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Are you in a content creation crisis? Running out of good blog post ideas?

  • Yes, you want to create a blog that’s meaningful and speaks to your tribe..
  • Yes, you want to create a blog that gives your audience the advice they need to uplevel their life…
  • Yes, you want to create a blog that makes you money.

But, for the life of you, this whole “content creation” thing – you know, one of the most important things you have to do to accomplish your blog goals is just not one of your strengths. To put it more bluntly, you suck at it!

  • It takes too long to write you content…
  • Your posts are not attracting the right people (or anyone at all!)…
  • And no matter how hard you try your content is not creating you the coin you expect! Arrggghhh.

Regardless of what industry or niche you claim, you can’t hide from content creation. Whether it’s text, video, curated photos or something else, the content you create does two things:

  1. Helps you attract your perfect fit fans (aka your crew)
  2. Eliminates everyone else. (not your crew!)

Your content is a reflection of you, your brand, your business. It represents what you stand for, who you help, how you help them and where you are going as a business.

Personally, I may spend up to 8 hours putting together a pillar post, but even a seasoned blogger needs help pushing out fresh content on a consistent basis. #canIgetanamen

So, to help me jumpstart my blog posts, I put together a super simple cheat sheet that allows me to crank out content like a champ and build the bulk of my blog post in 30 minutes or less. Yippie! This allows me to quickly and effectively provide meaningful, useful advice that not only attracts my ideal audience but makes it easier for me to convert them into loyal subscribers and customers.

And because what’s mine is yours (expect my money…stick around and I’ll show you how to make your own) I am giving you my Quickie Content Creation Cheat Sheet specifically designed to help YOU crank out EPIC blog posts in 30 minutes or less.

You ready for it?  Let me break it down for you!


Anyone can string together a few sentences on a page and call it a blog post, but there’s content and then there’s freakin’-amazing-give-me-more-content.

Any content you create should follow three rules:

1. Be Relatable:

The key to attracting customers and creating viral content, is relatability.

Relatability means that someone feels your life is similar to theirs. One of the reasons why I’ve been able to see so much success with my content is because I can show my readers and followers that I can be a down-to-earth yoga pants lovin’ homebody, just as much as I can be a savvy, hard-working entrepreneur.

My audience sees that I’m more than just a blogger, but that I’m also a mom, a friend, and a wife. I use language people understand, I share personal stories, I give my honest opinions without worrying about being “politically or grammatically correct” and I speak to my audience as if I’m speaking to a close friend. I learned a long time ago that personality trumps some perfect persona and if you come from a place of “realness”, you just can’t go wrong.

For example, if you’re a mom running a business, you will naturally attract other moms who will follow you or read your content because they are on a similar journey. That my friends is relatability (your ability to connect) and blogging gives you the perfect platform to reach those people, to inspire and encourage them to make their own business happen.

2. Create with Purposeful and Specificity

Every piece of content you create should be created with purpose. I talk about this all the time. One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is creating content just to fill up their web pages. Booooo! Don’t do it!

In order to make a full-time income as a blogger, your niche and ideal audience need to be very, very specific and every piece of content you create should be geared toward helping them. A lot of bloggers create content with the wrong focus. They launch a blog and just sell, sell, sell, sell, and no one wants to follow a never-ending sales page – people want quality content they can use and connect with. The more specific your niche and target audience is, the easier it is to create content they’ll love.

For example, a good niche, but one that is not specific enough is: fitness.

On the other hand, an example of a great niche is: fitness and meal planning for busy moms.

See the difference? At the end of the day the more specific and purpose-driven you are the more you’ll stand out online.

So if you need a little help when finding the ideas for your content, ask yourself:

  • What problems am I helping my audience solve?
  • Who do I really want to serve and be working with?
  • What offerings and content can I create that will attract that type of person?

Before I publish ONE blog post, Facebook update, or Instagram pic, I ask myself, “Will this help me promote my brand message and serve people in the process?” You’ve heard this a thousand times, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Well, the same applies to your content – if you don’t have anything purposeful to write, don’t write anything at all!

3. Create Content with Consistency

People want quality content on a consistent basis. People should be able to come to your blog and dig in for hours, not minutes. There’s a lot of content out here and people have an overabundance of choices, so if you want people to consistently show up to read your content, then you have to consistently show up for them.

