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“I have enough customers?” Says no business owner ever!

Ask any WomanpreneuHER what she’d like most in the world, and she’ll probably tell you “more customers.” (Besides diamonds that is!)

Well the fastest way to more customers is to have a thriving email list.

Email lists are so important regardless of what industry you are in, because it connects you with people who are already interested in your products and services.

My email list has been the #1 way I have driven profits into my business and the thing is I started at zero just like you!

You need two things to make money in any business. Products and people who want those products and your email list is going to be the vehicle that will make it possible for you to deliver consistent value to the people who need it most.

So if your email game is in the gutter, here are 25 ways to grow your email list.

But wait…

Don’t have an email service provider yet?

Signing on with an email service provider (ESP) that’s built specifically to help you manage and grow your list is incredibly important and, in my opinion, ConvertKit is the way to go. I use it currently, and it’s especially friendly to those just starting out.

So once you have your email service provider set up, it’s time to start growing your list!

25 ways to grow your email list…fast!


Whether it’s a cheatsheet or a challenge, creating a super valuable lead magnet (aka freebie) is a great way to get visitors from your website or social media profiles onto your email list.

Now let me be very CLEAR: This can’t just be another short ebook – there are already too many of those out there, but depending on your audience, a mini-course, short video series, template kit, app or free consultation may be the best fit.

Your lead magnet is one of the most important products you have in your product pipeline. Just because it doesn’t have a price tag on it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be top notch. In fact, it should be a “product” that people would be happy to pay for.

Because your lead magnet is the gateway to your paid products and services, you want it to be a no brainer for your visitors.

Here are a few ideas of freebies you can create:

25 Ways To Grow Your Email List (gain followers, subscribers and clients fast!)


By far, content upgrades, are the best way to drive traffic to your biz, get more folks on your list and make a great impression online. What is a content upgrade exactly?

It is a download that you offer people in exchange for their e-mail address. It’s like a freebie or a lead magnet but it is offered within your blog post.

A content upgrade is something that you create like a PDF, a checklist, or even a free e-course but it is attached to a piece of content you write on your blog. All you have to do is add a call to action box like the one you see below, that once someone opts-in, immediately delivers an actionable piece of content that helps your readers achieve a specific result.


Pinterest is my #1 resource for traffic and it’s one of the best (and easiest) places online to attract an audience.
People are used to clicking, pinning and buying things on Pinterest. So why not add your freebies and content upgrades to the mix? Create a dedicated board on Pinterest to house all of those downloadable freebies of yours.

Plus, to give them some extra juice, repin those images to all other (relevant) boards, including any group boards you contribute to. Bam!


There are about 8 places on your website that should feature your freebies. Your homepage is one of them! No matter what else you have on your homepage, make sure you have at least ONE call to action that encourages visitors to join your email list). Your homepage is the most frequented page on your site, and it really is the welcome mat to the rest of your site.

The best place to position your call to action is above the fold where you know people will see it. The copy for your call to action should be creative and convincing. Highlight the benefits of being on your list and the results your subscriber can expect to achieve when they download your freebie.

Here’s an example of what a strong homepage call to action looks like:

25 Ways To Grow Your Email List (gain followers, subscribers and clients fast!)_hot_homepage


Run a free challenge with a group component (this is also a great way to boost numbers in your Facebook group). This could be any length, 5 days, 21 days, 30 days. 5 days works well for as it gives people enough time to see some results, without asking for too much of a time investment.


Let’s talk about what I believe is the most powerful way to get noticed online and drive massive traffic. The resource library!

A resource library is basically just a private page on your blog that holds a collection of your best content upgrades and lead magnets amongst other tools and resources that are beneficial for your subscribers. Your library can be filled with digital downloads, tech tutorials, motivational videos or audios, podcast interviews, or whatever else you want as long as it’s high value.

Because your resource library is a really high-value opt-in, something super unique that people can’t find anywhere else, people are more inclined to want to sign up and get that. And if your resource library is the, people are going to share it with their own friends and followers. You can check out my resource library here for ideas on how to set yours up and what to offer.


Besides being one of the most popular pages on your blog, your “About Me Page”, when done the right way, can become a powerful lead magnet in itself. Yes! Yes!

This super special page is where new visitors get a chance to learn more about the person behind the brand. They get to learn about you, what makes you special, and it’s the perfect page to show folks what you’re working with so they want to stick around and find out how they can get more of what you’re dishing out.

Simply add an opt-in button or ink inviting visitors to join your email-list.


Use your social media bios to build your email list. Just about every social media network gives you the option to include a bio, and add a link within that bio. Instead of sending everyone to your website homepage, use that link space to send traffic to your opt-in page.

25 Ways To Grow Your Email List (gain followers, subscribers and clients fast!)


I know that some of you may think they are annoying or get in the way but they work so well.

There are different ways you can format them and time them, meaning you can control when someone sees your pop-up. You can program your pop up to appear when someone first lands on your site or when they are leaving your site, which is called an exit pop-up. An exit pop-up is effective because it only shows up when you want to give someone a second chance to opt-in before they leave your page.

You can control how often your pop-up appears and for who. If you are not using a pop-up box you are missing out on a ton of subscribers because they work like gangbusters.

There are tons of plug-ins out there to help you build clean, on- brand pop-ups, but my personal fave is LeadPages.

