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Permission To Win

By July 20, 2015January 16th, 2019No Comments

In today’s video – Permission To Win – I want you think about what you are doing in your daily life that is preventing you from your ultimate breakthrough.

Every day of your life you subconsciously answer the question, “How much success can I receive today?”  How happy will I allow myself to be today?

Before we even jump out the bed and get going with our day, your mind, our thoughts our subconscious thoughts are dictating whether we’re going to receive abundance and prosperity or reject it.

And the answer to these questions is determined by your self worth…

Not your real self worth.  Because your real self worth is worthy!!!  You deserve to be healthy, happy and prosperous.  But your subconscious mind is going to answer the question based on your PERCEIVED self worth.

You will manifest prosperity in direct proportion to the degree you believe you are worthy of it.

Let me say that again. Because that is where the breakthrough starts.

Remember that negativity lingers. We remember the petty, jealous, mean thoughts we’ve had as well as the shade or negativity that has been thrown at us by others.  We remember our mistakes our aid our short-comings and our failures, and everything we’ve ever regretted doing.

Every time you have caught yourself doing something like this, you’ve immediately allowed those negative thoughts to lower the perception you have of your own self worth. We punish ourselves with other people’s opinions of us, we punish ourselves with our own self-limiting beliefs. Sabotaging our success.

When it comes to prosperity no one gets what they deserve.  You get what you BELIEVE you deserve.   And if you don’t believe you’re worth enough, the self-sabotage starts.

Look ya’ll, you’ve made mistakes, you will continue to make mistakes, If you’ve failed once, I guarantee you’ll fail in some capacity at something else….It’s life. we’re human, not robots. You fail, we fail, everyone fails.  Get over it.  And know this…

But here is the kicker, the irony of it all. Many times those of us with the highest morals, standards, and values sometimes actually have the lowest sense of self worth!  Because we fail to meet our own high standards on a daily basis.

Today I want you to do one thing for me…forgive yourself, forgive yourself. Stop dwelling on the mistakes, the pain, the hurt, the failures, the negativity in your life – stop dwelling on your flaws, and start celebrating our gifts. Start serving yourself better. Start accepting yourself as deserving, worthy.

And that’s what YOU must do…

You were born to be healthy, happy, and prosperous.

Please.  Forgive yourself.  Give yourself permission for prosperity.

Give yourself permission to win! Give yourself the chance to live a champions life.

You up for that?

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What’s the one thing you need to forgive yourself for?

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