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Entrepreneurship is NOT about LIKES and FOLLOWERS…

In fact, being an entrepreneur and making money doing what you love, at its core, is about two things:

  • Solving People’s Problems.
  • Being of Service.

If you can solve a problem faster, easier, cheaper, more elegantly than anyone else on the market and if you can serve your customers and community better than anyone else, you will never struggle to make money! Eva!!

We are constantly being told by “marketing experts” it’s all about the numbers…

Which has many of us (especially new and aspiring entrepreneurs) in a constant state of feeling like we have to chase that next big audience milestone.

”When you reach 10k followers, then you’ll start seeing big money.”

”… no, actually… it’s 50k.”

”… oops, it’s really 100k followers then you’ll be good”

“…did I say 100K? I meant 1M followers.”

I’m obviously being a little dramatic here, but you get my point, right?

But that’s why I created today’s video.

You don’t need a massive audience to make money online…

BUT I will tell you what you do need in today’s video…

How Big of an Audience Do You Need To Make Money Online…

While numbers are impressive, it’s not how big your audience is that dictates how much money you will make, but how engaged they are.

And, your goal as an online coach, course creator, mentors, etc. should be on building a community of like-minded people versus just trying to get numbers.

How To Engage Your Audience To Make Money Online…

If you are struggling with an unresponsive audience here are 3 things you can do today to turn it around.

Create content that connects you to your ideal customer.

Memes are nice, dog photos are nice, outfit of the day photos are nice, but if that type of content is not attracting the type of people you want buying your digital products, courses and coaching programs, then find the content that does. You have to be able to create valuable content that empowers your audience to learn, that makes them want to take the next step toward transformation and gets excited about taking action.

*Here’s your action step. create a value-filled lead magnet, video, blog post, podcast, newsletter at least once a week. It must empower, educate, entertain or inform your audience in some way. This will not only help you build your authority as an expert or specialist but it will attract your ideal audience which you can invite to join you inside of your community or email list.

Engage and build relationships with the audience you do have.

Like, comment, give feedback, extend a compliment, respond to questions and find ways to connect with prospective followers, clients and customers. People need to know that you are there to help them. So engage.

Invite people to take the next step with you.

Many times an audience is not engaged or taking the next step with you because you’ve never asked them to take the next step with you. Invite them to join your FB group. Invite them to download your latest freebie. Invite them to check out your shop or services. You can’t make money from your audience by osmosis; you have to actively invite them to take part in the sales process. Don’t be scared, closed mouths don’t get to the money.

Entrepreneurship is about making an impact, bringing about transformation in other people’s lives, and unapologetically making money as a direct result of the VALUE you share with the world!

Now let’s go make some money.

Here’s to your 6-figure future!

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