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the 48-page biz + blog planner

Consider it your new biz BFF. This is the same planner I used to generate my first 6-figure year! It will help you through the tough times, hold you accountable and help you show up as your best self! Success in business is all about strategic planning and taking the time to make sure your game plan is in place so you’re not just out there winging it.

Free 48-Page Business and Blog Planner


What’s Inside?

If you’ve been searching for the perfect biz + blog planner…your search is OVAH!!! This 48-page business and blog planner gives bloggers and personal brands everything they need (nothing of what they don’t) and has been specifically designed for ambitious, bold and creative entrepreneurs who are determined to increase their influence and income. And the best part…IT’S FREE!!!!

This planner is full of pages that will help you set champion-sized yearly, monthly and weekly goals, brainstorm post and product ideas, plan your weekly posts and social media updates, track yearly & monthly stats, keep track of affiliate programs, help you map out giveaways, Live Streams, and Paid ads. It will help you organize and keep track of your income reports, usernames & passwords, biz and blog tools, and lot’s more!

“Andrea, your mantras are a game-changer! I say them every morning and it sets the tone for success. My income has doubled iin the last 90 days. Thank you for showing me that money is not a bad thing, it is my birthright and I am no longer scared to say I deserve every dollar that comes my way! - Mya”