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Welcome back to Part 2 the #ChampionCourse series! In this 4-part series, I’m showing you how to create, brand and sell your first online course. Yes, girl (or boy), we about to get you paid!!! Well today, we’re talking specifically about branding and styling your first info product.

No one wants a boring course. If you want a course that draws people in, keeps them engaged (on an emotional and intellectual level) and makes them want to share it with others, it’s important to create a brand experience people will remember.

How your course shows up in the online marketplace is crucial to your cash flow. Your branding is one of the most important steps in creating and launching an online course that doesn’t fall flat. This step is something that a lot of online entrepreneurs fail to focus on and then wonder why they are not getting seen. Just think about your course idea for a moment…how many other people are teaching and training on the same or similar topic? Dozens, hundreds, even thousands. So what are YOU going to do to make sure your course stands out? You’re going to make a GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION.

If you can catch someone’s eye with compelling visuals, you have a better chance of getting them to stick around to learn more.

We’re going to dive head first into branding your first course so you can differentiate yourself from the crowd and make sure your product is as stylish as it is solution-driven. Let’s give your course it’s own unique personality and style.

How to Brand and Style Your First Online Course (#ChampionCourse Series)

Our goal is to give your course it’s own unique personality and style and to do that you are going to need a few things, including choosing fonts, a color palette, images and putting together your course brand book.

We’ll also jump into how to design and create your course presentation slides to make your course look and feel like a million bucks!


Even if you feel like you know what branding is, I want you to really understand all of the different nuances that will give your course a strong visual voice. .

Branding your course is not about giving it a logo or a catchy name, it is the sum of all the experiences someone has with you and your course. It’s the feeling that’s conveyed through visual imagery, the tone in which you deliver your content and the experiences you create so that when people look at it – they automatically know this is a piece of content created by you.

How you present your course, is the equivalent of your first meeting with a customer and first impressions matter more than ever. You want your content to look amazing.

You want your course branding to represent the quality and value you bring to the marketplace. A polished image creates trust.

Want a successful course? Create a brand experience people will remember!

So how do we uncover your course style and give your product a personality?

The first step is to think of your course as a party. You want it to be the best party ever right? Well great parties have awesome themes.

Think about what type of party you’re inviting your audience to:

  • What’s the atmosphere?
  • What conversations are people having?
  • What language are they using?
  • How do you want people to feel when they leave your party?

If someone asked you to describe your course in three (3) words, you should be able to tell them what those three words are! You should be able to tell them why your course is different. You should also be able to clearly articulate what your course does. This will become your brand promise.

If you don’t already have a brand promise try this formula here:

Use this formula: [Name of course/Solution] will help [Perfect Fit Fan] be able to [End Goal].

When creating your course brand it’s all about creating a consistent tone that is unique to your course but in alignment with your overall brand presence.


So instead of going into a full blown branding course I want to give you the brand basics, the foundational pieces you need to create a bombshell of a course.


Your color palette will give your course life and convey the energy you are trying to project.

How you use color can also bring consistency to your content, helping your students to group certain topics and concepts together.

I suggest you choose two to four colors to use consistently throughout your course designs. The colors you choose should reflect and be congruent with your overall BRAND.

Now one question I get asked a lot is – does your course brand need to align with your overall brand?

My answer is yes…

You want to keep the overall tone of your course connected to your primary brand while giving it its own brand identity. That means introducing unique brand elements that make sense for your course topic but fall in line with your overall brand.


When it comes to creating your course presentations slides, your sales pages and promotional graphics, having a typography palette will give your course character and help it stand out.

Typography can also give depth to your course putting emphasis on keywords, headlines and other pieces of content.

I suggest choosing three basic fonts for your brand and use them consistently. You can choose one font for your titles/heading, a font for your subtitles, and a font for your body text. I use Raleway for my brand – It’s the same font style I use on my blog, in my marketing materials and in my courses.


Another key to a poppin’ course brand is to make sure you have visuals to match the awesomeness of your content. You will want to incorporate branded visuals into your course slides, course website, course sales pages, course promo materials, and just about everything else related to your course.

Rich, bold, compelling, on-brand, is what you want your images, photography and icons to be.

A few cool places to snatch up images and graphics:

  • DryIcons
  • The Noun Project
  • Logo.Squarespace
  • PicJumbo
  • Death To The Stock Photo

Choose 2-3 image styles that align with your course style and personality but also complement your main brand: Think colors, filters, drawn images, action photos, opacity, etc. You got this!


Lastly, you want to create a course logo. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or high ticket, even if you have a type only type logo, a course logo can be used in a multitude of places especially when it comes to marketing our course.

In my online course Create Your Champion Course: How To Create, Brand + Slay The Launch of Your Online Course in 30 Days I share with you how to easy it is to create a clean, simple logo using FREE and inexpensive tools!

So how do we tie all of your course brand elements together?

I like to create a course brand book. This is something I do every time I create a new course.

What is a brand book?

A brand book is a way for you to keep your course fonts, colors, image types and other important design elements in one document for easy reference.

Here’s a couple pages out of the Brand Book I put together for Create Your Champion Course and Brand U Bootcamp. 

How to Brand and Style Your First Online Course (#ChampionCourse Series)
How to Brand and Style Your First Online Course (#ChampionCourse Series)


If you are creating a course where you are presenting your content from a slide, I want to walk you through the steps of creating show stopping slides that really embrace the style of your course brand.

Your goal as a teacher is to not only deliver amazing content but keep your students engaged and one of the best ways to keep there eye-balls glued to the screen is to create eye-catching, dynamic slides.

There are a few ways to create your course slides:

  • Keynote (Mac)
  • PowerPoint (PC)
  • Google Slides
  • Canva
  • Photoshop

In Create Your Champion Course I go into great detail on how create beautifully crafted slides for your courses.

I recommend using either Keynote (which I love!) or Canva to create course presentation slides, workbook templates, banner ads, social media covers, promotional posts, graphs, tables and charts, etc, and make them look amazing!!

We covered a LOT so far, champs…high five for hanging in there! But I want to remind you of two things: 1) Each of these strategies is designed to help you stand out in the crowded online course space, and 2) get you in the habit of creating content that is both beautiful and beneficial to your community.

Look out for the next training in the #ChampionCourse series, where we’re talking about how to price and deliver your course to sell! Yeah! Boy!! Also, I’ve got a free workbook for you today, so that you can start implementing these branding tips, like right now:

Let’s talk about it down below. What is one takeaway or action item you got out of this post?

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Don’t forget, click here to grab the #ChampionCourse Series workbooks:

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