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Ready to turn your service into an online course? If you have a particular expertise in an area, you’ve likely started your business in a one-to-one capacity. Meaning your income is directly tied to the hours you spend working.

Maybe you are a real estate agent, personal coach, graphic designer, content writer, website designer, or even tax consultant, but you want to reclaim your time and multiply your income, turning your service into an online course is something you should consider.

In a world where we see people taking their skills and turning what they know into passive income every single day if you are a service provider who has the desire to take your skills and turn them into an online course, this post is for you.

For example, let’s say that you are a personal fitness trainer and working with women at the gym, helping them to get fit. No matter how many people want to work with you, physically, you are only able to work with about 8-10 women a day max.

If you are smart, you can take your signature weight loss program and fitness routines, and turn them into an online course or membership site.

So, if you’re sitting there wondering how in the world you can go from overwhelmed with clients to passive income, learn how to turn your service into an online course.

how to turn your service into an online course

An online course is probably the easiest and least expensive way to get a product out there in the marketplace and establish another stream of income. If you want to make money as a service provider, turning your service into an online course over continuously raising your rates is the best option.

This is an excellent way to leverage your time while sharing the knowledge you already have.

You create a product once, promote it just like you would your personal services and profit from it over and over again. This will allow you to maximize your time while helping way more clients than you ever could by selling your 1:1 packages.

An online course gives you more freedom and flexibility over your schedule and even though raising your rates for your personal services can boost your monthly income, it won’t give you back your time.

You can create an online course, upload it to your website along with a shopping cart button and you’re in the game. All it costs was your time to convert the content you already have into a multi-media format. Anyone can turn their expertise into an online course. Here’s how!

no. 1 : be knowledgeable about your audience and their needs

The first and most important step is knowing your audience and what they want to learn from you before you begin creating your first online course.

Who is your program the perfect fit for?

As a service provider who is no doubt servicing clients already, you should already have clarity on who you serve and the transformation they are looking to achieve.

When brainstorming ideas for your first online course, think about the problems your clients come to you looking for help with. If you’re a fitness trainer, your clients hire you because they need help managing their weight.

Your course will deliver the steps they need to take to do just that – help your audience achieve the weight loss they desire.

If you’re a real estate agent who specializes in helping sellers sell their homes, you can take your expertise and help other real estate agents become more successful listing agents.

Wondering how to go from overwhelmed with clients to passive income? Learn how to turn your service into an online course.

When creating a course, the goal is not to cram everything you know into it, the goal is to get very clear about the most profitable course topic for you and a topic that solves a pressing need for your audience.

You can find out exactly what topic your first online course should focus on by surveying your audience on social media, or simply thinking about the most common challenges your 1:1 clients come to you with.

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no. 2 : determine your students’ learning style

As you consider turning your services into an online course or group coaching program, you’ll also want to consider the format that’ll work best for your particular audience:

  • Are they on the go? (if so a video series or audio series could be good, versus something they have to sit down and read)
  • Are they technically challenged?
  • Are they overwhelmed with distractions at home?
  • Do they need more hands-on support and need access to you in a Facebook group or need to be able to ask you questions during the training or can they consume a self-paced course that is self-paced?
  • Are they visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners? Visual learners like graphs, charts, and pictures. They like “seeing” their information. If they are auditory learners, they retain information through hearing and speaking. And kinesthetic learners like to use a hands-on approach to learn. They prefer demonstrations and group work.

All of these are things to consider when putting together your digital products and being able to choose a platform or product type that caters not only to your teaching style but your audience’s learning style as well.

no. 3 : detail the transformation your course will deliver

Once you’ve chosen the most in-demand topic for your online course, you’ll want to describe the transformation you will deliver which has already been validated and proven in your work with your 1:1 clients.

What is the overall goal or result you’d want your ideal client to achieve when they are done with your signature program?

What will your students gain after going through your online course from start to finish? Knowing this will help you design your course in a way that serves your audience in a way that provides the most impact.

As a service provider, you already have great insight into the steps your students need to take and in what order to get the transformation they desire.

So, take some time to think about what the before and after looks like for your student. Who will they become? What will they know? What will they be able to do? This is key before heading to your next step…

no. 4 : outline the steps your students need to take

Finally, the last step to packaging your service into an online course is to map out the exact steps that your students will take in order to achieve the transformation they want.

What are the BIG accomplishments we want our students to check off IN ORDER to get to the “BIG” transformation they desire?

Understanding what the CORE milestones could look like WITHIN your online course, can help you identify what modules and lessons you need to be creating so your students can get the most out of your online course.

In other words, your online course will break down a step-by-step process that your students will go through in order to get them from point A to point B.

When it comes to the modules you will include in your course, there isn’t necessarily a “right” or “wrong” number of modules you should be creating, but you MUST be able to narrow down 5-7 CORE milestones YOU believe are most important for your clients to achieve IN ORDER to hit that BIG goal.

The milestones that you map out for your online course will be broken down into steps and these will be the same steps that you walk your one-on-one clients through to help them achieve their desired results.

no. 5 : create supplemental resources to support student learning

Additionally, you want to consider any supplemental resources to accompany the lessons that’ll help your students take action on what they are learning along the way.

These could be worksheets, audio instructions, prompts, tutorials, exercises, or any other type of aid that helps your students take action.

You can also consider providing tech tools, books, software, a support group, or any other “add-ons” that will accelerate their transformation.

no. 6 : create, brand and launch your course

After you’ve transformed your one-on-one service into an online course, your next step is to create, launch, and get your course so you can start sharing your solutions with more people.

So how do you begin to sell your online course?

The 5-Figure Course Creator covers these steps extensively and in great detail. We walk you through the creation process of your course, branding your course, mapping out an effective launch strategy, how to promote it, and how to ensure that your course is profitable and becomes an instant success.

If you’re ready to create and launch your first online course, check out the 5-Figure Course Creator here.

In the meantime, I have a few free resources that can help you get started right away, 7 things you need before you create an online course, The best online course creation platforms for new coaches, 10 HUGE Mistakes NEW Course Creators Make, and How to market your online course: 50 proven methods.

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next steps ::

Learning how to turn your service into an online course is one of the best ways to truly establish a passive stream of income.

While there’s a lot more detail that goes into creating your first online course, understanding the value of adding an online course to your suite of personal services is the first step to finding more freedom.

Ready to create an online course that sells? Learn more at WomanpreneuHER University here.

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