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When you think about making $100K in your business — especially for people who haven’t even hit their first $1K yet — it might sound like a tall order. But here’s the deal when it comes to banking your first 6-figure year. There’s nothing magical about it, nothing mysterious, nor is it something that’s reserved “for special people” or “smarter people” or “luckier people”. At the end of the day, it’s really just a number! And when you know how to break down the numbers — the action steps and daily habits become simple.

So, today’s post is short but game-changing because I am not only sharing with you my Predict Your Profits Masterclass but giving you access to my Predict Your Profits Product Planner and Tracker.

Click the link Here to get access to the Google Spreadsheet.

Please note: You will need to make a copy of the spreadsheet and save it to your own Google Drive folder in order to edit it. Please watch the masterclass video below to see how to use this really cool tool and if you have any questions or have trouble getting access please leave a comment below!


Can’t Figure Out How To Turn Your Ideas Into Actual Income?

Then it’s time to take The 10 Day Monetize Your Passion Mini-Course. You’re gonna get 10 days of actionable lessons that will teach you how to monetize your magic and build the business of your dreams. It includes tons of resources, tools, and activities that you can use on demand in order to exponentially explode your chances of building a profitable business you love. And the best part? It’s free – That’s right I’m hooking you up, girlfriend!!

So if you’re tired of watching everyone else make money off their genius…this invitation to join The Monetize Your Passion Mini-Course is the sign you’ve been waiting for!

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