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Ready to get your new online business start? Try to commit to taking action on one of these items, every day for the next 30 days.

If things start to feel overwhelming, take a deep breath, and tell yourself…”I’ve got this!!” Remember it’s not about how fast you go, it’s about finishing each step – it’s about CONSISTENCY and not giving up.

Remember…You’ve got this!

30-Day Online Business Challenge.

day 01: Choose Your Business Name

Naming your business can be one of the most frustrating and challenging activities new business owners face. It’s an emotional decision that says a lot about your brand and your business and you want to make sure you get it right.

day 02. Narrow Your Niche

The riches are in the niches! Yep, I said It. But, seriously, get 100% clear on what you do, who you serve, and how you uniquely serve them. Need help finding your 6-figure business idea and niche? Check out this post: How To Choose Your 6-Figure Niche + Online Business Focus

day 03. Build a Blog

Your blog is going to be the hub of your online business. So, if you haven’t launched yours yet, check out this guide to learn how to start a blog, what tools to use, how to write your first pillar blog post, how to grow your blog traffic and how to make money with your blog. Bam! How to Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging in 2021

day 04. Choose Your Content Categories

As with anything the key to growing your business is to be consistent. Use 5-7 different content categories to create balance and variety in the content you create across the different platforms you are active on, including your blog topics.

day 05. Decide on Branding 

These days anyone who has something to say, show, or sell can hop online and leverage platforms like Instagram or YouTube to get seen or heard.

But where there is opportunity there is competition. And lots of it! The Internet is pretty crowded these days and because there is so much noise, there’s a good chance that you can build a business and still be invisible!

But, if you are able to build a business that stands out, says and does things in a uniquely creative and different way, and looks different than all the rest, then you can really position yourself as the crème de la crème and find yourself with a brand that not only attracts tons of people but makes bank as well.

day 06. Set Your Personal Income Goals

It wasn’t until I sat down and really thought about what I wanted for myself, and what I wanted for my family that I began to develop a process for accomplishing my goals. Setting yout intentions for your business is EVERYTHING! So if you haven’t declared to what you want, do it now so GOD, the Divine, the powers that be can meet you have way!

day 07. Write Down Your Month 1 Growth Goals

In addition to declaring your income goals, you will also want to map out your growth goals for the first 30 days. How many blog posts do you want to publish, how many subscribers you want to gain, how many social media followers do you want to have what collaborations do you want to establish.  Write it out along with how you are going to achieve them.  Need help mapping out your personal and profit goals? Grab my WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner HERE!

day 08. Choose Your Email Service Provider

“I have enough customers?” Says no business owner ever!

Ask any WomanpreneuHER what she’d like most in the world, and she’ll probably tell you “more customers.” (Besides diamonds that is!)

Well the fastest way to more customers is to have a thriving email list.

Email lists are so important regardless of what industry you are in, because it connects you with people who are already interested in your products and services.

My email list has been the #1 way I have driven profits into my business and the thing is I started at zero just like you!

You need two things to make money in any business. Products and people who want those products and your email list is going to be the vehicle that will make it possible for you to deliver consistent value to the people who need it most.

So if your email game is in the gutter, here are 25 ways to grow your email list.

But wait…

Don’t have an email service provider yet?

Signing on with an email service provider (ESP) that’s built specifically to help you manage and grow your list is incredibly important and, in my opinion, ConvertKit is the way to go. I use it currently, and it’s especially friendly to those just starting out.

day 09. Start a Facebook Group

My group played an essential part in growing my business this fast as it supplied me with thousands of leads and hundreds of new clients!

Groups help you to really establish yourself as an authority and when you are giving value and encouraging people to grow and do better, that builds trust. So, when it is time for you to promote and launch your products and services, people feel good about investing because they have seen what you have to offer as a group leader. This boosts your profits!

Want an example of how to run a FB Group? Come check out the WomanpreneuHER FB Group here.

day 10. Start your Branded Instagram Account

Your Instagram content strategy will be critical to how well Instagram works for you. If you show up, IG will show up for you.