25 Ways To Grow Your Email List (gain followers, subscribers and clients fast!)Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 4.24.09 PM


Remix and republish your most popular content on other platforms, such as Medium, Tumblr, or Linkedin, and then add a link back to that opt-in page of yours. Don’t just copy and paste your post from your site to another though, that will just damage your SEO. Remix it, edit it and rearrange it to give it a new lease of life.


Content, as much as we know we need it, can be a beast to create on a consistent basis. So, instead of racking your brain week after week after week trying to come up with fresh content, repurpose your blog posts into other pieces of content to capture more traffic.

Here’s an example of how you can repurpose your content:

25 Ways To Grow Your Email List (gain followers, subscribers and clients fast!)


One of the great things about building a business online is that you can automate much of your engagement. Use tools like Buffer or my personal fave, SmarterQueue to pre-schedule your content so you are getting seen and heard without having to put in much effort and time. You create content once, then use systems to get more eyeballs on your business and brand.


Add sharing buttons to your email signature, your thank you page, and to your lead magnets themselves so that your existing subscribers can spread the word for you.


If you hope to get new readers signing up and downloading your freebies, you need them to find you in the first place. SEO is just another way to drive traffic to your brand. If you’re familiar with SEO, you know that it’s based off of keywords. If you’re not familiar with SEO, SEO refers to the steps you can take to get your blog posts, videos, and images to show up near the top of search engines. SEO is simply optimizing your content through the use of targeted keywords so that it shows up as one of the first posts in search results.

Yeah, search engine optimization sounds like rocket science but, when done right it can really give your list a boost. The great thing about SEO is that you can learn a few simple strategies and apply them to all of your content. Including your blog, social media and video content.


Answer questions on Quora that are related to the topic of your lead magnet. Then include a link to your opt-in page where people who are interested can sign up. You can even do a paid ad to increase engagement.

Here’s an example of CTA add on Quora:

25 Ways To Grow Your Email List (gain followers, subscribers and clients fast!)


If you sell products online, you have a number of ways to encourage more sign-ups. When shipping physical products add a note to your package explaining how easy it is for your customer to subscribe to your email list.

If you’re in the digital products game, add a link to your sign-up form to every invoice and receipt.


We send emails all the time, so why not add a link to your sign-up form to your email signature? This way, every time you land in someone’s inbox, you’ve got another chance to get them to join your email list. Creating an email signature is super simple. There’s a free tool called Wisestamp that walks you through the entire process in just minutes.


Video is not going anywhere and it is a powerful medium to getting people to engage with your brand. Youtube, Facebook Watch parties, Instagram videos are all great tools for building your email list. If you are uploading videos to Youtube you can add clickable annotations to your clips and use that space to send viewers back to your opt-in page. If annotations aren’t available to you, a simple “go here to sign up for my free ….” will do!


Add a call to action to your YouTube Channel with a link to your opt-in landing page.

25 Ways To Grow Your Email List (gain followers, subscribers and clients fast!)


Nothing says follow me like a good dose of social proof. People follow people other people like. Got that? Take the opportunity to spotlight your client’s success stories. This could be showing the impact of your services, or simply helping them celebrate their achievements. Not only will this provide social proof for your business offering but it will once again expose you to someone else’s audience because that client will be sharing your post as well.


Add social proof by saying how many other people have already subscribed to your list. For example, Melyssa Griffin adds a CTA that highlights how many other people are already on her list! I mean 200,000 people can’t be wrong can they?

25 Ways To Grow Your Email List (gain followers, subscribers and clients fast!)


Once you begin driving traffic to your Facebook Page, you want to grab their attention with a cover image that is colorful, compelling and has a call to action. Using free tools like Canva or PickMonkey you can create a Facebook cover image that promotes your opt-in, new product or Facebook group. When visitors click your photo they will be taken to a description with the opt-in link. Check out how I set mine up below.

25 Ways To Grow Your Email List (gain followers, subscribers and clients fast!)


Quizzes are great because they not only help grow your list but they also help promote your products and shows people what you can do but quizzes aren’t for everyone. You can use a tool like Qzzr to do this.

Here’s an example of a quiz from

25 Ways To Grow Your Email List (gain followers, subscribers and clients fast!)


Are you using DMs in your marketing strategy? Here are a few tips:

  1. Create an exclusive offer link just for your direct messages. This can be a discount or a special offer, it’s up to you but to track the effectiveness only share this link via your DM.
  2. Add the link to your notes or create a text shortcut so that you can send it quickly.
  3. Give your audience a phrase or word to send to your DM so that you can sort messages quickly.
  4. Be ready to answer questions! As in don’t offer the link then log off, most people will act quickly so you need to be available.


Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to tell your visitors about a new product, announce a recently published blog article, celebrate free shipping, share a discount/ coupon, or grow your newsletter email list— the Hello Bar is a cool notification bar plugin that you can use to push visitors towards a variety of actions including a call to action to sign up to your email list!

Other options include LeadPages’ Alert Bar. These full-width site banners are one of the best ways to effectively reach your audience, without distracting them from the content they came looking for in the first place. You can deliver a message in a single line of text and your visitors can opt-in or click to make the bar disappear from view.

With the addition of alert bars, you get a more complete conversion toolkit, helping you turn more clicks into customers and make the most of every web visitor who comes across your content.

25 Ways To Grow Your Email List (gain followers, subscribers and clients fast!)

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