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Want your email list overflowing with subscribers primed to buy from you? It starts with having amazing lead magnets! I’m talking about beautiful, insightful, helpful, useful, high-value lead magnets that make your audience want to see more of what you have to offer.

If you are putting out freebies but no one is biting, let me share with you the essential steps you need to take to create lead magnets that turn your followers into super subscribers.

Are you a smart and resourceful online coach or a determined female entrepreneur? Chances are, you’ve come across tons of enticing lead magnets online. In fact, I’m willing to bet that you have a desktop full of lead magnets you’ve downloaded from your favorite brands.

And because you know and understand the power lead magnets can have when it comes to attracting the right audience, having your own amazing lead magnets is an invaluable strategy to transform your followers into super subscribers.

Now, before we dive into the essentials of crafting compelling lead magnets, let’s start with a quick lesson in Lead Magnet 101.

So, What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is essentially the creation of an irresistible offer in exchange for your customer’s contact information when they subscribe to your email list.

This tactic typically “leads” them through a passive income funnel that ultimately leads them to discover your signature products and offerings.

Sometimes referred to as opt-ins, freebies, or content upgrades, a well-crafted lead magnet possesses the magical ability to steer high-quality traffic to your website. Over time, these subscribers can potentially turn into loyal customers.

I love a great freebie, so much so, that I have devoted an entire Resource Library to them, which goes to show how powerful I think having a strong lead magnet can be to your online success.

Here’s a taste of the kind of downloadable content you can offer:

How to Create Lead Magnets That Turns Followers Into Super Subscribers

✪ To download the complete spreadsheet of 200 Freebie Ideas To Grow Your Email List grab the Airtable app here then copy the spreadsheet above to save this amazing freebie for yourself.

How to Create a Lead Magnet That Turns Followers Into Super Subscribers?

Now that you understand what a lead magnet is and have 200+ ideas at your fingertips, let’s get into how to create an amazing lead magnet that turns those followers into super subscribers!

Make Your Lead Magnet Connect

Your lead magnet is many times to the encounter has with you as an online coach or small business owner. So it is imperative to #1 not only attract your ideal follower but #2 make sure that you make a great impression.

One of the biggest mistakes online business owners make is creating content, including lead magnets, without a clear purpose.

Your freebie should guide your audience on a journey with you that ultimately lands them on your signature offer sales page.

And in order to get the most amount of people to that intended destination, your freebie must be relevant to your offer.

Failing to be strategic about the “why” behind your lead magnet and how it seamlessly fits into your overall strategy can keep you turning followers into paid customers.

When brainstorming fresh lead magnet ideas, consider this key question: How does this connect to the product or service I’m aiming to sell?

For instance, if your goal is to sell your course that teaches people how to travel to 100 countries in 100 days, your lead magnet should be linked to this topic.

For example, you could create a lead magnet of a travel planner that outlines all the important steps someone would need to take to travel prepare to travel to 100 countries.

Now, let’s be 1000% clear. Your lead magnet is not here to teach the how but outline the what. Your paid course will teach the how of it all!

By reverse-engineering your lead magnet based on your offer, you can ensure that your lead magnet ideas are strategic and in perfect alignment with the specific needs of your business.

Make Your Lead Magnet WOW

There are so many options available to your audience when it comes to who they give their contact information to. You want to make it as easy as possible for your followers to say YES to your freebies.

When creating an wow-worthy lead magnet, it’s important to offer something of genuine value to your customers. The key question to ponder is: What’s in it for them?

If your customers perceive that your lead magnet provides them with insider insights that simplify a challenge, gives them tips to fix a problem they have, or access to exclusive content, they are far more likely to engage and subscribe.

It’s not just the substance of your content that matters; the language, the look, and the feel can also play a crucial role.

For instance, delivering your lead magnet as PDF will have a far less perceived value compared to delivering the content via a webinar or mini-course – so these are all things to consider!

Remember your lead magnet gives future customers a glimpse into what is possible from you. Make a great first impression, deliver out-of-this-world value, and present amazing, beautiful, well-crafted lead magnets that you are guaranteed to increase your conversions and ultimately your customers.

Make Your Lead Magnet Actionable

The profits are in your ability to solve problems! When you’re looking to boost the value of your lead magnet it’s going to take precision and specificity.

Resist the urge to offer tons of information just to make the freebie seem “high value”. Instead, focus on delivering key insights and action steps that allow your audience to get a quick win with the intention of positioning your paid offer as the logical next step if they want to continue making progress toward their desired outcome.

To achieve this, you will want to pinpoint the precise problem your customers want to solve, a concept often referred to as “facilitating an easy victory.”

Your lead magnet should serve as the solution to this problem, giving your audience an immediate result and a sense of instant gratification.

When your customer reflects on the challenge that led them to seek out the solution your lead magnet solved, they’ll now begin to associate you with their success in that specific area.

And because it was you that equipped them with valuable advice or tools they needed to get that quick win, they’ll be even more inclined to make purchases from you in the future.

How to Create Lead Magnets That Turns Followers Into Super Subscribers
How to Create Lead Magnets That Turns Followers Into Super Subscribers

Make Your Lead Magnet a CTA:

Your lead is designed to lead. That means leading your audience to the next step with you. You could have the best lead magnet idea in the world, but if you don’t ask your audience to take the next step with you, they won’t. It’s human nature, you have to tell people what you want them to do next.

This means having multiple CTAs (calls to action) throughout your lead magnet that drive people to your offers.

If you are not sure about what a perfect lead magnet should look like or how it should be structured, our Viral Content Monthly templates will work AH-MAZ-ING-LY for your lead magnet creation.

Inside of VCMM you will also learn how to create content that drives traffic to your lead magnets leveraging my 25X Viral Formula!

Your lead magnets are the first line of connection with your future customers and you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure you get the best ROI on the freebies you create.

helpful resources ::

The FREE WomanpreneuHER Resource Library

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Creating a wow-worthy lead magnet can be a game-changer for your business! It’s not just about transforming followers into super subscribers; it also paves the way for increased sales in the long run.

By using these valuable tips and strategies, you can expect a boost in website traffic, a boost in leads, and a significant increase in the subscribers on your email list. It’s a win-win-win for your business!

So here is your homework:

  • In the WomanpreneuHER FB group post ONE thing you learned from today’s video.
  • Next, I want you to create your first AI-generated pillar piece of content.
  • Follow the steps I gave you today to create your 25 pieces of content using ChatGPT to generate it – follow the 25X viral content formula.
  • When you go to publish your pillar blog post, podcast or YouTube video share the link in the group so we can all check it out.
  • Check out the book: The ChatGPT Millionaire by Neil Dagger (if you are a prime member it is free).
  • Lastly don’t forget to download the 50 ChatGPT prompts for social media inside of the Viral Content Monthly Membership.

P.S. Need help with nurturing and growing a profitable community online? WomanpreneuHER University will teach you the most effective strategies to attract your ideal audience and them into hot leads. Best of all, the strategies I share will position you as an authority in your niche and prime your followers to buy from you.

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