  1. Make sure you are posting every single day.
  2. Make sure you are creating content that is unique.
  3. Make sure you are sharing content that is not only valuable but visually compelling.

If you need help mapping out your Instagram content, if you don’t know what you need or should be posting on a daily basis to attract customers and make sales, check out The Viral Content Startup Kit. You’ll have already done for you prompts, scripts, and captions for creating stories, reels, lives, blog posts, videos, and more that will build your authority and help you attract and convert more clients and customers.

day 11. Set up Your Pinterest Account 

I love me some Pinterest. Pinterest is my go to, my social media BFF and it has totally changed the game for me and my biz. I really don’t know why more bloggers and online entrepreneurs don’t use it but make sure when you start your online business, Pinterest is a part of your content strategy!

day 12. Create Your Viral Content Plan

Content is not only KING…it’s the KINGDOM! and you should be creating content that builds your authority, grows your community, and makes you sales…! Sign up to receive 25 FREE DONE-FOR-YOU viral captions you can use to get more engagement on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

P.S. *Use the Viral Content Startup Kit to get 365 Days of social media prompts, content, and live ideas to attract your ideal customers and clients. Click HERE to grab yours now.*

day 13. Create Your First Lead Magnet

When you first start your online coaching or course creation business, it can be hard to attract an audience and email subscribers. It seems like you are posting content, shooting videos, and sharing social media posts, but no one is paying attention.

Well, the fastest and easiest way to attract your first 1000 subscribers is with a freebie. A freebie, also known as a “lead magnet”, “free offer” or “opt-in incentive,” is a high-value, irresistible piece of content related to your paid digital product that you give away to your audience for FREE in exchange for their name and email address. Your lead magnet is basically a product without a price tag that is created with the sole purpose of enticing your visitors to become subscribers.

Whether it’s a cheat sheet or a challenge, creating a super valuable lead magnet (aka freebie) is a great way to get visitors from your website or social media profiles onto your email list.

day 14. Create Your Landing Page

A landing page, sometimes known as a “lead capture page” is a single web page that you direct traffic to from Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. The goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into subscribers or sales. Here’s an example of a landing page here ↓

day 15. Set up your first welcome email sequence

Emails are by far my FAVORITE way to communicate with my audience and make sales…and I love a good email sequence. While people are always obsessing about funnels and complicated sequences, you really only need to know how to string a few key emails together to get your business in money-making mode. Your welcome sequence will give you an opportunity to make a first good impression and it’s also the best way to introduce your business and prime your new subscribers to buy for the first time.

day 16. Schedule Your First Email Broadcast 

Broadcast messages are the meat and potatoes of your email marketing. Unlike an email sequence, which is triggered automatically and can go out at different times for each different subscribers, seending weekly broadcasts allow you to send emails on a specific date and time to all subscribers, new and old.

day 17. Practice Self-Care

Loving your body (or in the least feeling grateful for the way it serves you) is not just about keeping healthy and making yourself look and feel better. It is about gaining the confidence that comes from those things.

The more you take care of yourself, the better you’ll feel about yourself, and it’s that confidence that reinforces the belief you need to accomplish your goals!

Think about the ways you can take better care of yourself. Be specific and then write a plan to make it happen. (i.e. I will go to the gym and exercise 4 times a week or I will schedule a me-day once a month where I do something special for myself.)

day 18. Research Content Scheduling and Automation Tools 

When it comes to streamlining your content creation tasks, you want to create a system that will allow you to batch your efforts each week and automate your marketing strategy so you can execute it without having to think about it daily.

A scheduling tool allows you to schedule your content on sites like Instagram and Pinterest to be published at a later day and time of your choosing. You could even schedule an entire month’s worth of content all in one sitting. This can save you hours of time as you implement new marketing strategies.

As you make your decision on which scheduler you will want to use, just know that the most important part of making your choice is making sure that the scheduler you use is legit and an official partner of whichever platform you are scheduling to.

