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5 Ways To Boost Your Brand

By April 7, 2015January 16th, 2019No Comments

In today’s post – 5 Ways To Boost our Brand –  I want to give you a few very simple but powerful ideas for giving your brand a boost!

Whether you’re promoting your products, services or business opportunity online or not, you won’t get noticed i f your brand doesn’t pop and grab the attention of your ideal customer instantly.

If your brand blending in? Here’s 5 ways to boost your brand and make a killer first impression.



If you want to get paid like an expert you better show up as an expert. Your job is to make sure people understand your value and the unique benefits you have to offer as compared to everyone else in the market place.

You may only have one chance to impress a potential customer or business partner, so make it count. Whether it’s a pop of color in your web design, creative videos or entertaining content, find ways to wow your readers, social media followers and email subscribers.

Your ability to make a killer impression begins with a brand vision, knowing exactly how you want to show up online, who you want to attract and how you can leverage your unique skills to position yourself as the g0-to resource in your industry.

Your #brandU ACTIONABLE:  Discover what makes you unique and leverage it to help you stand out from the crowd. 



You want to create the perfect lead magnet or product offering. Meaning you want to wow the socks off your community.

Think about how you want people to react once they’ve received your gift. You want to make it clear that your freebie or discounted offering is exclusive. People want what they can’t have. Make sure to promote the fact that your offering is special and only available for a short period of time. This will increase the curiosity and number of people who will take advantage of the opportunity.

People want to feel special. They want to feel like they are in on something unique and that they are fortunate enough to be one of the select few. Your ability to heighten the perceived value of what your customer is getting is a powerful motivator and by offering an “exclusive” gift, you are communicating a signal of appreciation and potentially triggering reciprocity: many customers will now want to give back, share, and even buy your products as a result.

Your #brandU ACTIONABLE: Give away a gift that gives your audience a taste of the value you have to offer them and encourages them the engage with you at the same time. 



A simple thank you goes a long way. Any chance you have (including emails, social media shout outs, customer service calls) to thank customers for their business is a chance worth taking. People just want to be recognized, even if it is for something small like opt-ing in to your email list. Thank people for the actions and decisions they make to reinforce to them that the decision they just made was a good one.

The expression of gratitude is the foundation for building strong personal relationships with your customers. Each and every day there are companies vying for your customers attention and if your customer makes a decision to invest their time and resources into you, then thank them for it!  a

Your #brandU ACTIONABLE: Even it it’s just one person, thank someone today for investing in you!



Connect with 15 potential customers on social media: Whether it;s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram…expand your reach and initiate engagement. Find and follow 15 users that might need your product or service and start a conversation. Say hello, give a complement, start a conversation that involves a piece of personal or professional information that you can take from their bio or profile description.

Start the convo like: “Hi @made2succeed, love your work on XYZ. Looks pretty cool! At (your company/business name) we’re really interested in that topic!”  

You’ll be surprised at the type of conversations and interactions that come out of this simple strategy. When building your brand you should always be thinking about the relationships you have with your community. The more accessible you make yourself the stronger your connection with the people.

Your #brandU ACTIONABLE: Become a conversation starter!



When it comes to promoting and marketing your products and services, it is important to sell with a twist. For many entrepreneurs, making money is the goal, but asking for the money is the hard part. Yes, it may be uncomfortable to pitch an existing customer or email subscriber your paid product offering but a business that’s not making money is no business at all. It’s a hobby!

Communicate the benefits of your products and services so the value it clear to your potential customers. Switch up your language, show your audience how your service can enhance or enrich their lives, but do it in a conversational and open manner versus a pitchy and salesy way. It’s important your email subscribers and visitors know they are not just numbers, emails and names on a list but real people you want to help. When you can have an open conversation on how that can happen, you’ll find more and more people lining up to become customers of yours!

Your #brandU ACTIONABLE: This week, use language that gets people to take action. 

Leave me a comment below and let me know the one thing you’re going to be working on today to boost your brand. When it’s done share it with me. I may even share it with my audience!

Be Bold, Brand U


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