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When you look at how other female entrepreneurs have achieved such extraordinary success launching online courses and coaching programs their ideal audience can’t wait to buy and will happily pays a premium for, the driving force behind this is having a complete course creation strategy.

On the other hand, when you see those who create online courses that fail to sell, it’s most often due to the fact that they’re missing one or more key pieces of the course creation puzzle. Missing just one of these elements significantly decreases the likelihood that you’re going to see the results and profits you desire.

When you implement all 6 key elements of a wildly successful online course, you’ll see a massive shift not only in your sign ups but your ability to upsell future clients into the other programs you want to sell.

step 01: make your offer irresistible

Human behavior is driven by two powerful forces: the emotional pull to acquire the things that we desire and the emotional push away from what we want to avoid.

It’s the pain & pleasure principle.

The only way people are going to buy from you is if they believe the pleasure they’ll gain or the pain they’ll avoid due to taking your course outweighs the pain of parting with their money.

step 02: create a well structured course

The online course creators who win in this game are the ones that are able to produce the desired results their customers are looking for and therefore can charge whatever price they set because people are willing to pay for speed, convenience and ultimately results. Creating a course is more than just organizing information into modules an lessons. It’s about baking in the key ingredients that get your customers to consume, engage, execute what you teach.

step 03: create high quality content

It’s not about how much you stuff into a course, it’s about the quality of the content that’s in it.

The quality of your content will ultimately determine whether or not your course delivers on it’s promise. It’s so important that your material is presented in a way that has a high perceived value and is engaging so that it’s actually consumed.

step 04: create a well designed training hub

Love it or hate it – but pretty sells! That is why I provide product and sales page mockups inside of my Digital Product Startup Kit so that my students can package up a beautiful-looking product for their audience.

As competition continues to increase, it’s important that you deliver your online course in a way that is a true representation of the quality it provides. Luckily, it’s becoming easier and easier to design beautiful, professional-looking courses completely on your own when you’re using the right systems and tools.

These tools into graphic design software like Canva, plug in play training hub software such as Kajabi Teachable and Thinkific and membership plugins such as Memberpress and Clickfunnels.

step 05: create a solid marketing plan

Your marketing plan is going to consist of the resources you’ll leverage to get the word out about your signature solutions. There are tons of ways to market your online course. Whether it’s with social media, content marketing, growing your email list or running paid ads, your job as a course creator is to not only create the course but go out there and sell it.

You have to show people that you have what it takes to solve their problems and if you can master the art of selling you will be able to generate passive income with ease by leveraging your current audience as well as your current customer base.

step 06: create a launch strategy

You could have the most amazing course in the history of courses but if no one knows about it all that knowledge will go to waste. Your launch strategy is how you build excitement and buzz for your online course as well as strengthen your relationship with your audience.

If you’ve ever launched an online course you probably know that launching, particularly live launching takes a lot out of you. There are many ways to launch, but as a course creator who prioritizes mindset, passive income and time freedom, having an evergreen launch that allows you to earn money with your course on autopilot is going to save you a lots of frustration and fatigue.

your next steps:

Creating an online course isn’t easy. There will be times you get frustrated and want to quit… and the truth is, most people do. But if you want to be among the small percent that follow through and experience the massive rewards that come along with it, then it’s extremely important that you get very clear about WHY you really want this.

I am passionate about online courses. They’ve created an unprecedented opportunity to obtain financial freedom doing what you’re passionate about and helping others change their lives for the better.

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