves in your business to make your dreams a reality.

You see, making money with your business is not just about knowing what to do. It really comes down to knowing the right things to do, in the right order and having the mental stamina to see it through.

It takes focus, positivity, perseverance, consistent action, and a moneymaker mindset.

Want to know a huge key to my success?

Powerful Money Mantras and Positive Affirmations!

Powerful Money Mantras & Positive Affirmations | Growth Mindset Journal & Templates

Gurus will tell you you that in order to be successful, you should just model other successful people. Which sounds good on the surface, right?

Do what other successful coaches do and you’ll be successful too!

But why is it that you can take two women with very similar backgrounds, education, and experience, give each one the same set of steps and one excels while the other continues to fail?

Why is one able to overcome challenge after challenge while the other one falls flat on her face, never to get up again?

Why does one set big, almost impossible goals while the other settles for far less than she seems capable of?

Many of the answers to these questions cannot be found by simply looking at the individual steps each woman chose to take but how each woman approached these individual steps.

The edge the successful woman has over the average boils down to her MINDSET!

Powerful Money Mantras & Positive Affirmations | Growth Mindset Journal & Templates

why is having a positive mindset so important?

The successful woman is positive, inspired, motivated and optimistic. She is also empowered by knowledge of lessons gleaned from the failure of the previous try. She doesn’t take failure personally and she knows that failing doesn’t make her a fail- ure but that they are stepping stones to fulfilling her dreams.

Using powerful money mantras and positive affirmations daily, allow you to focus on positive thoughts and experiences even when you’re going through challenging situations. This shift in mindset.

When you refuse to internalize the negativity you may be experiencing you make room for more money, more abundance, more success and more opportunity!

Powerful Money Mantras & Positive Affirmations | Growth Mindset Journal & Templates

how can we create a growth or money maker mindset?

Affirmations and powerful money mantras have been a huge part of my life (I began practicing affirmations and visualization techniques as a world-class athlete) and I still use them today as a world class entrepreneur.

When I coach my entrepreneur students, most of them are surprised to discover that I spend just as much time coaching on a correct money mindset as I do on marketing and business mastery. How you think and feel about money is even more important than how you earn it. But if you don’t think and feel wealthy, then you’ll never get to that point. So you need to think rich, feel rich, and take rich actions to achieve the lifestyle you want and to support the causes (and people) you care about.

Powerful Money Mantras & Positive Affirmations | Growth Mindset Journal & Templates

taking steps to create a more positive money mindset

get clear on what you want.

What does success mean to you? Is it starting a business? Earning a certain amount of money? Being well known as an influencer or person of importance? Get crystal clear on your wants and desires in life.

know your worth.

Money is simply a “thank you” someone gives you for a job well done. There should be no question as to the value you have to offer to your audience. When you know your worth, you can better align your actions with your expectations.

know your numbers.

To hit your money goals you need to pay close attention to your money milestones. If your goal is to make $10,000 a month with your business, how much revenue do you need to bring in each day? How many sales do you need to make? When you know your numbers you can match your actions to meet your goals!

seek positivity.

Remove anyone or anything that does not support and believe in you and your dreams. Surround yourself with positive people, seek out mastermind partners and mentors who will encourage and motivate you to be better.

take daily action.

Now that you know what you want, you must start to move towards that goal in a very specific and intentional way. Your action steps don’t need to be huge, but they do need to be consistent, systematized and purpose driven.

Powerful Money Mantras & Positive Affirmations | Growth Mindset Journal & Templates

what are your next steps?

Imagine how your life would change if money began to flow freely into your business!

To start your money mindset reset, when it comes to making money…

Ask yourself:

  • How would I like my experience with money to feel moving forward?
  • If anything were possible, how would I choose for money to work for me?
  • If I were creating a new reality for myself what experiences would I be having with money?

Acknowledging these questions will set you up to start breaking through those blocks and generating the income you truly desire!

If you are ready for a money reset, if your beliefs about what you can have, earn, save, give, and receive need to be shifted, or your energy around money needs a makeover, check out the 100 Days of Money Guided Journal & Money Mantra Card Bundle.

Each day for 100 days you’ll be challenged to level up your money mindset with daily manifestation prompts to help you create time and space to focus on your money matters and help you let go of any limiting beliefs that may weigh you down!

It’s time to reprogram your money mindset so you can begin manifesting the business and life you deserve!

Learn more about the 100 Days of Money Bundle here.

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    I appreciated how the author not only provided a list of powerful mantras but also explained their significance and how they can positively impact our mindset and relationship with money. The article’s unique approach of blending spiritual practices with practical financial advice sets it apart, making it a valuable resource for anyone seeking to improve their financial well-being. Kudos to Andrea Bolder for sharing such empowering and transformative content!

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