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In today’s post – Healthy Body, Healthy Business – I share one of the most effective secret weapons the most successful entrepreneurs adopt to build their dream life. 

I hate to break it to you! But there’s a little secret to success that 8 in 10 entrepreneurs are not taking advantage of. EXERCISE!!

Yes, I know! Not exactly what you expected to hear. Please allow me to explain myself!

There’s a direct correlation between exercise and success. As entrepreneurs, we think working harder and working longer is the fastest way to achieving our dreams! It makes sense doesn’t it? Concentrate your energy on making money, building influence and changing lives and everything else will fall into place.


Focusing just on work is the fastest way to living a life of failure, regret and burnout. When we allow our work to consume us, it doesn’t make us happier, it doesn’t make us healthier…it does the exact opposite. Over the long haul we experience more stress, a lack of motivation and we sabotage our physical and mental health. A lethargic entrepreneur is as bad as a lazy one. You cannot accomplish greatness, feeling like you can’t get out of the bed in the mornings!

Energy, Vigor, Joy, Passion, Motivation, Vitality….these are the essential components to having it all…The Fun, the Freedom, the Finances! Without these key components, we can’t strive for the things we want most. Success doesn’t come from running yourself into the ground, it comes from using your body and brain in it’s optimal state to achieve amazing things!

When you take care of your body (eating greener, exercising and feeding yourself positivity on a daily basis), you have more energy, you look better, and you feel more confident. Who wouldn’t want to work with a positive and energetic person?

People want to be around winners – someone who truly represents the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur.

When you look and feel good, everyone else around you can feel it too!

Just look at some of the most successful people in the world. From heads of nations and movie stars, to our richest entrepreneurs and favorite athletes, their physical preparation is the foundation for the mindset shift that provides them with the push they need to succeed in business and in life.

Adopting healthy habits and disciplines through exercising can be an effective way of improving not only your performance as a business owner, but that of your support team and business partners.

If you are not already implementing your own daily exercise routine, here’s one you can borrow until you get a feel for exactly what you need and what types of physical activity works best for you.

  1. Exercise Daily: You can experience almost immediate change in your life with something as simple as a 30-minute workout once a day.  No gym, no worries, walk around your neighborhood, use the steps instead of the elevators, or take a walk to run errands instead of driving.
  2. Eat Greener: You don’t have to go raw or become a vegetarian, but be conscious of the food you put into your body. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of processed and fast foods will work miracles in your life. Need a little nudge in the right direction? Check out my 21 Days 2 Fit Facebook page to learn how to get fit with healthy tips and lifestyle changes!
  3. Hydrate Often: A fish without water can’t breathe, and we can’t live without water either! Water does wonders and staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to stay healthy and maintain a proper body weight. Most of us are dehydrated without realizing it. If you’re feeling drained and depleted, try drinking more water. How much? Match your intake in ounces to your body weight. If you weigh 120 pounds, drink 120 ounces of water a day.
  4. Up The Positivity: Prayer, meditation, positive self-talk are all great ways to stay on the up and up! Thoughts are things and how we look on the outside is a direct reflection on what we think of ourselves on the inside. To be happy and healthy you must first believe that you deserve to be so. Find people who inspire you and create a Pinterest board or dream board you can look at when you need that extra boost of motivation.

Exercise makes you happier, healthier and hotter! By increasing your daily physical activity, you’re less stressed, so you look and feel better. Take care of yourself, begin to train your body so it begins to operate at it’s peak performance and it will carry you guide you towards a more successful life.

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