The most popular official partners for social media automation are:

  • Tailwind*
  • Buffer
  • SmarterQueue
  • Hootsuite
  • Later
  • Planoly

The most popular automation tools for email are:

  • ConvertKit*
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp

day 19. Write Your First Blog Post

Regardless of what industry or niche you claim, you can’t hide from content creation. Whether it’s text, video, curated photos or something else, the content you create does two things:

  • Helps you attract your perfect fit fans (aka your crew)
  • Eliminates everyone else. (not your crew!)

Your content is a reflection of you, your brand, your business. It represents what you stand for, who you help, how you help them, and where you are going as a business.

So, to help you jumpstart your blog posts, I put together a super simple cheat sheet that allows you to crank out content quickly and build the bulk of your blog post in 30 minutes or less. Yippie! Check out the blog posts here on How To Create Blog Posts In 30 Minutes.

day 20. Create 10 Pins To Post To Pinterest

If you are just getting started with Pinterest one of the first things you’d want to do is set your weekly pinning schedule but the rule of thumb is that you should create 5-10 pins for each blog post you write. This strategy will driive traffic to your site like wildfire.

day 21. Create an Instagram Story

Instagram stories are an amazing way to drive engagement and encourage conversations with your followers. Use the Instagram engagement tools below to create momentum with IG Stories:

  • Discovery tools like hashtags, mentions, and geo-tags
  • Engagement tools like polls, questions, emoji slider, chat, quizzes, and countdowns
  • Conversational tools like DM’s, voice messages, and comments:

day 22. Join 5 Niche-Specific Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of the few online communities where you can engage with other people in your niche and feel like you are being seen and heard. Search keywords related to your niche and choose groups to see which ones may be a good fit. You can do similar searches on Twitter and Instagram searching hashtags. You want to focus on communities online where your audience is hanging out. The more active and helpful you are in other communities, the more that people will start to notice you.

day 23. Create Your First Video

You may not always enjoy having to put makeup on just to do a video, but the value in using video is unparralled. In addition to my weekly blog content, I produce video content every.single.week. that I can post to IGTV, Facebook, and YouTube!

Videos will allow you to make a deeper connection with your audience, give people a look into your life, and make them feel like they are having a real conversation with you.

day 24. Follow 5 Influencers that Inspire You

Find influencers that you can connect with, learn from and collaborate with, in business and in life. There are tons of opportunities to network on social media and if you can get the attention of a couple of influencers, it can create major momentum in your business. Even if you are an introvert like me, take some time to interact with other brands online. You never know what it can lead to!

day 25. Explore Podcasts in Your Niche

Podcasts can be a great source of information and inspiration. When you have downtime, listen to podcasts that can motivate you and help you grow mentally and spiritually as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

day 26. Create Your First Reel on Instagram

Reels are super popular right! Not only are Reels fun to make, but they’re also the best way to get discovered by new audiences on Instagram. You can create your own Reel, remix a Reel, repost a reel. You can create a 15-30-60-second Reel and have your audeince walking away feeling entertained AND educated.

day 28. Go Live on Instagram

A lot like Facebook Live, IG Live is another amazing tool you have for reaching your audience. It’s an awesome way to connect with your audience and let them see your personality, face-to-face, but if you’re camera shy, doing a live stream can be more stress than it’s worth!

day 29. Invite Your Followers To Your Facebook Group

Consistency is KEY! Make sure you are committed to growing your audience. Come up with creative ways to ask your followers to join you inside of your Facebook community. I use giveaways, calls to action, and challenges to grow my group!

day 30. Decide on Your Minimal Viable Product

Whether it’s the first iteration of your signature online course or a starter digital product, come up with a product you can test with your audience to see if it is something they will buy. If it resonates with them, you can continue to build it out and market it with the expectation that it will sell!

Starting your business is scary, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

If you have not yet mapped out your Online Business Plan or need help growing your business the right way, check out Womanpreneuher University.

IF you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comments. Now let’s go make some money.

Here’s to your 6-figure future!

P.S. *Use the Viral Content Startup Kit to get 365 Days of social media prompts, content, and live ideas to attract your ideal customers and clients. Click HERE to grab yours now.*


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