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Creating Content for your online business can get crazy!

I train entrepreneurs every single month inside of WomanpreneuHER University – a membership site dedicated to equipping female entrepreneurs with the mindset and marketing strategies they need to create, brand and grow a profitable online business. And I can tell you first hand that content creation is the #1 challenge many business owners face.

Not only do you have to come up with creative content people care about.

You also have to come up with creative content people care about on a consistent basis.


Not only do you have to create content, you have to market it too!

  • From sending emails
  • Posting to social media
  • Updating your website
  • Engaging with your online groups and communities
  • Creating content upgrades

The list goes on and on. Then you have to do it all again…and again…and again to make sure your business stays relevant.

It can be overwhelming and many times you can feel like you have to put your superwoman panties on just to get through the week!

But here’s what successful brands and businesses know…

Successful brands and businesses know that creating content that caters to solving people’s problems is the key to more sales.

They know that if they can just find a problem their audience has, address it, and then let their audience know they have the answer, they can build a loyal base of customers that will keep coming back for more.

It really is that simple.


  1. Find the problem
  2. Write about the solution
  3. Let the audience know they have the solution through the content they create

So when it comes down to coming up with content ideas, the first thing you want to ask yourself is…

Does this solve the problem my audience is facing?

That is the purpose of every single piece of content you create.

So how do you find the problems your audience is facing?

Well that is what I am going to share with you in today’s post so that you never EVER EVER run out of creative content ideas again.

Let’s get into it!


Facebook groups are one of the best places to find content people are talking about!

I am constantly talking to the members in my FREE Facebook group and PAID LEVEL level group about topics they are trying to get a good grasp on.


Because if you want to know what problems you need to solve, you have to go to the source.

Asking questions and requesting feedback not only shows you are invested in your tribe but if you can answer their questions, you become a valuable resource they can come back to again and again.

Facebook Groups allow you to be in constant contact with your people. People that are interested in the topics you talk about. People that are interested in buying the products you create.

They will tell you what they want to learn, what they want to buy, the challenges they are having, as well as the solutions they are seeking!

3 Tools For Finding Creative Content Ideas

And all you have to do is listen!

This is what will help inspire new content ideas.

Talking to your people should be a daily part of your business building routine. Make it a point to jump in, have conversations and do it with intent and purpose.

They’ll love you for listening and you’ll get SO much more engagement, exposure, shares and sales.

And if you don’t have a Facebook group of your own?

Search for and participate in active groups directly related to your business or brand. Become a conversation starter, a researcher, networker…ask questions, answers questions, share value.

Then use a Google Spreadsheet to keep a running list of questions people ask in those groups because these will inspire ideas you can use to fill out your content calendar.


It’s so funny to see how people go to Google to find answers to their own personal questions but forget to use it as a tool to find questions their target audience is asking?

Google is the world’s #1 search engine and when it comes to looking for content ideas, it is one of the most underutilized and unappreciated tools around.

If you type “self-care” into the search bar you’ll be given a gazillion general self-care sites that you can dig into…

But here is what you should do next when it comes to coming up with content ideas without having to browse through and open up a ton of individual website results…

#1 You need to start paying attention to the auto-complete responses in the search bar.

Now you have more specific ideas, directly suggested by Google itself, that are based on content people looking for self-care will also be interested in.

So now:

  • how to start self-care turns into a blog post about “How to Start a Self-Care Routine.”
  • benefits of self-care turns into a video on “The Top 10 Benefits of Self-Care.”
  • self-care routine turns into a list-building challenge: “The 5 Day Self- Care Challenge.”
  • daily self-care checklist turns into a lead magnet: “The 30 Days of Self-Care Checklist.”

But it doesn’t stop there:

Do you see the “People Also Ask” section right after the first search result?

Well hello!

These four questions alone can help you generate a month’s worth of content.

Do this 10 more times with other relevant topics you talk about and you’ll have a year’s worth of content to feed to your community!

Hey, Google is giving you all the ideas your content calendar craves! Don’t make it hard for yourself. Leverage these search engines to get content ideas in minutes! You can do the exact same thing YouTube as well.


To me Pinterest is the HBIC when it comes to finding content ideas because there is already so much content on the site. Pinterest caters to content creators and what makes Pinterest so valuable is that it’s a platform that’s dedicated to problems and solutions.

People are hopping on Pinterest because they are actively looking for something.

When you are trying to find a good chicken recipe that won’t bore the heck out of your, Pinterest is probably the first website you go to.

When you are trying to find what to wear to that wedding reception, Pinterest is probably the first sire you go to.

In a lot of cases, Pinterest has all of the content you need.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are going to start an online business on Self-Care.

So you want to start adding blog posts and videos to your site but you aren’t exactly sure what you want to write about so you go to Pinterest and type in the word “self-care.”

Now pay attention because this is where Pinterest becomes your BFF!

Pinterest has something called a smart feed. So every time you search for something they are going to show you the most searched for topics related to your keyword.

If I type “self-care” in the smart feed search bar I see this:

Notice the related categories that pop up underneath the search bar?

So not only do I have a ton of content ideas just from typing in “self-care” – I also have even more topics I can consider writing about…

Self-care [Quotes]
Self-care [Routine]
Self-care [Worksheet]
Self-care [Tips]
Self-care [Products]
Self-care [Plan
Self-care [Kit]
Self-care [Challenge]

I mean dang, I’m in there money now!

But it doesn’t end there…

Now I can actually click on one of the related keywords like Self-care Tips and now a whole new world of content ideas pop up!
Watch out now!

So from the first few pins that pop up in the smart feed I can now come up with, 5 – 10 more pieces of content write about on my blog or post to social media:

How To Start Your Day with Self-Care
The Self-Care for Beginners Checklist
My 5 Step Self-Care Routine
The Beginners Guide to Self-Care
The 5 Day Self-Care Challenge

The key to creating successful content, content that your audience will read, watch and share is to find content that people are already reading, watching and sharing. Then you make it better and put your own twist on it.

This is one of the best ways to build brand awareness, generate traffic to your site, boost your email list and convert subscribers into sales.

I hope this post has helped you find great blog post ideas by using Pinterest. Have you ever tried this technique to find ideas?

Let me know in the comments section below your fail-proof content creation strategies to never running out of creative content ideas?

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