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Welcome to Part 2 of our brand new 6 part mini-series, where I’m sharing some of my action plans from inside our WomanpreneuHER University program. It’s an incredible community of online business builders, coaches, and course-creators, who all come into the program to turn their passions into something profitable (and sustainable). And it’s inside WomanpreneuHER University that we show them how to create, grow, and scale their product offers — passively.

Women entrepreneurs come into this program at all levels. We have people who are still exploring their entrepreneurial options and people who already have 6-figure businesses and are looking to take their income to the next level. Wherever they are, we give them the strategies they need to get them where they want to be.

And that’s what this 6-part series is about!

While we can’t give you all of the extra goodies you get inside the program, like 1:1 coaching, personal feedback, content reviews, strategy, tech training, and more…

…Having an action plan you can follow is a pretty awesome place to start.

In Part 1 of this 6-part series, we looked at an action plan for people who are simply tired of trading time for dollars and want to transition into creating real, sustainable passive income…with ease.

I truly believe that in order to serve more people and have a greater impact in the world you absolutely need to get out of the 1:1 sales model and move into a 1:1 many sales model. You can check out those first steps right here!

Now, today we’re talking to those of you who have started your transition from 1:1 into a more passive income-based business model, and are ready to create and sell something! You already have an offer or perhaps you are still in the product development phase…

Either way, you may be asking, Will it SELL?

So, we are going to talk about how to leverage your knowledge to launch your first (or next) profitable offer and what it really takes to deliver your brilliance in the most potent package possible.

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Okay, now that I have formally invited you to the best free training event you will attend all year, we can dive in…

You Have a Product Offer or Idea, But Will It Sell?

Now, I’m betting that you want a business that is fueled by:

❤️ work you love
❤️ clients you love
❤️ and a program or package you love delivering

When I figured out how to package a product the right way and create a signature offer worth buying…guess what? People bought it. I didn’t have to beg or use aggressive sales strategies to convince people to buy. The offer stood on its own and the value spoke for itself.

So in this part of our series, we are focusing on making sure anything you decide to market, will make you money!

You may find yourself in one of three places…

  • You have an idea for a product but are afraid to put it out because you don’t know if your audience will buy it.
  • You have put out an offer before and it didn’t quite go as planned, (aka you didn’t make the money you expected).
  • You have an offer that was selling but is not selling anymore…like what the heck happened!

Raise your hand if you can relate to any of these three scenarios…

I know I can.

In the WomanpreneuHER community, we talk about failing forward all the time, and I’ve come to learn that through all the mistakes and failures, there is a strategy to putting together an irresistible offer and understanding exactly what you need to do to get your audience to say yes, I want that!

That’s what you want. You want it to be really easy for people to say yes.

But what makes someone want to say YES to your offer…

want to take a peek inside the exact system that's earned me multiple-6-figures online?

Let’s work together to map out the success systems you need to attract more customers, sell more products and build a profitable business…passively!

What do we mean by Irresistible Offer?

Before we dive into the first step, let’s just define what we mean by “Irresistible Offer”.

An irresistible offer is simply a strategic structuring of your products, where the perceived value of your offer FAR exceeds the cost, making it a “no brainer” for people to buy. An offer may include things like discounted pricing, limited time pricing or availability (scarcity/urgency), bonuses, a money back guarantee, and even your positioning (the reasons why they should buy from YOU and not your competition).

People pay for three things:

  1. For you to solve their problem (something they currently can’t do by themselves)
  2. Convenience (so something they could do but don’t want to do)
  3. Urgency (so that’s something they want done like yesterday)

It doesn’t matter if you are creating a $7 ebook or a $10000 coaching program, the process and the framework for creating an irresistible offer is the same.

Before you put together and sell anything, you need to be 100% certain that you are creating a product your audience

  • Needs
  • Wants
  • And is willing to pay for

So, let’s talk about how to make that happen!

your first step: knowing your target audience

Knowing your ideal customer avatar is probably one of the most important milestones to making sure your product sells.

Once you get clarity on who you serve and who you are creating your products and services for, the next step is to get into the minds of your ideal customer so when they hear your offer, they are like “OMG, Yes…this is exactly what I am looking for.

