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Are you a business coach that needs a compelling coaching bio that attracts your dream clients?

Well, it’s your lucky day because I am going to walk you through the steps of how to write one that helps you stand out from the competition.

When you can put together a compelling coaching bio, you can make a great impression and build instant credibility with potential customers and even get featured in various media outlets.

Ready to create your coaching bio? Let’s dig in.

Need a Compelling Coaching Bio For Your Business?

What is a coaching bio?

A coaching bio is a short summary of who you are and what you do. It highlights your expertise and is a key marketing asset that shows who you are as a coach.

It’s not a full blown biography about your entire coaching career but it’s typically around two or three paragraphs long designed to showcase the juiciest, most compelling parts of you as a coach. The goal is to give your audience insight into your coaching business and how you can help them solve a specific problem or satisfy a specific need.

We all know that connection and resonance are key to attracting clients and trust is the basis for a successful coaching business, so you should think of your bio as a way to affirm who you are and what you can do for them so that they get a sense of whether you are a good fit for them.

Your coaching bio will help you to stand out. Your bio is the first impression your coaching clients will get, so put the time and energy into making it extraordinary so that anyone who reads it will remember you and have a sense of who you are, even if they don’t become a client.

For example, here’s what my own bio looks like:

Why do you need a coaching bio?

Your coaching bio paints a picture of who you are as a person and coach. It allows you to control the narrative of how you want to be seen online. So, if you’re featured in an article, as a guest in a podcast, or a panelist at a summit, your bio will share the most important information about you.

How can you use your coaching bio?

  • Your website/About Me page
  • Your product pages
  • Inside your memberships and courses
  • Inside your Media Kit
  • Your Author bio
  • LinkedIn page
  • Podcast interviews
  • Guest posts on publications
  • Social media bio

You can also use your coaching bio whenever anyone wants to write about you or introduce you to their audience in a more formal way.

Now, let’s talk about what you should include in your coaching bio.

How do you write a coaching bio?

So, how do you write a great coaching bio? And how do you introduce yourself as a new coach who may not have a ton of experience?

Getting started is not as hard as it might seem, the first step is to write what comes to mind and then refine what you’ve written, rather than waiting for the perfect words to come together right away.

Who are you?

Start by introducing yourself. Include your name, website, expertise or what you are known for, and the niche you serve.

For example, I start my bio with:

“Andrea is the founder of, creator of the best-selling WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner and coach behind WomanpreneuHER University. She is an Olympic gold medalist turned million-dollar entrepreneur and multiple 6-figure course creator.”

This formula works for both new and more established coaches. And if you are worried about creating a bio without having massive results yet, this formula will help you focus on the things that position you in the best light.

Who is your audience?

The next step is to narrow the audience you serve. A coach that serves everyone, serves no one. You want to make sure you have clarity on your ideal customer avatar because you want to write your coaching bio with them in mind.

“She has a passion for helping female entrepreneurs turn their passion into passive income with digital products, online courses, and membership sites.”

What type of coach are you?

This part isn’t just about who you serve but how you serve them and your approach. How does your experience allow you to help clients. So, what do you do and how do you do it?

For instance, my bio says:

“Over 400 women have gone through her signature program WomanpreneuHER University since its official launch in 2019 and tens of thousands have purchased her planners, online courses, and memberships. Around here we prioritize self-care over hustle, messy action over perfection, and passive income over being booked and busy. We are unapologetic, unwavering, and unemployable building businesses that make an impact AND make lots of money.”

Those are the results I help my target audience achieve. But, if you’re a less established coach without big results yet, you can focus on your philosophy or “secret sauce” – the things that differentiate you from other coaches.

Personalize your bio.

It is important to share personal details about yourself in your coaching bio. You can share tidbits about your family, schooling, and interests.

For example, this is what I added to my bio:

“A graduate of UCLA, Andrea majored in Biochemistry. She is a mom and wife who is obsessed with real estate, beautiful beaches and green tea lattes!”

These personal touches allows your ideal customers to connect with on a more human level.

Finally, how can new customers work with you?

The last part of your bio is an optional call-to-action that invites people to take the next step with you. You can provide your contact info, the services you provide, or the places online where people can connect with you such as your social media channels or online communities.

Not all of your bios need this CTA section, but depending on the place your bio is being featured, you will want to mention your most popular services.

Next, let’s take a look at how to make your coaching bio compelling and unique to you.

The best coaching bio tips

Write your bio with your ideal customer in mind:

When writing your coaching bio, remember it’s not for you but for your clients. Your bio should be designed with your ideal customer in mind and it should resonate with YOUR audience on a personal level. Remember, the goal is to make a great first impression, establish a foundation of credibility and trust, and create enough curiosity to make people want to learn more about how they can work with you.

