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So, you have a side hustle or business idea that you are super excited about. You’ve put in the work, created a game-changing product or service and you are ready to take over the world! (IN THAT ORDER!)

But there’s only one…

You have all of the motivation but none of the money!

So what do you do when you’re a new entrepreneur who’s just starting your solopreneur journey BUT YOU HAVE NO MARKETING BUDGET? 

Well, when it comes to promoting your business, especially online, it may feel like your only option is to drop big money on Facebook ads and promoted posts, right? But hold your horses, because I’m here to let you know that you can build a wildly successful and profitable business without dropping a dime on paid ads.


So glad you asked!

There are tons of options when it comes to promoting your business and brand that are absolutely free. In fact, I’ve built multiple businesses online using nothing but FREE social media and content marketing strategies.

So if you’re on a budget or just don’t want Facebook to snatch up your money faster than a vegas slot machine, here are 22 places you can promote your business and brand for FREE.

01. YOUR WEBSITE: There’s no better place to promote your business then on your own platform. By creating a website you can own you can control the content, control the message and control how you showcase your products and services. 

02. SOMEONE ELSE’S WEBSITE: Now, another strategy for growing your traffic and getting your blog noticed is to guest post on popular or growing blogs. Guest posting can be an excellent way to grow your traffic because it allows you to get your work in front of new audiences. You want to make sure that you always drive traffic back to your site with a call to action if you are doing a guest post.

03. EMAIL MARKETING: A business earns 90% of it’s revenue not from its  front-end sales pages, blog posts or shops. The real money is made on the back-end with email! 

04. YOUTUBE MARKETING: Video marketing is golden and it ain’t going nowhere! If you’re still doubting the power of video just check out these stats:

  • This year, video is expected to account for 74% of all internet traffic (HubSpot)
  • 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video than read about a product (HubSpot)
  • 60% of marketers and small business owners are upping their video marketing ante this year (HubSpot)
  • 78% of people watch videos online every week (Digital Information World)
  • 52% of marketing professionals worldwide claim that video offers the best ROI (Digital Information World)

05. YOUTUBE LIVE: YouTube Live is a really fun and easy way to reach your audience in real time. Whether you’re streaming a makeup tutorial, hosting a live Q&A, or teaching a class, doing a live strream on Youtube can help you interact with your audience in real time. 

06. FACEBOOK PAGE: Love it or hate it, Facebook is still a great place to promote your brand for free. You can post photos, videos, polls, quizzes, questions, gifs, quotes, news updates, giveaways, stories, events, recommendations, advice, links, information, resources…you name it.

07. FACEBOOK GROUPS: Facebook groups are one of the few online communities where you can engage with other people in your niche and feel like you are being seen and heard. If you’re on Facebook, search keywords related to your niche and choose groups to see which groups may be a good fit. You can do similar searches on Twitter, Google + and Instagram searching hashtags. Focus on communities where your audience hangs out. You want to focus on communities online where your audience is hanging out. The more active and helpful you are in other communities, the more that people will start to notice you.

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08. FACEBOOK STORIES: So this is more like a three-in-one. There are Facebook stories, Facebook Page stories and Facebook Messenger Stories. One of the more frustrating things about Facebook, particularly for businesses and brands, is that it’s organic reach continues to decrease.  Facebook Stories are displayed right at the top of the Facebook app. So when one of your followers opens their profile, your stories will be the first thing they see! This is prime real estate for businesses trying to catch their audience’s attention.

09. FACEBOOK LIVE: Going live can be nerve-wracking for a lot of ladies. You can;t be getting in front of the camera looking all crazy. But if you’re looking to build organic engagement with your audience, Facebook Live is one of the best ways to do it. You can go live on your own page, but you can also do it inside your Facebook groups, which is a great way to get in front of new people. 

10. FACEBOOK WATCH PARTIES: If you are wondering how a Facebook Watch party different from a Facebook LIVE, here it is:  Facebook LIVE is when you stream a new video that is recorded in real time. A Facebook watch party allows group admins, Facebook profiles and Facebook page admins to start a real-time screening of pre-recorded videos. This feature allows your group members, friends & followers to view the videos playing in the watch party together along with live comments and reactions. This creates an online theatre experience or shared viewing experience thereby driving in more engagements. According to Facebook, engagements during a Facebook watch party is 8 times more than a native video post.

11. FACEBOOK EVENTS: When it comes to promoting your event, Facebook has the potential to be your most effective tool. With more than 47 million Facebook Events created just last year, it’s a great marketing tool to say the least, but you also have to make sure your events are getting seen so the first thing you should do is optimize your Page to showcase your events. You can do this by making sure your “Events” tab is one of the first tabs on your Page’s Timeline. This makes it easy for people to find your calendar and see a full list of your events. You can change the order using the “Manage Tabs” option in the “More” dropdown menu. (If the “Event” tab isn’t visible, you’ll need to create an upcoming event before managing the tab order.) On your desktop, you can also reorder your page sections so that “Events” appears at the top. Be sure to check “Publish New Events to Timeline” within your “Event” tab, so people can find out when you create a new event.

