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Not a fan of PAID ads????

Me neither!!

Trusting in paid ads is like playing Russian roulette with your money…

And I don’t know about you…but I don’t like wasting mine!

Ads aren’t what they used to be.

And if you don’t want to waste your money or time waiting for these algorithms to get their acts together, let me share with you 5 tips on how you can grow your business, generate tons of leads and make sales daily…WITHOUT PAID ADS!

get clear on the audience you’re actually serving

Success in any business is built on connecting with the right people. Get crystal clear on what you do, who you help, and how you will help them, then go out and BUILD a relationship with those people so they know exactly who you are.

pick a primary platform

A lot of people want to be everywhere at one time. They want to be on Instagram, and Facebook and LinkedIn and Pinterest and YouTube – but what happens is that unless you have a little social media army helping you to promote, it can get very overwhelming managing all of those platforms consistently and in a way that really drives focused results.

You have to get out of the scarcity mindset of feeling like you have to be on every single platform on the planet or giving the same amount of energy to every single platform. You don’t and there are more than enough people on whatever platform you choose, to be able to build and support your business goals. So, don’t make it harder on yourself. Master one, then use the momentum to drive fans and followers to your other platforms so it’s like a social media domino effect. You knock one down, then the others will follow.

build a community NOT just leads

If this means starting a Facebook Group, create one! If this means getting on Clubhouse and growing a following, do it! If this means hosting Meetup Groups, make it happen…

It’s 1000 times easier to make sales when people can feel your commitment to their growth. A community allows you to create high-touch engagement which gives people inside of your community the opportunity to genuinely (and intimately) get to know who you are as “the person” behind the business and brand!

If your business doesn’t leverage the power of community, you will never be able to make consistent sales.

plan and implement a solid content strategy

Great content can turn strangers into sales faster than any FB ad! And by having a solid content plan, I’ve been able to create consistent 15k-20k CASH months without major launches, aggressive promo campaigns or paid ads! If you are not creating great content consistently you are going to consistently struggle.

If you create amazing content and lead with value first, which is what I teach inside of The Viral Content Startup Kit, people will be primed to buy from you over and over again because they know the value is there!!

do what works for YOU!

It’s easy to get caught up in what everybody else is doing or the next “sexy thing” – but if you see something working…stick to it so you can build the momentum you need to see the results you want. There are a million and ONE ways to grow a business so if you see something is working for YOU, run with it so you can maximize your PROFITS!

A prime example of this is the Wealthy WomanpreneuHER Giveaway I did a little while back. It was the first time I had ever done a giveaway, but it was a huge hit! And because it worked so well (grew my FB group by over 500+ in 10 days) I’ll be doing it again.

what to remember + next steps…

Look, business doesn’t have to be complicated. Find what works…then rinse and repeat!

I am a huge proponent of building ORGANIC traffic and leveraging real relationships to drive long-term revenue. You don’t need a big audience or a lot of money on ads in order to be able to grow a very successful business– but you do need to understand this fundamental principle behind every successful business:

People buy from people they know, like, and trust!

Facebook Ads may work for you if you like one off sales, but if you want to build a community of fans that stick by you, and continue to buy everything you launch, start thinking about investing in strategies that capture your ideal clients (instead of random scrollers), grow your community, build your credibility and convert that community into raving customers.

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