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So you’ve started a blog and want to make it look amazing. You’ve meticulously chosen your theme, your fonts, and your brand colors, but there’s just something that seems to be missing…

Oh yeah, those beautiful images!

But where do you get those colorful, creative, and perfectly laid out images that make so many blogger’s sites look so beautiful?

Well, many bloggers find free images on sites such as Pixaby, Gratisography, and PicJumbo, but now that EVERYONE knows about these sites, it’s getting harder and harder to find fresh photos that give your blog that much needed pop!

The photos you use on your site matter. Not only do they catch the eye of your target audience, amazing stock photos will help you get more traffic to your blog and convert more visitors into subscribers.

So if you want feminine, pretty and super girly here are 21 sites that have free stock photos that are sure to give your competition photo envy.

Okay, let’s get started!

01. Creative Market

I love Creative Market and I get fonts, images, templates, mockups and more from here all the time, especially for my online courses! While Creative Market is an active e-commerce site, if you sign up to their email list, you’ll get free goodies like these free stock photos delivered straight to your inbox.

02. Gold and Berry

Gold and Berry is a lifestyle and design blog that focuses on DIY projects, tutorials, fashion, art, and beauty. This site has a ton of freebie image resources. Check out the Gold and Berry FREEBIES page where you can check out and download any image you want. That’s right…totally free, no opt-in required! Yassss!!!

03. Haute Stock

If you are ready to create a beyond beautiful brand, then Haute Stock is one site you must keep bookmarked. This site is loaded with tons of inspiration providing brand conscious bloggers and entrepreneurs images that are both stylish and strategic.

They have a membership for paying customers where you can get unlimited downloads and instant access to stylish photos weekly, but if you sign up to their “Haute Mail” email list, you’ll get 2 FREE samples, plus each month they’ll drop more elegant, chic, and feminine photos in your inbox that are perfect for bloggers, influencers, and online creatives.

04. Stock Gallery

Featuring photographers from around the world, Stock Gallery features unique and creative photos that are handpicked to ensure they are of the highest quality and highly usable. The Stock Gallery will email you free photos every month! Definitely worth checking out.

05. Pexels

Pexels is one of the biggest free stock photos catalogs on the net. You can download photos with one click and all photos are tagged, searchable and easy to explore. Plus they have images that cater to all different types of niches and industries making it a fun and functional photo finding site.

06. Just Arpi

Ready to make your blog pretty and profitable? (Hands raised!!) Well, this site is bookmark worthy! On Just Arpi you are going to be pleasantly surprised by how beautiful her photos are! Sign up to her list and get access to 12 FREE feminine styled stock photos that are perfect for your blog and online biz.

07. Kreanille Design

Annamari Bán is the creative brand stylist behind Kreanille Design. She’s pulled together a free resource page that has a ton of amazing tools including mock-ups, graphics and photos. You don’t have to opt-in to get access, just download your style photo pack of 10 images here.

08. Elle Drouin

She loves all things pink and her photos will not disappoint!!!  I found Elle on Instagram and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her stock photos. You can get your bundle for FREE here.  Well worth the 2.2 seconds it takes to sign up for her email list. Plus she’ll send you new free photos every month!

09. She Bold

Her site is the epitome of feminine! She has really awesome photos that you can download for free!!!! She provides a membership but you can opt-in to snatch up 100 perfectly fresh and free stock photos right here.

10. A Prettier Web

I’ve worked with Mel before as a guest speaker for her online summit and I love everything she does. A talented WordPress theme designer, it’s no surprise that she would provide beautiful stock photos too. You can click here to get 7 free and styled stock images delivered straight to your inbox!

11. StockShop

When she says she has the most gorgeous FREE monthly styled stock images on the internet…she may be right! You can shop by color or you can shop by collection or you can grab 20 of her styled photos for FREE when you sign up for her monthly newsletter. Plus she’ll throw in some high-level coaching and business building tips that are perfect for the creative small business owner.

12. Creative Convex

Oh yeah!! Creative Convex is a great resource for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who love simple, minimalist types of photos. Each image is meticulously styled and includes a bold pop of color. Click here to grab the free photo collection and sign up to the email list to get access to more amazing photos.

13. Rekita Nicole

Need some color in your life? Rekita Nicole does some phenomenal branding and web design work. She has a blog full of useful resources and I found a post where you can get 10 free stylish photos. Simply right click on the images and click on save!

14. Shafaq O.

I am soooo in LOVE with her website and design aesthetic so I am sure you’ll fall in love with her work too. You can use these for personal and commercial purposes on your website, blog, or social media. You may make changes to the images, add text, crop or color them but you may not sell them or distribute them under your name or tag. If you are a beauty or lifestyle blogger or influencer, you will die for these perfectly rich and chic photos. Grab her free stock folder here.

15. Unsplash

One of the larger stock photo sites you’ll find on the web, Unsplash offers tons of free photos for all niches. So while not all of the photos on here are “feminine”, you can do a simple photo search using keywords like “pretty, feminine, pink, girly, etc” and I promise you will be in heaven. Also, Unsplash is updated every day with a new selection of free stock photos. Yippie!

16. Nappy

Now, this is not necessarily a “feminine” stock photo site either but I just had to include it in my list because it’s one of the only free stock photo sites I’ve seen that strictly caters to people of color. You’ll have to dig around a bit to pick and choose the more feminine type photos but if you are a blogger, IG influencer or biz owner that caters to black and brown people or want more diversity on your blog, this site is for you! Check out the beautiful, high-resolution pics here.

17. Kate Max Stock

I just discovered Kate Max Stock and her images are fiyah!!! Modern, fresh, feminine…yeah…she’s got it all. With her paid membership you can get instant access to over 3,000 images in her library where she adds around 30 images a month. You can purchase one-off pics and you can also sign up for the monthly newsletter and get a few free stock photos each month. Talk about options!

18. Kaboompics

Boom! This is another amazing site that does not require you to opt-in to get access to some amazing pics. On the Kaboompics site, you are going to find photo collections that are creative and great for bloggers and IG types who love styled pics that come in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

19. Create Her Stock

I’ve been using Create Her Stock for a while now and I just love how she merges diversity with creativity. Get over 230 free photos (no opt-in required) from her freebie gallery and then you can grab her 2018 collection when you sign up to her list.

20. Styled Stock

Styled Stock not only has drop-dead gorgeous photos for beauty and lifestyle niches, they have stock photos that do not require you to opt-in. Simply search, find and download the truly beautiful, high-resolution pics you want. Plus I love the search filters they have. You can search my popularity, color, or niche. Easy peasy!

21. IvoryMix

And not to be outdone! IvoryMix has a free stock photo library with over 300 photos in it!! Yep, you get free and unlimited access to 330+ Free Photos plus access to eBooks, Tutorials and more. OMG! You need to be running to her site right now to get instant access to these beautiful photos and resources.

So there you have it. With all the resources I just threw down in this blog post you have no excuse not to have the brand and blog of your dreams. Even if you’re on a budget!!

Having a blog that stands out and how you show up online is critical to your success. The competition out there is thick and the more you do to catch the attention of your perfect fit audience the more successful you’ll be as an online entrepreneur and blogger.

So take some time to explore your style and check out the free stock photos from the sites I listed above. It may even give you that much-needed spark of inspiration to begin taking your own gorgeous photos.


I’ve shared where to get tons of free stock photos, but I bet there are tons of sites I’ve missed.  If you have a go-to site you love, let me know so I can add it to the list!

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