When you are consistent, you create a rhythm in which your audience expects to see content from you. If you post every week for a month, then don’t post again for 5 months, not only will your audience forget about you, they will be less likely to rely on you as that go-to expert.

You don’t want people to forget about you or your business, right? Well, instead of trying to force yourself to publish every day or every week, I personally coach people to simply post quality content consistently. Some bloggers post once a day. Others, post several times a month. While some may post once a month and frequency will vary based on the time you have, your industry and your niche. Above all, make each post special and meaningful.

So, in order to stay on top of the blogging game make sure you are getting in front of your ideal customers on a consistent basis. If consistency is something you struggle with, create a content calendar you can handle (ex. One post every other week or one post a month) and then adjust as necessary to ensure you are meeting your blog goals. If you do this, you’ll not only be a profitable and productive blogger but a happy blogger too! 

So, now that we’ve laid down the ground rules, let’s get into the Quickie Content Creation Cheat Sheet


Sometimes the hardest part of creating new content is figuring out what to talk about. If you are struggling to come up with ideas for blog posts, here are a few of my favorite techniques for generating great blog post topics:

  1. Pinterest: A bloggers paradise, Pinterest is the ultimate place to seek inspiration across any niche. You see what’s trending, what type of content is popular, and you can check out what your competition is writing about.
  2. New Mediums: YouTube videos, podcasts, or even TV shows can get your creative juices flowing.
  3. Blogger’s FB groups: Join niche related Facebook groups to see what other subjects bloggers are covering. You can also read your social media groups’ questions and write blog posts that answer some of the most common questions people in the group are chatting about.

At the end of the day, your blog post topic should align with your brand, catch the attention of your perfect fit fan, help your perfect fit fan solve a problem and educate, entertain or inform them on a topic that interests them.


Once you’ve got your blog topic on lock, think about the questions your readers have about this topic and how you will answer them. This will help you build out the bulk of your blog post. Think about the system, the steps, the process, the plan your reader will need to go through in order to solve their problem or satisfy their need. Once you have the steps, you can fill in the details. If the process is long or there are multiple steps, think about creating a series of posts or writing a blog post on the first few steps then creating a call to action that encourages your readers to opt-in to get the rest, helping you boost your email list.


The next step is figuring out how you will be able to draw people into wanting to read your entire blog post. Can you tell a relatable story? Tie in an anecdote? Share stats? Add eye-catching imagery? Maybe you can support your content with a case study or success story? People can get information anywhere, the key to keeping people reading your content is to engage them in a way that is unique to you and your site. Think of ways to deliver your value in creative ways that make you stand out.

Knowing how to grab your reader’s attention will help you form your introduction, give your post personality and turn and boring blog post into a bombshell.


What’s your end-game? What main points do you want your readers to take away after reading your post? Here are some questions to consider:

  1. How will your reader be different after they’ve read your content?
  2. What questions will you have answered for them?
  3. Do they have a plan they can follow to help them get to the next step or desired outcome?

This is an important piece to continuing the conversation beyond the blog post and it will help you not only form your conclusion but add a call to action that invites readers to take the next step with you.


Speaking of next steps…How can you provide extra value for your readers? For example, can you offer a freebie, downloadable infographic, video, or workbook to help you reader implement what they just learned? The more value you give the better. You want to make it a no-brainer for your reader to say. “Yes, I want to see, hear, learn more.”

Understanding what your reader will need to get results is key to helping them take the next step with you in a way that doesn’t feel forced. This will help you form your content upgrade and turn readers into subscribers with ease.


You know what you’ll be talking about, but what’s the easiest way for your readers to consume this information? Knowing how your tribe likes to learn will help increase retention and boost engagement. There are many different mediums you can use to deliver your blog posts, from video to written text, audio to photos or any combination listed above.

Are you in a content crisis and need help coming up with “customer attracting” blog posts in 30 minutes or less? Click here to grab the FREE Quickie Content Creation Cheat Sheet.


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  • Hey Andrea, this is a great post and so many good points. I love what you said about posting quality content consistently instead of forcing it. I have found that focusing on 2 social media platforms and then repurposing that content on the blog has really helped me be less stressed about all of the things! Definitely going to grab this freebie too. Thanks so much for sharing!

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