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With over 30,000 downloads to date this planner broke the internet! Why? Because it is THE MOST EPIC BIZ + BLOG PLANNER EVER!

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I am a self-proclaimed #planneraddict who loves a good list, a pretty journal and a bad@ass planner. Planners keep me sane and they are an integral part of how I build my business. In fact, I am going to go as far as to say that planners and the act of journaling have helped me create the business and lifestyle I am so blessed to have today.

I know first hand how hard it can be running a successful business, especially if you are a solopreneur like me. It takes tons of planning and strategic preparation. There are a gazillion (which is waayyyy more than a million) things to do on any given day and it can be downright overwhelming, even cruel. From email lists to social media updates, content creation to guest posting, taking pics to uploading products and all the itty-bitty details in between, staying focused on the activities that produce the most profitable results can be a challenge. Yes, building an online biz is a full-time job – but it’s soooooo worth it!

So, that is why for the last few weeks, I have been putting in WERK to put together one of the most – if not THE most EPIC business and blog planner you’ve ever seen. It’s quite possibly one of the most comprehensive, actionable, and pretty planners you’ll come across online – and it’s been updated for 2020 ya’ll!

This 48-page business and blog planner gives personal brands and infopreneurs everything they need (nothing of what they don’t) and has been specifically designed for ambitious, bold and creative entrepreneurs who are determined to increase their influence and income. This planner is full of pages that will help you set champion-sized yearly, monthly and weekly goals, brainstorm post and product ideas, plan your weekly posts and social media updates, track yearly & monthly stats, keep track of affiliate programs, help you map out giveaways, Facebook Live Streams, Instagram Posts and Paid ads. It will help you organize and keep track of your income reports, usernames & passwords, biz and blog tools, and lot’s more!

If you need it, you can find it in THE MOST EPIC BIZ + BLOG PLANNER EVER. Consider it your new biz BFF. It will help you through the tough times, hold you accountable and help you show up as your best self! Success in business is all about strategic planning and taking the time to make sure your game plan is in place so you’re not just out there winging it. Setting goals, keeping track of your goals and knowing when and where to tweak your goals is key to setting the tone for a strong, profitable business and using THE MOST EPIC BIZ + BLOG PLANNER EVER will help you slay your sales and stand out from those do-nothing brands!!


There is power in planning. When you write down your goals you are far more inclined to achieve them. This planner is going to help you break down your goals into daily, manageable pieces so you can bake up some sweet, sweet success!


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Got questions? Are there any pages you want to see that aren’t here? Let’s talk about it! Leave a comment below or post in The WomanpreneuHER’s Facebook Group so we can help you reach your goals!



The Most EPIC Business + Blog Planner Ever -
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