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I’m Andrea Bolder. I’m an Olympic gold medalist, a mama,  course creator, and your bank account-building-business-bestie. If turning your passion into passive income is what you want – I’m your girl.

I was born and raised in the LBC and I’m obsessed with real estate, green tea lattes, sandy beaches, Lifetime Christmas movies, boho-chic kimonos, and business. When I’m not running my kids to sports practice, I’m creating courses and teaching classes inside of WomanpreneuHER University, browsing Pinterest, or renovating a fixer upper with the family.

I didn’t always have this business: the courses, the community, the sales, the freedom…

In fact, before all of this, you could find me kicking it inside of my Ikea-like cubicle as a Biotech Consultant. I made great money, drove a luxury car, and had a nice life, but what was supposed to be my dream JOB, turned into a good-ole-boys club nightmare.

At the age of 31, I was burned out, bored, and ready to be set free. So when my husband and I found out we were expecting, I used “motherhood” as my one-way ticket out of Employeeville. That single split-second decision to leave corporate life behind changed my life forever. Not only did I find myself as a woman I found my purpose as an entrepreneur:

a womanpreneuHER

On any given day you can find me remodeling one of our real estate flips or kicking it on the beaches of the Cayman Islands with my husband and our (not-so) little ones.

Right now! I’m probably sipping on an iced green tea latte, dreaming of ways I can empower other women entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into passive income by creating profitable digital products and courses.

You may have no idea how to turn your dreams into dollars. You will learn that here.

My dream for YOU is that one day you wake up and look at your bank account and say I just slayed 6-figures!

Not busting your ass. Or sacrificing your self-care. Or investing in over-priced products that over-promise and under-deliver. But by building an authentic brand, growing a savvy business, and slaying your sales with strategic systems that scream $100K all day!


there is no guilt in being great.

no shame in success.

be it. live it. receive it.

5 things about me
fueled by passion, inspired by…
wife x mama.

I met my husband one month after winning Olympic Gold in Sydney Australia. I’d say I was having was my best year ever…until we got married 7 years later on 11.17.2007. But the best was still to come….the birth of our kiddos.

biotech girl.

Growing up, I thought I’d always be a doctor so as a student athlete at UCLA I ran track and got a degree in Biochemistry…crazy right? While I never became an MD, I loved science so I put that degree to good use and nabbed a job at one of the #1 Biotech companies in the world selling chromatography products. #googleit.

family flipper.

I LOVE real estate. It’s in my blood and when I’m not creating courses or teaching, I dedicate my time to buying, selling, and flipping homes with my family. My husband and I started Bolder Property Investments in 2017 and flipped our first home in 2018. I just love that my kids get to take ownership in taking a fixer-upper and turning it into something beautiful while building wealth!

marketing ninja + online biz coach.

You can come hang out with me along with some of the most incredible female entrepreneurs I know inside of the WomanpreneuHER community! I love helping women turn their passion into profits and I love creating digital products and courses for you! I’m grateful for this journey as a #WomanpreneuHER.

big sister.

My little brother Marques is my best friend and biggest supporter! He’s one of the smartest and most gifted guys I know. From being a NFL superstar to now impacting the world with his non-profit organization and business ventures, he can do it all. I love our talks about AI, chats on Clubhouse, and fun family dinners. I always feel secure knowing my little brother is here when I need him.

my mission is to help you say…

hell yeah.

to becoming unapologetic about making lots of money, creating sold-out offers, getting all the customers you can handle, loving yourself enough to live the life you’ve always wanted, and 6-figure years!

hell nah.

to hustle culture, saying YES to things you don’t want to do, working 40 hours work weeks, entrepreneur envy, toxic self-talk , any conversation that starts with “if I only…”

just a few more
fun facts.

I’ve shared stages with Randy Gage, Todd Falcone and Amy Porterfield.

One of my favorite things to do is buy candles…My hubby says I have my own Bath & Body Works store in my closet room.

I’m on level 1614 of Candy Crush. Don’t judge me!

I grew up going to Lakers games… but I’m really a Warriors girl at heart.

I love Lifetime Christmas stories. I record them all during the holidays and watch them throughout the year.

in 2020 my WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner hit 50K downloads making it my most profitable product to date!