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Hey WomanpreneuHERs, Welcome to another video, Today’s it’s all about how to create an ebook in Canva for FREE.

Now one of the keys to slaying your online sales is to level up your passive income by creating your own signature info products so today I want to share with you how to create an ebook in Canva for FREE.

I absolutely 💛 ebooks. It’s been almost 8 years since I wrote my first ebook, as a budget-conscious blogger who needed a way to make more money without killing myself just to make a buck. 

I remember testing out what seemed like a gazillion ways to earn a steady income online, but what I found was an affordable, not-so-unique-but-very-effective way to create automated passive income by simply sharing what I know. 

For me, ebooks turned what was once a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants business into a 6-figure digital empire. 

But here’s the thing, creating a profitable ebook is more than writing words on a page and exporting it into a pretty PDF. A profitable ebook requires:

PLANNING: Defining your purpose and goals

PACKAGING: How are you going to deliver your ebook?

PROMOTION: How will you grow your audience and get your ebook in front of the people who need it most? 

When I first started my online business, I didn’t have money to burn. So how was I supposed to grow my business? Well, once I learned that creating and selling ebooks was gonna be the fastest and least expensive way I could start generating income I came up with a system that allowed me to turn my ideas into profitable info products.

I literally become an ebook Queen.


There’s a reason why I love ebooks and online courses. Over the years I’ve created dozen of income streams from network marketing to speaking, brand design services to one-on-one coaching, but none have come close to generating as much revenue as information products. 


Ebooks are low-cost, quick to create, and easy to sell. I can create an ebook one time, then sell it over and over again to people all around the world, day or night. 

There is nothing to manufacture or ship, no inventory to store, and my day-to-day involvement can be quite limited. Each time I sell my ebook I may pay a small credit card transaction fee, but other than that there are no additional costs associated with each sale. 

Will you make a million bucks selling ebooks? Who knows! How much you make from selling your ebook depends on a number of things, including the niche you’re in, your target audience, the demand for the type of information you’re providing, how well you execute your marketing and promotional strategies, and the quality of the ebook you launch, but if you have a solid game plan, you have a great chance of creating something profitable.


There is a reason why the business of selling information is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Authors, athletes and aspiring entrepreneurs are taking their knowledge, experiences, and skills, turning it into an ebook or online course, and they’re making a living doing it. 

The internet has opened up the door for everyone (and I mean everyone) to share and sell, but in order to succeed, you must be able to stand out from the rest. An ebook is a relatively quick and easy way to have your voice heard while establishing yourself as a BOSS-certified leader and authority in your niche. 


After launching my first ebook, I was able to generate my first $1000 day, then my first $3000 day, then my first $4800 day. And it’s not that I sold all $4800 in ebooks, but because I strategically placed links to additional resources (affiliate products, recommend tools, as well as my own products and services) not only was I able to generate direct income from ebook sales, but I was also able to generate sales from other income sources I casually mentioned throughout the book. Genius!

I always think of ebooks as a taste test to higher ticket products. People may not be willing to invest hundreds of dollars in your online program but they are willing to invest $7, $47, even $97 to see what you’re all about. If you can craft an awesome ebook, and make a good first impression, when you come out with your next product, you’ll already have a number of people who will be interested in what you have to offer.


Aside from the influence and income, the best part about creating and selling an ebook online is that it gives me the time to do more of what I love, like spend time with my family. Because the business of selling information leverages an online business model that can be almost entirely automated, I passively earn income that supports my lifestyle. 

I don’t have to be tied to a desk, tied to a stage or tied to a client to make money. I can be traveling, hanging out, or sleeping. Regardless of what I am doing, I have the ability to make sales and actually make more money when I’m not actively working. Customers can pay for an ebook and get it delivered right to their inbox, and I don’t have to lift a finger. It’s like magic!! 

In the next few minutes, I am going to show you exactly how I create an ebook for free using one of my favorites go-to tools, Canva. 

Transferring your skills to planners, printables, online courses and digital products can become a huge part of your overall income strategy. So, if this is something you want to consider, and want a wider variety of customizable ebook templates make sure to check out my Create It With Canva: eBook and Lead Magnet Kit.

It is a “copy and customize” collection of creatively crafted Canva templates for bloggers, online business owners, affiliate marketers, content creators and service providers that want to crank out beautifully branded ebooks, resource guides, cheatsheets, content upgrades, and marketing collateral, quickly and without the stress.

Inside you’ll find 321 mix and match Canva templates that I’ve created for you, that you can use to create digital products you can then sell yourself or use to grow your business. All you have to do is copy, customize, and cash in!


Okay, so there ya go. How to create an ebook in Canva and you can literally do this in one day.

So what can you do once you’ve created your eBook?

  1. You can sell it to your audience through WooCommerce or Teachable.
  2. You can use it as a lead magnet to grow your email list.
  3. You can offer it as a bonus to convert more sales into your online course or service.

What kind of Ebook are you going to create using Canva?

Well, I hope this video was helpful. Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources!


Andrea Bolder | Creator of WomanpreneuHER University

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