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As a passionate coach, I am committed to helping you reach your business and lifestyle goals! Train with me anytime, anywhere in WomanpreneuHER University or customize your learning experience with one of our Planners, Startup Kits or Memberships. From tech tutorials, to what’s working now strategies, marketing plans, and an online community, you’ll be in the best position to hit your profit goals!

the andrea bolder product suite.

Class is in session! Throw on some yoga pants, grab your favorite cup of chai and come learn how to build your passive income empire step-by-awesome-step.

the womanpreneuher profit planner.


We spend about 90% of our time dreaming of our future, and 10% planning it. Most of our ideas stay ideas and dim with each new year that passes. But not anymore…
Imagine how it would feel to have complete clarity on what you needed to do on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to hit your profit goals? Snag the planner I use to map out my 6-figures years and learn how to intentionally plan your online success one goal at a time so you can get real results! That’s right, it’s time to start working smarter, not harder so that you can build with purpose and profits.
the viral content monthly membership.


Let’s talk about how to go from wasting your time creating content that never gets clicks, saves, likes, or shares to owning your expertise, sharing your story, and building your profits by attracting your ideal customers with real content that converts!
I’ve created the exact toolkit you need to know what to post, what to say, and how to share it over the next twelve months. Yep, get your hands on my viral content framework and 365 days of curated scripts to plug-and-publish for less than you spend on a trip to Starbucks. (Yup, for real!).
the 5-figure course creator.


The 5 Figure Course Creator is the most comprehensive online course for small business owners who want to SCALE their online business, reach more people, make more money, and create more freedom!
Together we’ll get clear on our course goals and objectives, define your brand magic, create your content creation strategy, package your course into a juicy, irresistible offer, develop a launch schedule that fits your goals and lifestyle, and optimize your launch tactics for scalable growth.
womanpreneuHER university.


Building an online business biz can feel like ALL hustle and no gains. I was there not too long ago, wondering if I would ever be able to piece together enough of the puzzle to build a business that could actually pay my bills! Well, I made it to the other side and now I am sharing it ALL with YOU!
WomanpreneuHER University is my signature A-Z system that will guide you through how I built a multiple 6-figure online biz and still had time for playdates, movie nights, and weekend trips up the coast to watch our favorite team. Go Warriors! You’ll learn how to launch profitable courses, find your dream customers, create content that sells, and grow your income in a way that gives you the freedom you’ve always wanted!

Andrea is one of the rare 10% of the population that is going to succeed at whatever they do. What’s her secret? She is willing to do what everyone is not willing to do, the work. Whether it’s becoming a Gold Medal Olympic winner or a successful business woman, Andrea has the stuff that champions are made of. I have worked with her both personally and professionally and the results are always the same…EXCELLENCE!!!

Dr. Will Moreland, America’s #1 Leadership Life Coach

Transformational, vision-fueled, strategic and results-driven. Just a few words that describe this powerhouse coach. If results is what you want, Andrea will be the game-changer your brand and business needs to win, and win big.

Byron Davis, Founder of Paid To Be You

Andrea, I just want to say you are a phenomenal woman. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and having a true passion to want help others.

Alexandra McCormick

You are everywhere and the simple techniques and strategies I've learned from you are amazing. It's inspired me to be more social with my fans. And it's working!

Jean Baylor, Chart-Topping Singer & Songwriter of Zhane

I’ve known Andrea for the past couple of years and I just love her winning spirit. The way she is able to connect with people is truly amazing. She always keeps it real and is passionate about mentoring you toward the success you deserve.

Donna Valdes, Co-Founder Real Savvy Success

my mission is to help you say…

hell yeah.

to becoming unapologetic about making lots of money, creating sold-out offers, getting all the customers you can handle, loving yourself enough to live the life you’ve always wanted, and 6-figure years!

hell nah.

to hustle culture, saying YES to things you don’t want to do, working 40 hours work weeks, entrepreneur envy, toxic self-talk , any conversation that starts with “if I only…”

It’s okay to want more. It’s okay to make more. It’s ok to be rich.