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I get it, you want to launch your own online course, BUT….

You’re scared.

What topic should I choose?

Will people like my content?

Will my course sell?

What if it’s a failure?

Don’t feel bad. I felt the same way when I created my first online course a few years ago.

Once I realized I was fully capable of delivering a truly awesome course, my fear of failure turned into seasoned success.

You see you can’t fail at something you never try.

Want to get ahead of your fear and dodge some common myths?

Then keep reading champs!

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Myth #1: I have to be tech savvy to deliver an exceptional course.

You can figure out anything! And the same applies to tackling the technology for creating an online course. Here’s the deal. It’s so super easy (even easier than it was just 5 years ago when I launched my first course). Once you know which tools to use to produce a simple yet spectacular course it really comes down to learning them or if you have a little dough to spare outsourcing them. Technology is only confusing if you don’t attempt to use it. As with anything a little practice goes a long way. Technology has never been easier and there are so many options for every budget.

Myth #2: I’m not an expert, who am I to create a course!

Yeah, I get it (and I faced this same concern when I was putting together my first course) How can I possibly teach something to someone else, when I’m not a so-called expert myself?

Well here’s the truth. What is something YOU have accomplished, overcome, figured out, or experienced (or taught others to do) and gotten results that you can teach other people? If you have done something, gotten great results, and can share the process with someone else, consider yourself an expert. Remember, you only have to be one step ahead to teach those behind you.

Myth #3: All the good topics are taken, can I still create a course on my subject?

If someone else has created a course on your idea or topic…SCORE! That’s a good thing. That means there is an audience waiting for you to show up. Plus, no matter what you teach on, you will be adding in your own personality, stories and experiences that are guaranteed to make your course one of a kind. Bottomline? There is no competition!

Myth #4: What if no one buys my course?

The worst thing ever is putting your heart, soul, money and time into a course that launches to crickets. Now while I can not promise you will make a gazillion dollars in sales, if you start with a winning system from the get go – meaning choosing the right course topic, styling your course to sell, packaging it the right way and doing a proper launch – you’ll be okay!

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Myth #5: Who am I going to sell to, I don’t have a blockbuster email list.

This is one that can definitely keep you up at night, but you don’t need a list of thousands or even a website for that matter to create a successful course. What you do need is a list of the right people – what I call your perfect fit fans – and the ability to quickly build a relationship with them so when you do decide to create your course, you’ve got a built-in base of buyers ready to pounce.

Myth #6: I don’t have that time or patience.

I have kids…I have a job….I have school…I have this…and that…and more of this! Okay I get it. You are busy. We all are, but if you never give yourself the opportunity to create passive income with your own successful course, you’ll never have the time or money or this or that. There will come a point in your entrepreneurial life when you have to shift your focus, shuffle your priorities and sacrifice a little sleep to fulfill your dreams of freedom. I’ve seen successful course creators in all types of situations – Full time college student, stay-at-home-moms, 9 to 5ers and multi-passionate entrepreneurs. It is all about committing to the cause and working within YOUR schedule.

Myth #7: Everything has to be perfect before I launch.

If you wait for everything in your life to be perfect before you jump in you’ll be sitting on the sideline for-eva!!! Yes you want to put out a winning course, but you can’t knit-pick, over-analyze, remix, remake and redo every little detail. You’re not a robot, you’re a person and it’s that personal (imperfect) experience that allows your students to connect with you in a way that makes them believe “if she could do it, I can too!” Bring the value, help your students get results and I promise you will not have to worry about the extra “um” in your video!

Myth #8: I have to have a mega community before I can create a successful course.

No. no. no! In a perfect world yes, it would be awesome to have a wildly popular blog, a facebook group overflowing with members or a YouTube channel with tens of thousands of subscribers. And if you already have these things. High five to you. But you don’t have to wait til you get “Internet Famous” to launch your course. In fact, it’s kind of like the chicken and the egg conundrum. An amazing course can spark the beginnings of a massive following just as much as ready made fan base can drive the success of a course. The key is to cook up something people will drool over and let it do what it do!

Myth #9: I don’t have friends in the industry that can help me promote.

I get it. You don’t have a gang of superstars to push your course to drum up sales or maybe you’re an introvert by nature (like I am ) and reaching out to people puts you into a full-blown panic attack. Look, collaborations are great and you can learn how to collaborate like a champ here (even it you are an introvert)90, but you don’t have to have an army of people behind you to win at the game. Strategic planning, packaging and promotion is key and I’ll show you how to do all of that and more in Create Your Champion Course.

Myth #10: I want to sell a super successful course, but how do I do it?

You know I would never leave you hanging, right? If you’re anything like me you need a game plan, blueprint, atlas, map and tour guide to show you step-by-step what to do before you feel comfortable taking on such a high stakes project. Well you’re in luck my friend because I want to give you my Ultimate Checklist For Course Creators . You’re welcome!

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