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The market for selling online courses is huge — and it’s only getting bigger.

According to Forbes, the market for online courses was projected to reach $107 Billion in 2015 and expected to grow by 13% per year into 2017. Wowzers!

Ok end of blog post…Do you need another reason why you should be creating your own online course?

Well I guess I can give you a few more reasons…

But before I do talk about how creating an online course benefits your business, let’s dive into the WHY?

Why do people buy online courses?

The short answer is because they’ve got a problem — and they want to solve it.

Maybe they want to learn how to get back into peak shape.
Maybe they want to learn how to cook healthy meals on a limited budget.
Maybe they want to learn how to have a better relationship with their kids.

Whatever the case; people buy online courses because they have a problem or need and they want that problem solved or that need satisfied.

So, why should you create a course?

There is something you know. Something you have. Something you’ve learned — that can help someone else get to where they want to go!

I know this may sound like I am over simplifying it, but it really is that easy.

Think about the problems your friends, teammates, business associates, and family members come to you with.

What advice do you give them that can also help someone else? What tips or steps do you share that help them overcome their challenge?

The answer to why you should create your own online course is simple.

Because you can!

Lewis Howes is a former athlete turned entrepreneur who helps people turn their passion into their dream job. And he has built a multi-million dollar empire doing it.

David Site Garland has created a 6 million dollar business selling online courses.

And the list goes on and on and on.

Even if you’re not making mega millions selling courses, a few extra thousands dollars a months would be nice, right?


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If you want to create an online course about something…ANYTHING…and you feel like “I don’t know anything that I could teach…”

Follow this simple formula:



As you learn, you take action, documenting the steps. As you begin to gain small victories and see results you can share the process with others and TEACH them how to do the same.

So back to the how. Online courses have the potential to help you:

  1. Attract new clients and build a list of targeted fans.
  2. Make more money without investing more time. (especially when it comes to passive income)
  3. Change the world and make an impact on a larger scale.
  4. Expand your revenue streams.
  5. Position yourself as an authority or thought leader – For us freedom-based entrepreneurs, creating a signature course is like publishing a book for an author. It puts a spotlight on your expertise and authority.
  6. Create a community of like-minded individuals.
  7. Cross-train and develop winners in another business (i.e your network marketing business or direct sales)

Plus, you do not need a HUGE following or Facebook group or massive email list in order to get results quickly.

Hesitant to create your own online course?

If you’re hesitant to start an online course – just try! In the beginning it takes some effort and a little bit of patience (when you don’t have tons of students). But if you push through it and make it your goal to provide value (rather compare your course student size to others in your market) – I don’t see how it can’t benefit your audience and your business.

Courses help you bridge the gap between where your audience is and where they desire to be. It provides a more personal way of delivering your expertise – and that always leads to more success. And if you find online courses is not right for you, try something else. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

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