Hey girlfriend!

I haven’t seen you around these parts before. Welcome home!

(Psst. Grab a glass, you’ll be here a while.)

I know you’ve only been here a hot second, but I already feel like we’re going to be business BFFs. So, let’s get to know each other a bit more. I’ll give you to cliff notes version…


I’m a gold-medal winning Olympic athlete turned multi-passionate entrepreneur.

I’ve done everything from Biotech sales to Real estate and when I’m not building my online empire, I’m flipping houses.

I believe you can make money doing anything…and that we’re all capable of using our unique gifts in a way that creates profits, purpose, and positive change in people’s lives.

I also believe women are limitless beings and are capable of being full-time moms, forever-there friends, late-night lovers, and wildly successful entrepreneurs…all at the same time!

I am obsessed with Winter melon milk tea (with golden boba of course), caramel corn, Lifetime Christmas movies and Pinterest. It’s all you need to turn any bad day good!

Family comes first, prayer works and you are what you think!

So there’s that.

There are lots of other things you should know, like why I started a blog instead of going back to my 6-figure job, how entrepreneurship became my obsession and why I ended up starting an online membership site called “WomanpreneuHER University” right when I was on the verge of blowing up my entire online business.

Let’s chat some more! Follow me into the other room, so you can hear the whole story.  Learn More >>

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Bragging Rights

Can’t figure out this whole “how to start a business and get people to buy” thing? I feel you.

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