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As someone who is a self-proclaimed multi-passionate entrepreneur, I understand how hard it can be to find your focus and stick to “the gameplan” of building a successful business.

But for any business to thrive, you must be able to focus if you want to reap the financial rewards!

Whether you’re communicating what you do through your website, social media channels, youtube videos or marketing ads, your customers should be able to identify what you sell and how it benefits them in 30 seconds or less.

If you’re not getting customers, not seeing an increase in customers or are losing customers, it’s most likely because people are confused as to how you can help them!

So let me drop some gems on how you can get clear by the end of the week.


If you’ve been in business for more than a week and you’re still confused about what you sell, how you sell it and who you’re selling to, then you’re just not trying hard enough.

Sometimes you gotta sit your butt down, grab a pin and a pad and figure it out.

To make money in your business you have to be clear, clear, clear on your monetizable magic. Your monetizable magic is that sweet spot where your passion intersects with an UNDENIABLE NEED that people will pay for. You can have all the passions in the world but if there is not a need for those passions of yours, then you have no business.


This is a HUGE problem that even I struggle with from time to time. As an online entrepreneur I’m online all the time and it’s easy to get stuck scrolling and being envious even of other people’s success.

But if you want real authentic clarity in your business you have to be able to put the blinders on. If that means getting off social media long enough for you to focus on YOU and not the competition, then by all means, shut it down until you can get a grasp on what you need to be doing to get seen and heard. Social media is great for ideas on branding, marketing and business building strategies but it can also make your crazy.

You see what “so and so” is doing and then begin to question if you should be doing the same.

You see how this influencer over here comes up with all this clever copy and now you want to change your entire swag.

You see this entrepreneur growing a FB group and now you want to create one (knowing it may not be in your best interest to do so at this time)

So my point is this…don’t compromise or question what you’re able to bring to the table because you’re stuck in a never ending cycle of social media comparison.


Sometimes we need to look at our businesses from the outside looking in. You are the expert, so you know everything, but the people you are trying to attract do not! So it’s up to you to sell to people not from where you are, but from they are! The easiest way to see if our message is resonating is to ask.

Ask a friend to browse your website. Is it clear what you’re offering?

Ask a mentor or business coach to check out your marketing ads. Do they attract the right people?

Ask members of a FB group to scout your social media pages. Is your content connecting?

You have to be willing to work stuff out OUTSIDE of your own head.

Change your perspective, change your paycheck!


Consider the women who have really thrived your industry. What do they have in common? I bet you 95% of them started out selling ONE thing and doing that ONE thing better than anyone else in their niche! They weren’t trying to be “everything to everyone”. Your job is to find your “One Thing”, to master it and then bedazzle ?it for everyone else to see.

It isn’t that you can’t offer other products or services, but you have to know what “one thing” sets you apart and drives business and not try to be the wonder woman of the universe. You can’t save everyone sis!


Listen up. Getting clarity on your business is not a 6 month process. It should take you no more than a week to nail down your message! If you are confused or just not confident in what you’re putting out there as a business owner, get a coach, buy a course, invest in some tools! Let them do the heavy lifting for you, then follow the game plan til you get the results you seek.

Most people have this notion that they’ll get a coach when they make some money. But the time you should be investing in a coach, or a course or the right tools is when you’re new because if you do not get your messaging and marketing right from the get go, you may never get to the money!

So if you are serious about building an empire, do what empire builders do and invest in your growth.


  1. Today I challenge you to figure out what the heck you sell, who you sell it to, how they will be transformed and what makes you their #1 choice!
  2. If you need prompts, download my Business Clarity Worksheet to help you work through the process. (it’s free!)
  3. Once you are clear, begin updating your messaging (blog, social media bios, etc.) and run it by the ladies in the WomanpreneuHER FB group for confirmation of clarity!
  4. Commit to being consistent and becoming a master at what you do!

Now you have ZERO excuses!

It’s time to #womanup!


Andrea | Creator of WomanpreneuHER university

P.S. Whenever you’re ready, here are two ways I can help you…

1. WomanpreneuHER University. WU is an on-demand, training site exclusively for female entrepreneurs who are ready to make their mark in the world and build a profitable six – or even seven figure business, HER way.

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2. Join my free FB + IG communities. Just in case you need a little extra support (and I’m not talking about your bra, honey!) Request to join the . WomanpreneuHER Community on Facebook HERE and the Instagram community HERE.

19. HOST A WEBINAR: I know we love to attend them but hosting them – OMG now that’s another story. But here’s the deal. Love them or hate them webinars are conversion machines. Now I will show you exactly how to set up your webinars for FREE by the way so check out the tech tutorial on how to do that but in this lesson i want to really focus on how you can use them to grow your subscribers. Most bloggers think you only break out the webinars when you have something to sell, and that’s kind of why webinars get a bad wrap but the are also super effective for engaging our audience, educating your list and helping you establish yourself as an expert. If you want to grow your list and boost your engagement, I highly recommend doing webinars and workshops before you even think about launching.

20. BE A WEBINAR GUEST OR CO-HOST A WEBINAR: Now another way to grow your business with a webinar is to do a collaboration and co-host with another influencer. This can take some of the stress off of you having to teach a 60 or 90 minute workshop all by yourself but the growth hack here is that  you are getting your brand in front of someone else’s audience.

21. TWITTER: Twitter is one of the OG social media sites and it is still a powerful marketing tool and search engine. Small businesses are able to market on Twitter to engage users and followers, increase brand awareness, boost conversions, and more (we’ll discuss the “more” shortly). Twitter makes it easy to distribute content. And, there are over 326 million average monthly Twitter users globally for you to share that content with.

22. TWITTER GROUP CHATS: Another way to promote your brand via a collaboration is to co-host a Twitter chat. Maybe if you know of any popular Twitter chats in your niche,  you could reach out to the Twitter chat creator and say, “I will be really interested in co-hosting a Twitter chat with you on this specific topic because Ihave a lot of knowledge in it and I just love your Twitter chat.” Try and co-host Twitter chat with somebody.


Make sure you grab your FREE WomanpreneuHER’S Business Blueprint which has all the tools you need to turn your dream business into a digital empire. And remember, I am always here to help you crush your goals. If you have questions, make sure to post them below.

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