What if you know your audience so well that you could guarantee yourself sales every single time you launched?

What if every time you created a product you could essentially predict your profits because you know your audience that well?

You knew their pain points, you knew what would make her buy, and you knew how much she’d be willing to pay to get her problem solved…

You knew exactly what to say and how to say it, at the right time to get her to pay attention and pull the trigger on wanting to work with you.

Well, what’s the secret?

The secret is called Market Research!

step 02: doing the market research

Market research allows us to get inside the minds of our ideal customers. And only through market research, can we begin to learn in an intimate way, their pain points, what’s keeping them stuck, and where they desire to be.

When you have done the research, you can create offers with confidence, knowing that you will never have to worry ever again if the products and programs you are putting together are going to sell.

A common mistake many online coaches and course creators make is creating something they want to create without thinking about validating their ideas with their audience.

Inside of WomanpreneuHER University we deep dive into how to do effective market research but here are three quick ways to begin validating your product offers:


You want to make sure your target audience is spending money and willing to pay for the solution to the problem they have. When doing research ask yourself the following:

  • Are there people already selling products similar to mine?
  • Are these products selling well?
  • Are people getting results from the same or similar products to mine?


If you have an existing audience, use them as a primary source of market research. This is an important step because now you can ASK PEOPLE who have an interest in your topics what they want from you. You can create a survey or questionnaire where you’ll want to find out:

  • Demographics of your ideal product avatar
  • Problems they are facing
  • Pain Points they have
  • Desired results, goals they want to achieve


If you DO NOT have an existing audience, you will need to leverage social media as your source of market research.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook Groups
  • Pinterest Boards

These are all places you can explore for seeing what product offers are resonating with your audience.

step 03: start with something easy to sell

Once you have your positioning clear in terms of what problem you solve and who you are serving, and you’ve done the market research to see exactly what your client needs, wants, and is willing to pay – you should now have a better idea of what kind of offer you could create for your audience;

Remember, the goal is to create an offer that gets your clients game-changing results and you sales in your sleep.

Now when you’re building or wanting to scale to a multiple 6 and 7 figure business, you will likely have more than one product offer. In fact, you may have a couple of different tiers or entry points for your offers.

I have digital products from $7 all the way up to 1:1 coaching that starts at $5000 a month with a 6 month minimum.

But, when you are just getting started, and you want to see if your offer is going to be a HIT with your target audience, I would suggest you create a “Starter Kit” type product or beta program (which we talked about in detail in Part 1 of this series), just to test the waters. This will allow you to market something that’s easy to create and sell without the pressure of feeling like you have to sell out.

You can promote your Starter product, get feedback, and make the necessary improvements to ensure the next time you launch it will be more irresistible than before.

step 04: price your offer right

A huge part of what makes any offer irresistible is the price!

And if you are anything like most entrepreneurs, you may be asking what you should charge. You’re scared that if you price it too low, you might be leaving money on the table, and if you price it too high, will people buy it.

Inside of WomanpreneuHER University, I walk you through the process of mastering the art of charging the right amount so that it feels good to you and your customers. So, even if you are charging high-ticket prices your ideal client will say “oh okay that’s fair.”

At the end of the day, the # 1 Rule when pricing your products is to NEVER ASSUME WHAT SOMEONE IS WILLING TO PAY!

The price is the price and what makes someone pull the trigger is the value of what they are getting versus the price.

step 05: get excited

I know that what I am about to say may sound a bit fluffy, but when it comes to creating irresistible offers, the excitement and confidence you convey about your product offer can be contagious. Share your excitement for what you’re creating FOR your audience, show them how much time, energy, effort, and love you put into your program. Communicate with charisma and enthusiasm how much it’s going to help them get to where they want to be.

Because if they know that this is for THEM as much as it is for you, that’s going to help them feel like they’re a part of the journey. And you might be surprised by just how many of your fans will be excited to take the ride with you.

next steps

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If you’re thinking of creating your own passive income-generating online business, be sure to check out the additional resources at the bottom of this page. You can also join us inside of the FREE WomanpreneuHER FB Group for more tutorials, tips, and training on how to create 6-figure success with online courses and digital products.

Here’s to your 6-figure future!

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