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As a blogger or personal brand that actually wants to make money online, you know it’s your email list that will take you to the promise land. But, wishing people onto your list and knowing how to get them on your list are two totally different things.  So, how do you to tackle the somewhat intimidating task of getting folks to actually sign up to your email list?

The first thing I recommend is getting rid of those limiting beliefs that growing an email list is hard. If you can get ONE person interested (who’s not your mom btw) then you can get two, then 10, then 100, then 10,000. (No eye rolls please) Seriously, you simply need the right tools, some fun (non-techy or super sleazy) strategies, and a dash of consistency!

Today, I’m sharing 9 non-sleazy ways you can leverage social media to turn scrollers into subscribers.

So, in my opinion (and it’s just my opinion) there is no better way to grow your email list than by sharing cool stuff with your online besties. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to take the social media party home, right? So, if you’ve managed to grow your following a bit on sites like Instagram, Pinterest or even Snapchat (which I just can’t bring myself to commit to – lame, huh?) but your email list is still looking a little lean, then simply follow these methods and I guarantee you’ll get more subscribers.

Ready to give your email list a boost? Let’s gooooooooo!


You need two things to make money in your online business: a killer product and a ravenous audience. One of the best ways to attract a hungry, “I’m here for it” type of audience is to create content upgrades like a G! You have to:

  1. Create AH-MA-ZING content.
  2. Create A LOT of AH-MA-ZING content.
  3. Use that AH-MA-ZING content to ATTRACT your AWESOME AUDIENCE.


It’s the exact concept I teach in my courses, Create Your Champion Course and This Blog Means Business, too. If you want to sell anything, then one of the best things you can do is increase your audience and that starts with promoting the heck out of your content, like a G! You literally have to go crazy when it comes to putting high-quality, high-value content out into the world. No content means no traffic, and no traffic means your business and brand doesn’t exist!

It’s the truth. You are not in business if you don’t have customers coming through those virtual doors of yours.

So, by far, content upgrades, are the best way to drive traffic to your biz. They’re like candy-coated-bite-sized-pieces-of-goodness that give your audience a taste of what you as an expert can do for them.

Plus, you can promote them EVERYWHERE!!! You can promote them on Pinterest (my absolute fave). You can promote them on Facebook. You can promote them on Instagram. Periscopes. Podcasts. Facebook Groups. YouTube videos.

Find out which social media sites your perfect fit fans are hanging out on, and start to consistently share your content on those networks. If you don’t know where to start, my go-to recommendation for you would be Pinterest. You can start seeing results in just days! All you need to do is create high-value blog posts once or twice a week with content upgrades or landing pages that offer a freebie in exchange for someone’s name and email address. Within that blog post you’ll create a vertical “Pinnable” image (like the one you see in all my posts) that lets people know what your post is about. It should also include an image and short description of your freebie. Here are a couple more examples:

There are tons of strategies you can use to give your blog traffic a boost with social media. I give you the goods on all of them in This Blog Means Business. But, for now, make sure you are following the formula: A LOT of AH-MA-ZING CONTENT ATTRACTS AN AWESOME AUDIENCE.  Sharing your content consistently — especially content that includes a freebie — on social media is a winner-winner chicken dinner! This will undoubtedly help you grow your email list as you’ll be driving traffic to blog posts that include an irresistible opt-in.


Another place to promote your content upgrades and freebies outside of your blog is in your social media profiles section. If you’re going to be on social media, why not grow your email list while you’re at it, right?! Include a call to action in your social media profiles so you don’t miss out on opportunities to convert social media scrollers into subscribers. Your social media profile (bio box) should include who you are, what you do, what makes your brand unique, and a call to action. Ya heard!

Here’s an example from Chrissy of @quitcreatelaunch, who’s killing it on Instagram:

Grow Your Email List With Social Media

To pull off a high-converting call to action, you’ll need a landing page you can send folks to. That way when they click that link of yours, they have only one choice: to sign up. Boom!

Like I said earlier, you can make this happen on every single platform you’re on and if building your email list is your #1 priority, then I highly recommend you add a call to action on every single platform you’re on! This is an effective way to convert your followers to subscribers and it makes your followers feel like they just can’t lose because the value they are getting from you is so awesome that an email address just doesn’t feel like a fair trade!

Remember, people are most googly-eyed about your brand the moment they hit the “follow” or “like” button, so it’s really important to maximize the moment by offering them other ways to consume your content and connect with you.


One of the biggest mistakes bloggers and brand builders make is that they create content then let it fall into the dark, deep abyss of the Internet. Once they hit the publish button on their blog posts, all the activity surrounding that post eventually dies after just a few days. You’ve spent tons of time and energy creating these awesome blog posts, free email courses, workbooks, ebooks, and checklists: you should want them to live on FOREVA!!!! Well, the best way to extend the shelf life of your content upgrades and blog posts is to put your social media promo on a daily schedule.

