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Everybody loves a quickie!!

I am all about creating income on the fly and for those of you who are looking for ways to create income fast, here is one of the simplest ways to do it!

I promise you’ll be more than satisfied!

So what’s a quickie course?

  • It’s a workshop, weekend intensive, live stream or power packed podcast you can put together in a day and charge for.
  • It’s has minimal risk for both you and your audience (you only work if people buy).
  • It’s a litmus test for bigger online courses or programs you are thinking of creating in the near future.
  • It’s like a practice session for selling your stuff.

You absolutely do not need a completed course or “finished” offer to launch and reach your people with your expertise (and, you don’t need a big list of followers, either).

You can create content and profits at the same time (even if you don’t have a “big list”).

In fact, there are ways to create an offer quickly without putting your profits on hold.

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So let’s break it down:

1. Come up with a profitable topic you can teach in about 1-2 hours (3 hours max).

If you need some inspiration think of this: If someone asked you to speak at a conference that was packed with your perfect fit fan and that conference kicked off in just 2 hours what would be your go to presentation – something you could whip out with no problem?

This can be something you field questions about often, an area of your expertise, or something you just wrote a blog post about that got a good response. The key is make it bite-sized, easy to create and easier to consume.

For Example: If you’re a Yoga Instructor:

Record a live stream webinar on how new yogis can master the top 10 basic positions in less than a day (even if they’ve never done yoga before!).

If you’re an author:

Record a webinar around a chapter of your book and offer it to your readers.

If you’re a social media expert:

Put together a social media series that gives your participants one quick task each day to grow their following. You can automate this and have it lead right into your higher level work.

If you’re a coach:

Lead people through your transformational work in a small group coaching sessions by webinar, structuring it in a way that serves many clients at one time.

And if you don’t want to teach the quickie course yourself, reach out to a friend or collab partner and have THEM teach something for 1-2 hours and split the profits. Teamwork makes the dream work!

2. Lock in a date on your calendar.

Lock in a date within the next 7-10 days where you will teach this LIVE (on a webinar, Google hangout or live stream).

3. Send out a quick email to your list offering your quickie course.

You’ll want to send out at least one, maybe two emails and a 1 hour reminder giving people the heads up about the quickie course you’re hosting. Share with them what they are going to learn, what they will be able to accomplish as a result of showing up and when to show up. Let them know you’ll have something special (a bonus tool, resource or workbook) for those who show up live and mention that there will be a recording if they can’t make it.

Pick your price (I’ve typically sell quickie courses like this anywhere from $50-$100) and have a link to an order page with a buy now button that’s connected to PayPal, Stripe or some other shopping cart.

4. Do the training via webinar or give access to a private livestream.

Create a few stylish but informative slides. Teach on your topic! Take 15 – 30 minutes of questions. Have fun, relax and just share your golden nuggets.

5. Record it (this is the super duper money shot right here) and send people the recording.

Now you also have a product you can sell again and again creating stacks on stacks on stacks of passive income. You can also add the recording to a training center or membership site you already have or include the recording as an upsell, downsell or one time offer when you promote to higher ticket course or program.

Boom…So easy! Whether you have 2 people show up or 1000 people show up, you’ll find yourself that much richer for a couple hours of work…and if no one shows up, oh well, all you’ve lost is a few minutes sending out a promo email. Try again next week!

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