12. INSTAGRAM POSTS: Instagram is definitely a beast in the social media space. And being one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the last year or two, more and more businesses, brands and solopreneurs are looking to maximize their reach. In my opinion, Instagram is the perfect mix of creative captions and captivating visuals. Instagram’s popularity only continues to rise, more people are utilizing the platform for business. Small businesses especially rely on social media to get their name and brand out there. With Instagram’s business profile option, it’s easier than ever to get customers to buy your products, especially if your photos are click-worthy.

13. INSTAGRAM LIVE: A lot like Facebook Live, IG Live is another amazing tool you have for reaching your audience. It’s an awesome way to connect with your audience and let them see your personality, face-to-face, but if you’re camera shy, doing a live stream can be more stress than it’s worth!

14. INSTAGRAM STORIES: Instagram Stories is a MUST if your brand has a strong visual component to it. It’s a great way to creatively connect with your followers. So, whether you are a blogger, small business or freelancer, using Instagram stories should be a serious contender in your overall marketing strategy.

15. PINTEREST: I love me some Pinterest. Pinterest is my go to, my social media BFF and it has totally changed the game for me and my biz. I really don’t know why more bloggers and online entrepreneurs don’t use it but today is the day we get you 100% on board. Literally!

16. PINTEREST COMMUNITIES: Pinterest Communities: If a Facebook Group and Pinterest Board had a baby, you’d get Pinterest Communities. We all know Pinterest is more of a visual search engine than a social network, so this is the first real social feature for the Pinterest platform. As a blogger who absolutely loves Pinterest, this feature will elevate everything that makes Pinterest awesome already. You can share and connect with like-minded people within communities! And because this is so new, you have a great opportunity to jump on something from the beginning!

17. PINTEREST TRIBES: Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest is a really cool tool that helps other people share your pins on Pinterest while you share their content. It saves you time because it’s a feature within one of my favorite content scheduling tool, Tailwind. You can take 30-40 minutes a week or you can take a weekend and just schedule pins all in one shot until you have a stockpile of pins for Tailwind to distribute on autopilot while you do what you do.  You can get started with Tailwind for FREE right here.

18. PINTEREST GROUP BOARDS: Marketing your personal boards on Pinterest is the all by itself, but when you are able to strategically leverage the efforts of other people…it can be explosive. So just how do you get your pins in front of thousands of people and gain some social cred at the same time? Group Boards!Group boards have the ability to:

  • Get your pins in front of thousands of pinners.
  • Get your blog or biz noticed by influencers in your industry.
  • Increase your chances for viral pins
  • Get tons of targeted traffic to your site
  • Get even more followers on Pinterest
  • Being able to pin to group boards that already have thousands of followers drastically cuts the need to have thousands of followers on your own Pinterest account. So joining group boards allows you to get your pins in front of other people’s followers without having to grow your own followers. It’s a strategic move that pays off big.

19. HOST A WEBINAR: I know we love to attend them but hosting them – OMG now that’s another story. But here’s the deal. Love them or hate them webinars are conversion machines. Now I will show you exactly how to set up your webinars for FREE by the way so check out the tech tutorial on how to do that but in this lesson i want to really focus on how you can use them to grow your subscribers. Most bloggers think you only break out the webinars when you have something to sell, and that’s kind of why webinars get a bad wrap but the are also super effective for engaging our audience, educating your list and helping you establish yourself as an expert. If you want to grow your list and boost your engagement, I highly recommend doing webinars and workshops before you even think about launching.

20. BE A WEBINAR GUEST OR CO-HOST A WEBINAR: Now another way to grow your business with a webinar is to do a collaboration and co-host with another influencer. This can take some of the stress off of you having to teach a 60 or 90 minute workshop all by yourself but the growth hack here is that  you are getting your brand in front of someone else’s audience.

21. TWITTER: Twitter is one of the OG social media sites and it is still a powerful marketing tool and search engine. Small businesses are able to market on Twitter to engage users and followers, increase brand awareness, boost conversions, and more (we’ll discuss the “more” shortly). Twitter makes it easy to distribute content. And, there are over 326 million average monthly Twitter users globally for you to share that content with.

22. TWITTER GROUP CHATS: Another way to promote your brand via a collaboration is to co-host a Twitter chat. Maybe if you know of any popular Twitter chats in your niche,  you could reach out to the Twitter chat creator and say, “I will be really interested in co-hosting a Twitter chat with you on this specific topic because Ihave a lot of knowledge in it and I just love your Twitter chat.” Try and co-host Twitter chat with somebody.


Make sure you grab your FREE WomanpreneuHER’S Business Blueprint which has all the tools you need to turn your dream business into a digital empire. And remember, I am always here to help you crush your goals. If you have questions, make sure to post them below.

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