Once you’ve created your awesome freebie, and offered it via a landing page or content upgrade, you will want to make a list to keep track of which content upgrades you use on which posts. I love Google Docs, but you could also use an Excel spreadsheet or even a word doc. All you need to do is note the blog post, content upgrade used, the product it is tied to, and relevant landing page or opt-in box links – including short links you share on social media. This will save you tons of time. Plus, every blog post you create will not have a new content upgrade. For instance, I created a Fix Your Brand Checklist which I can use on any blog post related to branding. I suggest having 2-3 content upgrades per each category or topic you talk about on your site and then a more general leadpage you can use wherever like my Free Prep For Profits Resource Library.

Now that you’ve got your list, it’s time to promote those posts on social media on the regular. All I do is scroll my list and create 2-3 social media snippets I can keep in rotation for each content upgrade or freebie. You can promote your freebie through your Instagram photos, through scheduled tweets on Twitter or throughout your weekly Facebook Live sessions. The important thing here is that you share your content upgrades and freebies daily.

Don’t be scared. Unless you have a troll, most of your followers will not see EVERYTHING you post. In fact, only a small fraction of your audience will see things you post on any given social media account at any given time. So, post multiple times on the same platforms, please. This consistent action is what grows your audience. Don’t feel like you’re being a bug-a-boo by posting similar things multiple times.

To keep your social media promo schedule as stress-free as possible, I recommend using sites like Buffer, Hootsuite or MeetEdgar to automate your posts throughout the week so that you maximize your reach.

The point here is simple: create content all the time and promote the hell out of it all the time!!!


Instagram Stories, Periscope and Facebook Live are all great places to connect with your audience and promote your content. Because you’re talking live on air, rather than posting content to your feed, you want to make sure you capture people’s attention while you have it. Make it a habit to mention your freebie at the beginning, middle, and end of your livestream so that your viewers will know about it, even if they’re late to the party.

The easiest way to do this is to create a unique link like or

A simple way to achieve this is to use Simple 301 Redirects, a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily redirect any page on your site to a new URL. If you’re using LeadPages to create your landing pages, consider installing their LeadPages Connector plugin, which gives you the ability to create unique links for your LeadPages landing pages. So, instead of creating hard to remember links for each content upgrade you promote, make it easy on yourself and on your social media followers by using a simple redirect. That way everyone has to remember just ONE link that always redirects to the content upgrade or freebie you’re talking about during your broadcast. K.I.S.S.

This is an example of a landing page I used while promoting my course on courses called Create Your Champion Course!

Also, if you do webinars or Google hangouts often, use Simple 301 Redirects for your webinar sign up page as well. That way your webinar sign up page is always “” I can’t tell you how much easier your life will be, just by creating and tracking these short, clean, “pretty” links. Plus, it just ups the professionalism. Would you rather spell out a long landing page or link during your broadcast or have a short, easy to remember link that’s branded to your biz. The easier it is for your audience to remember where they need to go, the more likely they are to take action and sign up.


So speaking of webinars. Webinars are one of the most effective ways to grow your email list because they provide such tremendous value. You don’t have to do a webinar just to pitch a course or service, you can do a webinar that gives straight up no-strings-attached value! If you’ve got a webinar coming up, make sure to promote it multiple times on your social media channels leading up to the event to increase your sign-ups. Having 25K Instagram followers won’t do you any good if you’re not in their face, sharing value and inviting them to take the next step with you! The ultimate goal is to turn scrollers into subscribers and subscribers into shoppers!

Make sure you are consistently promoting your webinars and webinar replays on your social media platforms in order to attract, engage and activate your audience. If you’re doing a weekly webinar, make sure you add the promo to your social media scheduler of choice. If you have old replays that sell your evergreen products, promote the webinar replay links too, so you can generate sales in your sleep. It’s all about planning your promotion ya’ll. The better you become, the more money you will make. Period!

Here’s a really great example of Jenna Kutcher, one of my favorite IGers, promoting her Instagram training on…Instagram! She describes who her training is for, tells people to tag their friends in order to spread the word (genius!), lets them know about a bonus they’ll receive if they come to the webinar, and reminds people to click the link in her profile to sign up will a strong call to action!

Grow Your Email List With Social Media


Facebook isn’t the devil dressed in blue!! Though they are notorious for changing their algorithms and making it darn near impossible to grow your community without paying to play, if you have a Facebook page, they will give you a few different options that will help you boost your email subscribers. At the top of your page, you’ll see a “sign up” button. When a visitor clicks that button, it’s going to take you to a landing page where folks can subscribe to your list. Yay!!! If you need help setting this up, you can check out this article here. Another cool trick you can use to get even more subscribers is to add an arrow that points to your sign up button in the graphic of your Facebook cover image. Yay!

This is my page here:

So, to completely maximize the real estate Facebook has given you, you can also add your landing page link into your Facebook page cover image. Boom! Most people will just put their website URL, but you can send them anywhere. If you want them to join your facebook group, add that link. If you want them to join your email list, add the URL to that link. The possibilities are endless!! Write the call to action in the cover image saying something like: “Join my community” along with a direct link!

