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Everyone says I want.

Most people say I can’t.

Some people say I hope.

Those who believe say I will.

The highest levels of success are empowered by the deepest levels of belief. What you believe drives what you do, and what you do determines what you achieve. Whatever is holding you back from the work you really want to be doing, it’s time to move past the fear and jump into belief-driven action. And I’m talking NOW.

Success requires that you believe in yourself 110 percent, 25 hours of every day. For some, this belief comes naturally. For others, it must be learned and can take years of practice.

I want you to achieve extraordinary success, but no matter what you say you want, it can not come to pass until you believe it!

If you feel disconnected from your purpose, unsure about your next big step or less than confident in the direction you’re going, I hope today’s blog post will give you the BIG dose of BELIEF you need to help you realize the greatness that is within you.


Confidence may come natural to you, but for even the most courageous entrepreneurs, enormous challenges can shake your purpose and your profits.

To arm yourself against the negative impact of inevitable obstacles, it helps to reinforce your commitment with a crystal-clear vision of what success looks like to you. It might be launching a new product, raising awareness for your cause, growing a thriving online community into the thousands, getting your business to 100K in profits, being able to make enough money to offer scholarships to other aspiring entrepreneurs — anything significant to you.

This process of seeing what you want first, helps you to develop the belief you need to conquer any challenge that comes your way.


It could be short term or long term – things you want today, next month or 10 years from now.

Don’t put any limitations on yourself. If something comes to mind that you think sounds “too off the wall, impossible or unrealistic,” write it down in your journal anyways.


Embrace your strengths, acknowledge your limitations and understand the current reality of your situation. Some days you won’t believe in yourself, and that’s OK. But don’t let one moment of disbelief contaminate your entire dream.

If you can see where that temporary disbelief is rooted, and catch it before it begins to spread like wildfire, you’ll be able to identify what’s needed to move forward: a change of strategy, a new skill you need to learn, some information you need to collect or verify, or something else.

We grow through overcoming what holds us back. Limiting beliefs are only limiting if we don’t do anything about them. Every time you face a fear. Or limitation, you become a bigger person. And when you get bigger, your life gets bigger. You outgrow your current reality. So it pays to reframe the way you look at fear and challenges. Instead of seeing your fear as a warning sign, see it as an arrow pointing you in the direction that you need to go.


What limiting beliefs or negative thoughts keep creeping into your mind? Get honest with yourself and release any guilt or frustration that comes up. You are always evolving and this is just the next step.


The best entrepreneurs are repeatedly told they’re “crazy,” that they should be “reasonable” or “realistic.” And in a social-media-obsessed world where strangers dictate how we should look and feel, it’s easy to succumb to the social pressures around us.

When everyone else is trying to “fall in line,” self-belief means being willing to embrace and celebrate everything that makes you, YOU. Be willing to risk it all to stand in what you know is right for YOU. Only then will you truly believe in yourself.

What is it that you truly believe about yourself? Your abilities? Your purpose?


Unshakeable belief comes from experience. Some of what you do will be wildly successful, other things you do not so much! And that is okay. In fact, over your entrepreneurial lifetime you will probably fail more than you win.

Failure is part of getting to the next step, but the key is to not let it devastate you. Learn the lessons. Treat them as trials or practice runs in your quest for greatness. And just like you’d offer a bonus to a high-performing employee, take inventory of your successes and celebrate them. Maybe treat yourself to a day spa or splurge on that dream trip to Santorini. It will keep you motivated.

The mind is powerful; it believes what you feed it. The more you focus on the positive, the better you’ll stay focused on your goals, perform and ignore the naysayers.

What is your process for turning failures into win? Explain how you will deal with failures that threaten your success.


“Your competence is your confidence.” One of the problems many entrepreneurs face is the lack of knowing what to do at the right time to get the right results. Not knowing what to do can kill your belief.

Traditional schooling doesn’t give you the practical skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur. Only experience and education can take care of that. So, get better at stuff. Build the skills you lack. Get the information you need. Get a mentor. And then get great at what you do.

What courses, books, training , mentors do you need to invest in to cultivate your competency?


You may not know it, but there is something about you that no-one else has. This, girlfriend, is your magic.

To uncover your magic or what some will call your unfair competitive advantage, take out a stack of post-it notes. Write down every win you’ve ever had in your life and put them on a wall.

