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I like to think that I am the queen of doing it ALL.

…founder and CEO of two successful businesses
…and mother of a million and one ideas!

There are many times when I have to catch myself or tell myself to slow down a bit, because I am piling one too many things on my plate.

I know that many of you are multi-passionate lady bosses trying to make it all work, ready to take your business (or businesses) to the next level

So today I want to share with those of you that are running a business, and have an idea for a second…or a third…some actionable steps on how to flawlessly manage it all (or at least try) without going nuts!

We’re going to talk about how to pick one thing, where to start when you have a bunch of good ideas and you want to do them all, how to prioritize your daily workflow, and the best way to add new passion projects and income streams over time.

Let’s dive in:

Can’t Figure Out How To Turn Your Ideas Into Actual Income?

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How To Become a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur |

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  • Mariana says:

    Hello, I tried the button to get the “Monetize Your Passion” Mini-course but it’s a broken link. Is there any other way to get it?

    Thanks for the help!

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