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Picking a niche can feel overwhelming.

And if you don’t get it right, it can kill your business before it ever gets off the ground.

So if you are confused, lack clarity or just want to know, “How do I pick a profitable niche for my online business? I am so glad you are here.

I decided to pull a video straight out of my course 5-Figure Course Creator to give you the EXACT formula and steps you should take when it comes to picking the perfect niche for your online business.

So, What is a Niche?

Before you put together your product offerings, you need to be able to clearly communicate what you do and who you serve!

What you do:  YOUR NICHE and who you serve: YOUR IDEAL AVATAR are critical components that need 1000% clarity.

Even if you THINK you know who you want to serve, this lesson will be a great exercise to ensure you are creating a course that serves the students it was meant to serve!

An Ideal customer avatar (aka an Ideal Student or Avatar) is someone who wants what you’re selling and is able to pay for it.

When you know your niche and who your ideal customer avatar is (in an intimate way) your email list, your marketing message, your social media content, and your offers can be tailor-made to give them what they want.

If you cannot articulate who you want to help, what you want to help them with, and how you’ll do it, then you will struggle to create products and programs that attract buying customers!

If you're confused or just want to know, “How do I pick a profitable niche for my online business?" Let me help you find a your perfect niche.

The more targeted you are with your message, the more you’ll be able to attract and connect with your ideal customers. The goal is to serve a segment of your market that’s small enough to be very specific and large enough to make money.

Now let’s nail that niche and find those buying customers!

Finding a profitable niche is crucial for course creators and online business owners.

It allows you to target a specific audience, resulting in higher conversion rates and reduced competition.

By addressing the unique needs of your niche, you can also charge premium prices and position yourself as THE authority on your topic.

This focused approach also boosts your brand credibility which leads to long-term success.

Operating within a niche you’re passionate about can bring personal fulfillment but when it is profitable as well, it can set you up for financial fulfillment as well.

At the end of the day, having a profitable niche is the key for building a sustainable and thriving online business and course offerings.

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