Take stock of what you see and think about what you had to do to achieve that success! Was it your skillset, your mindset, your approach, maybe your perseverance. Put the top five to 10 accomplishments on your phone’s home screen. Look at yourself every morning and remember why you’re awesome.


You can’t go into business expecting to be an overnight success or that you’ll make no mistakes. You can’t expect to hit a home run the first time you step up to the mound, and it’s the same in business. You might strike out, a lot. But it only takes one home run to transform your life.

Think about the expectations you have for your business? Are they realistic? Are you asking for success, but unwilling to put in the work to get the result you desire? If your expectations are off, reframe them. You can be successful at what you’re doing but if you’re not being realistic, no amount of belief will make it a reality.


Confidence is contagious. Belief is contagious. Success is contagious! Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people. Learn from mentors and role models around you, adapt their principles, strategies and apply them in your life.

In the words of Tony Robbins: “You simply become who you spend time with.” Therefore, if your belief is a little weak, get around some people who can feed into you in a positive way.

Step 01: Let’s find your belief BFFs! You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. List (5) people you can surround yourself with that will help reinforce your beliefs and support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Step 02: Remove toxic relationships! Think about the relationships in your life that could get in the way of you achieving your goals. Jot down any relationships you need to release or leave in the past, so that you can be free to move forward!


Loving your body (or in the least feeling grateful for the way it serves you) is not just about keeping healthy and making yourself look and feel better. It is about gaining the confidence that comes from those things.

The more you take care of yourself, the better you’ll feel about yourself, and it’s that confidence that reinforces the belief you need to accomplish your goals!

Think about the ways you can take better care of yourself. Be specific and then write a plan to make it happen. (i.e. I will go to the gym and exercise 4 times a week or I will schedule a me-day once a month where I do something special for myself.)


What you constantly tell yourself is what you believe. Remember, success is not something that happens overnight, so every day, you need to actively reinforce your vision, your goals, your beliefs so that you become someone who never backs down from a challenge, always aims high, and goes after BIG BIG wins!

Here are (111) belief affirmations you can use every day to build more belief in yourself. Pick the affirmations that resonate with you and repeat them every day to stay focused in your business.


(1) I believe I am attracting abundance, prosperity, and opportunity into my business.
(2) I believe I am always led to my ideal clients who need what my business is offering.
(3) I believe that my products and services have value and the power to transform people’s lives for the better.
(4) I believe I am connecting with people who can help me live my purpose.
(5) I believe I am one step closer to achieving my goals.
(6) I believe I am becoming wealthier every day.
(7) I believe that I am capable of giving back in abundance.
(8) I believe I am whole and have everything I need to take on the world.
(9) My unwavering faith is the foundation of my success in life.
(10) Nothing controls my life except my own thoughts and beliefs.
(11) The key to my success lies in my belief.
(12) The more I refine my core beliefs, the more positive my life becomes.
(13) The only things that stand in my way are my thoughts and beliefs.
(14) There is no limit to what I can achieve when my beliefs are positive.
(15) Through absolute belief and expectancy, all good things come into my life.
(16) Through belief, I have the ability to change anything in my life.
(17) Through belief, there is nothing I cannot be, do or have.
(18) Through the certainty of my belief, I effortlessly attract all that I desire.
(19) Today I create miracles in my life.
(20) Today I use my belief in self to conquer all my fears and doubts.
(21) When my belief is strong, my desires come into reality.
(22) With every breath I take, I am bringing greater and greater certainty into my life.
(23) I accept that whatever I believe about myself is what I become.
(24) I accept that who I am is a reflection of what I believe.
(25) I am consciously aware of my beliefs, and I only support those which empower me.

(26) I am filled with positive expectations.
(27) I am now recreating myself, one positive belief at a time.
(28) I am only influenced by positive beliefs and thoughts.
(29) I am redefining my life by redefining my beliefs.
(30) I am that which I believe I am.
(31) I am the master of my beliefs and attitudes.
(32) I am the master of my thoughts!
(33) I am totally prepared to eliminate any limiting beliefs from my mind.
(34) I believe all things are possible.
(35) I believe in me.
(36) I believe in my ability to create my own life.
(37) I believe in my goals 100%.
(38) I believe in myself and in my abilities.
(39) I believe in the magic of believing.
(40) I believe that all is well in my life.
(41) I believe that anything is possible if I set my mind to it.
(42) I believe that I have the right to live the life I desire.
(43) I believe that we all have a divine right to health, wealth and happiness.
(44) I can achieve anything if I ensure my beliefs are positive.
(45) I can because I believe I can.

