about andrea.

mom, multi-passionate entrepreneur, motivator, money-maker.


Say Goodbye To The Good Ole' Boys Club

Two-time mom. Wife. Olympic gold medalist. Serial entrepreneur. House Flipper. Digital Product Pusher. Motivator. Since leaving my 6-figure corporate job as a BioTech Account Manager to start my own home-based businsss, I have turned my hobby blog into a 6-figure digital product empire.

Selling The Goods Online

Since the launch of AndreaBolder.com in 2011, I have earned the trust of tens of thousands of women from around the globe by consistently providing them with the high-quality content, courses, and community they deserve. My signature training programs and resources are designed to help female entrepreneurs increase their influence, income and impact through the power of entrepreneurship.

Livin' The Life

I have shared stages with powerhouse speakers such as Randy Gage, collaborated with world-class athletes and influencers, and helped industry leaders scale their businesses to six- and seven-figure brands. I have taken everything I know and poured it inside of my popular membership site, WomanpreneuHER University!

what is a womanpreneuher?

#womanpreneuHER: Now more than ever women are redefining success and erasing the limitations that dare to mute their ability to dream big, be heard, and change the world. As moms, entrepreneurs, influencers, advocates, change-agents, and leaders, no longer do women have to choose between family or career, they can have it all!

As women continue to redefine their limits and turn obstacles into opportunities, the woman’s need to develop her gifts and turn her passion into profits is stronger than ever. Andrea coined the word #womanpreneuHER as a testament to all of the women who have the desire to unapologetically showcase HER gifts, and SELL the hell out of them.

The #womanpreneuHER platform is perfect for the current or aspiring entrepreneurial woman who’s ready to reap the spiritual, mental, and financial success that comes with living life on your own terms.


check out the blog.

Packed with tons of in-depth blog posts designed to help you take action and create a profitable digital empire. Guaranteed to make you say: “Did she really mean to give this away for free?!”

want to work with us?

It’s the WomanpreneuHER way to create online coaching, digital products, and programs that exceed expectations for online business owners. If you’re tired of “failing to launch” and want to create a successful business that can support your 6-figure future and lifestyle goals, then check out the ways you can work with us:

online courses.

I’ve created a plethora of digital products and online programs to help you master everything from finding your profitable business idea to multiplying your profit with simple marketing strategies. And we’ve done it all for far less than it would cost you to go to some fancy business school. Plus, you can access all of your course content on demand and at your own pace, while sipping on your favorite cup of chai! Click the link to check out my popular courses and digital products!


womanpreneuher u.

So, you’re ready to grow your business to 6-figures…but you know that with a little more guidance and a lot more community, you could totally break through the income ceiling. Providing women with a platform to prosper, WomanpreneuHER University™ is a high-level mindset, marketing, and monetization program for current and aspiring entrepreneurial women who are ready to make a significant impact in the world and build a profitable six – or even seven-figure business. Known for its vast collection of tools, training, and templates designed to turn passions into paychecks with ease, WU provides an intimate and one of a kind experience that gives female entrepreneurs the support they need to hit their 6-figure goals!


hi! i’m andrea.

I’m a former world-class Olympian turned online entrepreneur who believes that the best way to grow a wildly successful business is through digital products and signature courses that speak to your passion and your pocketbook. Together, we’ll work together to find your profitable passion, attract your perfect fit fans, and create content and marketing systems that drive sales on demand.