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Throughout the years, I’ve sold everything from diet teas to digital products online.

Regardless of what industry or niche you are in the fundamentals to making money are the same.

So I wanted to share with you…

25 Things you need to know to Hit Your FIRST $100K Online…

25 Things You Need To Know To Hit Your FIRST $100K Online…

1. It will be the hardest $100K you ever have to make. WHY? Because you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it…But once you know, you can rinse and repeat!

2. Don’t build any business if it doesn’t RESONATE with your spirit. You can make $100K doing just about anything, so if you are going to run a business, make sure it’s something you LOVE!

3. It’s NORMAL to feel nervous and afraid about building an online business – let’s face it, you’re likely doing something you’ve never done before.

4. Hitting your FIRST $100K is mainly about getting CLEAR on exactly what you want and then creating a business that will provide your desired outcomes.

5. The fastest way to $100K is to create products that can be successfully delivered without NEEDING you to be there to fulfill your product promise.

6. Success comes faster to those who NAIL DOWN THEIR NICHE. Find WHO you believe you can serve best, the people who can benefit the most from your unique SOLUTION, and focus on reaching as many of those people on a consistent basis as you can.

7. Build a STRONG COMMUNITY (aka FACEBOOK GROUP) that anyone in the world can join and contribute to. Even if you are new to building your business, you should always be actively growing your network and looking to add value in the lives of those you serve. Every single lead coming through the door should have the chance to both become a customer and part of your community.

8. Commit to CREATING CONTENT. #Viralcontentstartupkit

9. STOP FOLLOWING SO MANY PEOPLE. You’ll have better results by listening to a small handful of people who you know can help you get to where you want to be rather than gleaning off of everyone. It’s distracting and it causes confusion when it’s time to make decisions because you are conflicted in who you should be listening to. Consciously choose people you believe are best suited to help you win and commit to implementing what you learn. FOCUS = FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

10. If you want it, go get it! And if you want to see success faster, go get a MENTOR who is familiar with the path that leads to the things you want.

11. HUSTLING is not a strategy…and it will only lead to burnout. INSTALL automated, predictable, and scalable systems that drive consistent leads into your business. It’s all about being the HUNTED, not the HUNTER!

12. As you scale to your first $100K, if you’re reliant on one type of lead, then you’re in trouble. You need to DIVERSIFY your marketing so your business doesn’t crash and burn if that one lead generation source is compromised!

13. As you generate new leads, build actual connections with them. RELATIONSHIPS = REVENUE and when you take the time to learn about the people who follow you, you become the clear leader in your niche in their minds. Becoming the authority eliminates the competition and will have people happily paying premium prices to be able to work with YOU!

14. Your business has to successfully create, market, sell and then deliver REAL VALUE. If you can effectively package your SOLUTIONS you’ll never have to convince someone to BUY from you. They will see the value without having to be sold!

15. AUTOMATION (while amazing) cannot replace the ATTENTION you need to show your AUDIENCE but when you are able to combine effective marketing strategies with the full power of the automation tools available now, you can ACCELERATE your success exponentially!

16. The quality of your MESSAGE will dictate how much MONEY you make! Your story, your message, your mission is what attracts people into your world and compels them to invest in your products and programs.

17. If you can’t SCALE IT don’t SELL IT. (long term sustainable income comes from selling products that don’t require you to trade time for money)

18. You don’t have to SELL only HIGH TICKET PRODUCTS to make money online. You don’t have to SELL only LOW TICKET PRODUCTS to make money online. But you do have to SELL! Get comfortable with selling. If you believe in the value you have to offer, SELLING should be easy!

19. Most Entrepreneurs WORK WAY MORE than they need…hitting $100K years online doesn’t require 18 hour days. Automate, delegate and create systems so busy work becomes more profitable work!

20. Be CONSISTENT. You get OUT of an investment what you PUT IN. If you do something, GO ALL-IN. Money doesn’t come to those who won’t commit!

21. Create your own SIGNATURE SYSTEM! Before people buy, they want to know there is a clear and proven process they can follow that can deliver the results they want. Having a compelling framework shows your audience that there is a precise and unique process that will facilitate the transformation they are looking for.

22. You don’t have to work with everyone. You are the CEO of your business. If someone is not a good fit, let them go. There is no amount of money that should compromise your peace, your energy, or your integrity.

23. When making the decision to INVEST in your business don’t get caught up in how much money it’s gonna costs you. Look at the cost of NOT taking action.

24. Double Down on what works. When you see something working… DO MORE OF IT. If you see a marketing strategy that’s converting or a specific type of post that gets mad engagement, DOUBLE DOWN and do it quickly so you can secure that revenue for yourself.

25. Charge what you’re worth…WHATEVER THAT IS FOR YOU!

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