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well, hey you! if you are looking for some powerful nighttime affirmations focused on manifestation and mindfulness, you are in the right spot because i’ve got some amazing positive affirmations for you!

What Are Nighttime Affirmations?

nighttime affirmations aka bedtime affirmations or sleep affirmations, are quotes, short phrases, or mantras that you can use to put your mind in a positive mental state and hopefully remove all negative thoughts.

they will help you focus on your positive thoughts, take your worries away, and in a way cleanse your body, mind and soul in order to be ready for a full night of sleep.

so before we jump into our list of positive nighttime affirmations, i want to share a few thoughts on how to make those nighttime affirmations as effective as possible:

  • understand what affirmations for sleep are and why they are so powerful for manifesting a life you love.
  • know that the secret and magic to any affirmation is CONSISTENCY! you have to practice positivity nightly to create positivity!
  • the longer you hold a thought, the easier it is to manifest it. in fact, according to Abraham-Hicks, we need to hold a thought for at least 17 seconds to manifest it. so, when it comes to speaking life over your goals, wants, needs, and desires through the repetition of declaring your nighttime affirmations take your time. visualize what you are saying and embody the feelings that come up when practicing manifesting in your life.
  • you don’t need to do all 57 nighttime affirmations. browse the ones that resonate with you the most and invest quality time each evening before you go to sleep in the ones you feel will make the most impact on your life.

so let’s get to it. here are 57 powerful nighttime affirmations for manifestation!

let’s dive in!

each nighttime positive affirmation is accompanied by it’s own image so feel free to right-click and save them to your desktop or share them on pinterest or facebook.

best positive nighttime affirmations

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      1. i am worthy of resting, relaxing, and dreaming. my good dreams will become a reality.
      2. i allow my body to reset, restore and recharge with ease.
      3. my mind is full. i am letting go today. tomorrow my mind and my body will shine again.
      4. i have all the resources i need to make tomorrow a great day.
      5. i can rest easy tonight knowing i’m never late, and my timing is divinely guided.
      6. it’s safe to rest, knowing i am being taken care of by the God.
      7. i am attracting my wildest dreams with ease and peace.
      8. as I sleep my body, mind, and soul are being aligned with my best & highest self.
      9. i can rest easy knowing all my desires are coming to me.
      10. during my sleep, my body heals itself of all toxic & limiting beliefs.
      11. i release any and all negativity from this day.
      12. i open myself to all of the blessings coming my way tomorrow.
      13. i can sleep peacefully knowing i am watched over by a loving God that conspires for my highest good.
      14. i am worthy of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation, knowing that I am more effective when I take care of myself.
      15. while I sleep, GOD is moving things in my favor.
      16. i am grateful for waking up with new insights and directions.
      17. i invite the healing energy of love to heal my limiting beliefs while I sleep.
      18. as I sleep, God is gifting me with inner guidance.

sleep affirmations to say before bed

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  1. as i sleep tonight, my dreams are being drawn to me like a magnet.
  2. i release any tension or stress from the day, allowing my mind and body to relax.
  3. as i enter a state of restorative sleep, i am surrounded by love and protection.
  4. my dreams are filled with positivity, wisdom and creative inspiration.
  5. i rest my mind tonight and dream about things turning out better than i could ever imagine.
  6. i will get where i’m supposed to be when i’m supposed to be there. what is for me will never pass me by. my future is secure.
  7. things are up leveling all around me. the inner work that I’m doing will be evident in every area of my life.
  8. i will not overthink, overstress, or overcomplicate things that are not in my control. i let go and let God.
  9. tonight, i relax and release all the tension from my mind. i release all limiting and negative thoughts.
  10. i have clarity and peace of mind. my inner vision is clear and focused.
  11. everything is going to be alright. i will not overthink, overstress, or overcomplicate things that are not in my control.
  12. i’m grateful to have lived to see another day. i rest tonight looking forward to a new day filled with new possibilities.
  13. i am releasing all heaviness from my mind & body.
  14. i have done my best today. tomorrow is another day.
  15. i release anything that didn’t go well today.
  16. i am grateful for my limitless potential.
  17. resting and sleeping are essential to my success.
  18. my mind, body, and soul are worthy of rest.

bedtime affirmations for anxiety

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    1. i will wake up refreshed and happy after having a good night’s sleep.
    2. may my sleep be peaceful and filled with sweet dreams.
    3. with gratitude, i welcome a good night’s sleep.
    4. during my sleep, my body heals of all my limiting beliefs.
    5. i am grateful to be able to get some rest tonight.
    6. i am grateful for this day but I release this day now so I can fall asleep with ease.
    7. i am grateful that I have a warm bed to sleep in.
    8. i am allowed to feel good and relax at the end of the day.
    9. i worked hard today, and I deserve to rest.
    10. my mind and my body are ready to rest. i am in my sanctuary. everything will be okay!
    11. i did my best today. i am ready to be recharged.
      tomorrow is a new opportunity.
    12. calming thoughts and optimism will fill my dreams. i am in a safe space to sleep.
    13. i am thankful for this day, grateful for this bed, and i’m looking forward to tomorrow.
    14. stress and worries can’t control me. i will let go and be at peace. i’m deserving of a good night of sleep.
    15. i love and accept this body. i will nourish it through loving thoughts in my dreams tonight.

sleep affirmations for the end of the day

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  1. i am thankful for the opportunities that came my way today. now i shall rest. tomorrow my goals are always possible.
  2. i have done enough today. i’m at peace. great things come after a good night of sleep.
  3. i am proud of myself for today.tomorrow will be even better. i am a beautiful being. i deserve to sleep.
  4. i love myself. my mind, my soul, and my body are beautiful. i will attract loving dreams.
  5. i welcome a peaceful, calming, and gentle night. with these breaths, i relieve my mind and my body of all anxiety and stress.
  6. i am not defined by my mistakes of today. i deserve a good night of rest. i am worthy of tomorrow.

being an entrepreneur is hard. it can be mentally taxing and stressful most days, but if you go to bed in a positive state of mind and with positive thoughts, chances are that you’ll be rested and rejuvenated in the morning ready to take on the day with a positive attitude.

use these positive nighttime affirmations to guide you into a peaceful state of mind so your body can get the rest it deserves.

say these affirmations and mantras every night out loud and make it a habit to incorporate these powerful nighttime affirmations to your bed time routine.

enjoy these positive nighttime affirmations and make sure to bookmark this page for the times you want to fall asleep in a relaxing but uplifting way.

sweet dreams!!!

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