(46) I can do anything I believe I can.
(47) I change my beliefs by changing my day to day thoughts.
(48) I believe all things are possible.
(49) I believe that anything is possible if I set my mind to it.
(50) I choose my thoughts and beliefs wisely.
(51) I choose to accept only those beliefs which empower my life.
(52) I define and refine my beliefs daily.
(53) I easily discard all those beliefs which no longer serve me.
(54) I easily eliminate disempowering beliefs from my life.
(55) I easily reject all past beliefs which hinder my progress.
(56) I ensure that all my beliefs are positive and empowering.
(57) I examine my beliefs and ensure that they support my desires.
(58) I examine my beliefs daily and weed out those which are disempowering.
(59) I expect fantastic things to happen to me every day.
(60) I expect great things to happen in my life.
(61) I expect my every need to be provided as required.
(62) I freely release all limiting beliefs from my life.
(63) I happily release all those beliefs that no longer serve me.
(64) I have complete faith in my ability to improve my life.
(65) I have complete faith that my desires are being attracted into my life.
(66) I have the ability to redefine my life by redefining my beliefs.
(67) I have the ability to redefine what I believe.
(68) I have total faith in my ability to succeed.
(69) I have unwavering faith in my abilities.
(70) I have unwavering faith that my dreas will come to be.
(71) I hold fast to those beliefs which nurture my being.
(72) I hold fast to those beliefs which support my goals.
(73) I intentionally choose only those beliefs which help to improve my life.
(74) I know beyond all doubt that I my core beliefs create my reality.
(75) I know that all my beliefs support my desired self-image.
(76) I know that belief is really just a thought that I focus on over time.
(77) I know that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.
(78) I know that I have total freedom in what I choose to think and believe.
(79) I know that my beliefs support me in all that I do.
(80) I know that my beliefs support my desired goals.

(81) I know that what I believe and what I see are one and the same.
(82) I know that what I think the most is what I will believe.
(83) I know that when I believe in myself and persist, I succeed!
(84) I know that when I believe it, I will see it!
(85) I know what I believe and have total faith that my life reflects this belief.
(86) I know with certainty that my positive beliefs create my positive future.
(87) I love the feeling of being totally free from negative beliefs and expectations.
(88) I now let go of all those beliefs that no longer serve me.
(89) I now release all limiting beliefs from my life.
(90) I now release all past beliefs which no longer empower my life.
(91) I put 100% expectancy behind all my beliefs.
(92) I put the whole power of my faith and purpose behind everything I do.
(93) I release all beliefs that impede progress towards my goals.
(94) I release all beliefs that jeopardize my goals and dreams.
(95) I release all habitual thoughts that prevent me from realizing my dreams.
(96) I take full responsibility for the beliefs I accept.
(97) I totally accept that my beliefs create my self-image.
(98) My belief in miracles makes them a common occurrence in my life.
(99) My belief is so strong, that all my desires are becoming real in my life.
(100) My belief is the power behind every thought I have.
(101) My beliefs are the seeds that grow to create my future.
(102) My empowering beliefs create positive experiences in my life.
(103) My empowering beliefs serve me well.
(104) My faith is so strong that I can see the completion of my goals right now.
(105) My life is sustained by the positive beliefs I possess.
(106) My life unfolds according to my thoughts and beliefs.
(107) My path unfolds before me according to my inner beliefs.
(108) My positive expectations in life are always realized.
(109) My thoughts and beliefs create who I am and who I will become.
(110) My thoughts and beliefs guide me effortlessly towards my goals.
(111) If I can believe it, I can achieve it.

If you’ve made it to the end of this epic post super impressed!  Hopefully, this post was able to give you the motivation and tools you need to confidently walk into a new season of success in your life.

Use the mantras and affirmations, print them out, turn them into printables or social media posts using tools like Canva and most of all make it a habit of infusing a healthy dose of belief and positivity into your life each and every day.

If this post was helpful to ya, please do me a favor and pin it, save it, or share it!

Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources!

I believe in you!!

– Andrea Bolder | WomanpreneuHER University

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There is power in your beliefs! Just imagine how much different your life would be if you would have believed in yourself sooner? Well always remember that it’s never too late to start believing in yourself. Just know that I’ll be here if you need a dose of motivation from time to time!


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