Another great place to convert scrollers into subscribers is in the apps section. Depending on how your Facebook page is configured (Business, Professional Service, Standard, etc) your apps may appear in different sections of your page, but nonetheless, Facebook allows you to upload branded images in this section, which you can link to your favorite social media accounts, an email sign up page, online store, Facebook group, or anywhere else you want to drive fans! Yay! That means that you have the potential to share your email list multiple times before anyone even scrolls down your Facebook news feed! #Gangsta

Want to add your own “app” buttons? Check out this article here .


If you have a little (or big) budget to work with, try your hand at Facebook Ads and Promoted Pins. The key is to create a targeted landing page with a content upgrade or freebie that appeals to your perfect fit fan. Don’t create a Facebook ad that simply sends folks to your website. That’s money down the drawn. Specific actions create successful results.

As you can see here, Caitlin Bacher uses her ad to promote a freebie that leads into her Fab Facebook Groups course. Clicking the link takes you to a LeadPages landing page where you can subscribe to get her offer.

Grow Your Email List With Social Media

Paid ads are an advanced strategy that you may not want to simply “play around with” without proper guidance. These strategies cost real money and if you F-up, you don’t get that money back! So proceed with caution, and get a good grasp on what you’re doing first. You can boost a Facebook post for as little as $5 a day to drive more attention to it. Just make sure you are guiding folks into a sales funnel that has a paid product at the end of the rainbow, so you can recoup your investment!


Ok, so here’s a way to create a gift that keeps on giving. Every piece of content, free or paid, should lead people to a new product, tool or resource of yours. Every time you create a PDF, a workbook, or even a webinar replay, include a link or button that your subscribers can click on to share your freebie on Twitter. You can even add this link or button to your website using their WordPress plugin, which makes it easy for folks to share your goods. For example, in The EPIC Biz + Blog Planner, I include a very specific call to action at the end that that encourages people to share the planner with their own network.

Grow Your Email List With Social Media

So you may be thinking, okay Dre, sounds cool, but “how do I do this?” The easiest way is to use It’s a super-simple online tool that allows you to pre-write a tweet. Your subscribers don’t even have to think of cool stuff to say about your freebies and products because you’ve done it for them. When someone clicks the link Click to Tweet generated for you, it takes them to their Twitter page with the tweet already written in for them. Awesome, right?! All they have to do is click the “tweet” button or link to share it. So, after I’ve created my tweet in CTW (which will include the link to the leadpage or opt-in box where someone can sign up to grab my freebie), I just create a button or add a line of text at the end of my PDF, which is linked with my Click to Tweet link!

Since I use Pages or Keynote for mac to create all my content upgrades, ebooks and PDF action sheets, I simply create a button or link in there. You can also visit sites like The Noun Project, Creative Market or to search for both free and paid buttons that match your brand color and style. You can also create your own buttons in Canva or Photoshop. I mean there are soooo many different options. Again, make it as easy as possible for new subscribers to share your AH-MA-ZING content!


It’s time to go buck wild with getting yourself seen and heard on social media, but before you make your mad dash there is one more uber effective tip I want to share with you. Facebook groups can completely transform your business! There are literally a billion active facebook groups and since Facebook changed to game a few years ago, making it harder to get organic traffic without paying for it, Facebook Groups have totally overtaken the Facebook Page.

Facebook groups are niche specific, everyone there is interested in the same or similar topics and a well run group can boost your engagement like none other. When it comes to Facebook groups, it’s not about how many you’re in, and it’s not even really about how big the group is. The key is to find active, supportive groups that have engaged and consistently present users that lift each other up and help spread the word about your brand, business or blog. As a collective.

In my course, This Blog Means Business I share and rank close to 75 different promotional groups for bloggers and brand builders that could drive fresh traffic and sign-ups to your blog every single day! Just image posting in just a handful of groups on a daily basis and doubling, even tripling your list size in a matter of 30 – 60 days? #gamechanging!!!!


So here we are, my friend. At the end of the post but the beginning of what I know will be a tailwind of traffic coming your way. You know what you have to do! Take action and grow the heck out of that email list of yours. Set weekly, monthly, even daily goals. Find which strategies work the best and run with what gets you the best results. Whenever you need to add throw strategy in the mix, refer back to the blog post and see what happens when you begin implementing it. Remember, the key to growing your email list always goes back to one thing: YOU. You, the value YOU bring, the personality you share is what will ultimately attract people to your business and want to work with ya! The more value you provide, the more engaged and appreciative they will be. And you know what happens when people are in loooovveee with something? They share it with everyone they know…on the Internet!! hahaha!

Now, if you’re really serious about growing your biz + blog like a champ, I recommend signing up for my free, 6-day email course, The Blog Boost Formula. Each day, you’ll be sent a new lesson, which walks you through specific strategies that you can use to boost your blog traffic and attract an audience of perfect fit fans. The Blog Boost Formula covers everything from optimizing your site with simple (yet sexy) SEO strategies to growing your email list, increasing traffic from social media sites like Pinterest and Fb groups to branding tips that will help you blog stand out! Just click here or the image below to join!


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