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  • Grace says:

    Thanks so much, this helped A LOT!

  • Clare says:

    Hi Andrea – this is great, thank you! Do you recommend editing the post content at all to create a new description, or do you just post and use the caption from Insta as the description. And what about the heading – do you just write a relevant one in Pinterest? Thanks!

  • Kerri Hansen says:

    So helpful, thank you so much!

  • Thanks!

    I just checked my IG to share pictures. I think IG has updated its sharing feature. When you click on the share button, at the far bottom it asks you to share with any apps. Click on it and choose “Create a Pin”, and you can directly share your selected image on Pinterest along with the caption in the desired board.

    Excellent guide. Many thanks.

    Also, please take a look at my website i created and tell me how i can improve it to the better.


  • Pauli says:

    So helpful, thank you Andrea!! Checking out the rest of your website now 😉

  • Ciara says:

    Great article – When I click copied link in Pinterest it doens’t give me the option to choose an image. Instead, a lilac box with text shows up and I can’t change it. Is anyone able to help with this?

  • hannah says:

    Hi there. I wonder if you can help. I have activated my instragram page in pinterest. However instragram still isnt bringing up an option to share to pinterest. Only to facebook, twitter etc. when I look under settings of instagram to the authorised applications I can see that pinterest access is on to share media and profile pictures. What else can I do do get the option to share from instagram to pinterest. many thanks

  • My insty is generating 1 in four or five pics fine. The rest are coming over as lilac boxes with text?! I want to throw my phone out of the window. Do you have a suggestion? Thanks.

    • OMG mine is doing the same, did you come up with a solution?

      • Laura B. says:

        Mine is doing the SAME THING! Super frustrating!! Any fixes for this?

        • Nicole Apresto says:

          Hi! I understand that it’s been over a year. I was wondering if you found a solution to this problem? I’ve been trying to fix it and Instagram isn’t really helping. I would really like to share images to my Pinterest. Thank you!

          • Lauren says:

            Hi Nicole, I was having the same issue. I am not sure exactly what it was but it seems like it may have been because I didn’t wait for the image on IG to load. This might help. Let me know if it does!

  • Here’s how to do this on desktop:

    Open up Pinterest
    Choose the board you want the IG post to go into
    Click the + sign above the name of the board
    Click on Create Pin / Save from site / Add a url / Done
    Choose the picture for the pin you’re saving.

    Hope this helps.

  • Diane says:

    I have pinned a couple of pictures from my Instagram page to one of my Pinterest boards but I don’t seem to be getting any repins and even when I try to search them I can’t find them…how do I check?

  • Katie says:

    This was awesome, thanks!

  • Kimberly says:

    This is excellent! Do you find it detrimental to pin square images from Instagram since everyone says Vertical images are the way to go with Pinterest? Either way, perfect way to repurpose content!

    • ANDREA BOLDER says:

      Hey Kimberly! It’s not necessarily detrimental but vertical pins take up more space in the feed and are therefore more noticeable – so they perform better. All of the images I share from my Instagram profile are square images and they do get repins so while square pins on average do not perform as well as the larger pins, it won’t stop people from pinning if they are interested in the content being shared!

    • when doing this…the only picture option for my pin is the words, not the picture of my post…how do I fix this??

  • Saebbe says:

    One of my goals for 2018 is to learn something new every day! Bam! Done! Thanks to you.

    • ANDREA BOLDER says:

      Awesome!! If you’re not learning you’re not growing =)

      • Thank you darling, like anything there is a learning curve here. I am still trying to figure how to pick a board. And I do not have millennial fingers, they are old and slow, haha, perfect for sewing. But soon we shall get the hang and pins will be sticking!

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