So, to create a coaching bio that speaks to your clients, include:

  • Their pain points, potential problems or challenges (i.e. how to turn their passion into a profitable business)
  • Their dreams and desires (where they want to be i.e. a 7-figure coach)
  • Your results (i.e. Over 400 women have gone through her signature program WomanpreneuHER University since its official launch in 2019 and tens of thousands have purchased her planners, online courses, and membership)

Narrow your niche:

Why do people come to YOU and why should someone consider you as their coach? Your coaching bio should always highlight your niche so people know right away if you are a good fit for them or not.

Keep your bio compact and concise:

We want the juicy bits only. Keep your coaching bio to two or three short paragraphs, saving a longer, more detailed version of who you are for your About Me page.

Remember, your coaching bio is a highlight reel of your work that invites people to learn more about you.

Focus on how you help:

At the end of the day, people want to work with people who can get them results. How can you position yourself in the most positive light? Focus on the results you get for your clients.

So, ask yourself, “What positive transformation do I help my customers create in their lives?”

Let’s take my bio as an example.

“She has a passion for helping female entrepreneurs turn their passion into passive income with digital products, online courses, and membership sites…Over 400 women have gone through her signature program WomanpreneuHER University since its official launch in 2019 and tens of thousands have purchased her planners, online courses, and memberships”

These highlights within my bio illustrate the transformation I help my clients achieve and the results I’ve created for thousands of them. So, whether you’ve worked with one client or one thousand, show the transformation you create with your products and services.

Include your education, accolades and credentials

Make sure to add your education and any certifications, training or relevant experience you have.

For example, in my bio, I mentionI attended UCLA and graduated with a degree in Biochemistry. These components help build trust, credibility and reverence.

If you don’t have a certification or degree, you don’t need one. Simply focus on your prior experience, any associations you’ve had with major publications, celebrities or experts.

Make your coaching bio stand out

If you want to differentiate yourself from every other coach out there, include something that shows off your personality.

Fun facts, favorite things, and rare accolades are all things that make you unique and memorable.

For example, my bio mentions I am an Olympic Gold medalist. I also personalize my coaching bio by mentioning my husband, that I’m a wife and obsessed with real estate, beaches, and green tea lattes.

Search Engine Optimize your bio:

Your coaching bio is a pillar piece of content and you should treat it with the same care and optimization as a blog post or product page. Optimizing your coaching bio for search engines, like Google, can help you get found in relevant search results.

So, while you do want to use keywords or phrases related to your coaching topic, you do not want to make your bio sound like one niche-specific run-on sentence. Your bio should have a natural flow to it, using language, words and jargon that a human (not a search engine) would appreciate!
For example, a life coach bio would insert keywords like:

  • career coaching
  • mindset work
  • dream life
  • life hacks
  • personal development

Create Multiple Coaching bios:

Once you have your pillar coaching bio created, you can remix and transform your core bio into several variations.

Here are some of the places you can use your coaching bio variants:

  1. Social media bio: Your social media bio needs to be short and to the point. On most platforms, you will have a limited number of characters so aim for an abbreviated coaching bio around 160 characters max. And at the end, add a call-to-action to invite your audience to take the next steps with you or get access to your lead magnet.
  2. Website/About Me/LinkedIn bio: If you are using your bio on your website, about me page or as an author bio inside of your course or coaching program, you can include additional experience, and show more results in more detail here.
  3. Speaking Engagement bio: If you do a lot of speaking engagements or live events, it’s good to have a bio for these types of events. Highlight other major speaking events you have spoken at, influencers you have shared the stage with, and places around the world you have spoken.
  4. Guest feature bio: If you are doing guest features on podcasts, participating in interviews, collaborations, and publications they will typically ask you for a short, abbreviated introductory bio to share with their audience. So, make this bio a few sentences long and focus more on your expertise and credentials. At the end, you can include a call to action or link to your lead magnet or your product page.

Include a profile image:

It is a best practice to always include an image in your coaching bio so that your potential coaching customers and clients can put a face to the words. This will immediately create a deeper connection, and it will make clients feel like they know you which will help them feel more comfortable when it’s time to contact you.

Coaching bio template

So, how exactly do you put together your coaching bio?

Download the FREE Coaching Bio Template here:

Now that you have gone through “How To Write A Coaching Bio that Sells”, you don’t have to worry whether or not your coaching bio will make the impact you intended it to make!

Now you have the steps to write a compelling coaching bio that positions you as an expert and piques the interest of your ideal customers and clients.

Spend a little time working on your coaching bio and continue tweaking it until you get it right. Your coaching bio saves you from having to tell your story over and over again trying to convince your leads that you are the right coach for them.

Ready to create a compelling coaching bio that sells? Grab the FREE Coaching Bio Template here.

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