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There is no disputing that if you are using Instagram to grow your business online, Instagram Reels is where the action’s at! But, with so much attention being paid to creating original content with IG Reels, coming up with fresh Instagram Reels content ideas can be a bit of a challenge, especially as an online coach or course creator.

So, how do you entertain, educate and get the attention of your dream client without feeling like you have to dance in every video?

If you aren’t sure what to create for your reels and want to explore some new content types, keep reading because I put together for you a list of 50 Reels ideas you need to grow your Instagram followers as an online coach or course creator.

I love that creating viral content is changing the lives and businesses of the students inside of WomanpreneuHER University…

but I also know how challenging it can feel to dive into content creation if you’re brand new to it, are creatively exhausted and in need of new inspiration or maybe lacking confidence in your content ideas.

I get it – I’ve been there!

This is why I wanted to support you not only with some fresh ideas for viral Reels content, but to also give you a look behind the scenes of how I’ve used social media to build my online coaching business into multiple 6-figures in passive income in just a few short years.

So make sure you bookmark or pin this post for future reference and let’s dive in! ⬇️

50 Instagram Reels Ideas
    1. A day in the life as an online entrepreneur
    2. Introduce yourself or your team
    3. Share something unusual that’s happened in your business
    4. Share a story about how you connected with your clients and customers
    5. Share how you celebrate your client’s wins
    6. Take behind the scenes of your work day and make a compilation
    7. Share your morning/evening routine
    8. Share your style as an entrepreneur
    9. Share your daily to-do list
    10. A weekend getaway or staycation
    11. 5 favorite tools you use in your business
    12. 5 free tools people can use to achieve ______
    13. Give a sneak peek into something you’re creating
    14. Share expectations vs reality
    15. String together a series of videos to show your entrepreneurial journey
    16. How you save money in your business with free or inexpensive tools
    17. How to make business besties when you are a solopreneur
    18. How to organize your online content
    19. How to start an online business or how to get started in your niche
    20. Share your favorite business apps
    21. Favorite Reels editing apps or tools
    22. What’s the process behind your Instagram Reel edits
    23. Behind the scenes: how you take photos, create social media graphics, your products, etc.
    24. Share content creation tips
    25. When you first started vs. where you are now
    26. How to create a product sales page
    27. How to create one month of content
    28. How you came up with your brand (brand colors)
    29. How to repurpose your content
    30. Show a before or after transformation
    31. Share 10 Ways To Achieve ______
    32. Talk about the products or services you offer
    33. Content creation mistakes to avoid
    34. 10 things you wish you knew sooner or when you first started
    35. How to find or work with other influencers in your niche
    36. Do a voiceover of trending audio or motivational speech
    37. Provide a checklist to achieve something (ex: The Ultimate Instagram Checklist)
    38. Share the other social media platforms people can connect with you on
    39. Answer FAQs (frequently asked questions)
    40. Run a contest or giveaway
    41. Share customer or client testimonials or success stories
    42. Share 5 things people should stop doing to achieve ______
    43. Share why something (a strategy, tool, process) isn’t working
    44. Top 5 ______ to save time doing ______
    45. Promote one of your favorite business pages or brands
    46. Talk about the perks of being on your email list
    47. “Solopreneurs be like… “
    48. This/ that videos
    49. Dumbest things you’ve done in your business or a business fail
    50. Unpopular/Controversial opinion in your niche
what are your next steps?

The numbers don’t lie, and with consistency, regardless of your follower count, having a solid Instagram Reels strategy incorporated into your content plan can really do wonders.

Ask yourself:

  • What are my growth goals for Instagram?
  • What am I doing now that I can do better to grow my IG account?
  • Can I commit to posting 3-5 Reels a week with proper planning?
  • Can I repurpose the content I already have into a viable Reels strategy?
  • What’s missing from my overall Instagram content strategy? (a coach, content plan, editing tools, etc.)

Acknowledging these questions will set you up to start breaking through those blocks you may be experiencing when you are trying to grow on Instagram.

Instagram is a tough nut to crack and the algorithm is constantly changing, but if you want to grow you gotta be consistent and it starts with great content ideas! Need more ideas? Check out the Viral Content Startup Kit.

Inside you will find 12 months of content to help online entrepreneurs, coaches + course creators build their authority, grow their community, and convert more SELLS.


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