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Why will people buy your online course?

There are many reasons why people will (or will not) buy your online course or digital product, but the process from them initially hearing about your course and getting them to smack that buy now button can be a puzzling one…


Because people will enroll in your course , join your membership and purchase your products for many different reasons…

But the more you know about WHY someone will buy something, the better you can become at addressing these factors in your marketing and product creation.

So if you’re trying to figure out how to get more people to buy your stuff and choose YOU…

Hopefully this lesson can help ya out!

Here are 08 Reasons WHY Someone Will Buy Your Online Course.

01. They want to learn.

The main reason why someone will join your online course is to learn a new skill, methodology or philosophy centered around a specific topic.

Obviously courses are filled with content, resources, tools and expertise that can help someone solve a problem or satisfy a need.

And if you’re able to effectively communicate to your audience in your branding, messaging and product creation that you are capable of teaching on a particular topic, then that is going to grab the attention of people who want to fill their knowledge or skill gap.

02. They want to learn from YOU.

Sometimes people will buy because they get direct access to you!

There are high level courses and masterminds I’ve joined just so I could be around greatness. I also wanted to be “seen and heard” by the experts in the room and engage in conversations with people who had a greater level of knowledge than me.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, If you’re the smartest one in the room, you’re in the wrong room, well paying for access to get around the superstars of your industry can be the difference between success and failure.

03. They Want Results

Vera Wang once said, “Success isn’t about the end result, it’s about what you learn along the way.” Well your online course is what people will be learning along the way!

People join courses because they believe what is being taught inside of that course is going to bring about some sort of transformation.

And your course is the key to getting them there.

There is one thing that all high-converting sales pages have…

It’s the promise of the outcome, the end result that your ideal customer desires.

For example, if someone joins your course on confidence, they’re joining because they want to become a more confident person.

If someone joins your real estate flipping course, they’re joining because they want to learn the process of flipping a home successfully.

If someone joins your parenting course, they’re joining because they want to develop the skills that will allow them to be better parents to their kids.
Whatever the end result, your audience sees your course as the vehicle they need to help them achieve their desired outcome.

04. They want to be a part of a community.

Many times people just want to hang around like-minded people and if your course has a community component to it, that is attractive to a lot of people.

Even if someone has no intention of actively engaging in your community facebook group or online forum, (add link to blog post here), being able to immerse themselves in a group of people that simply make them feel like they belong, can be hugely beneficial. Sometimes the shared experience is more important than the course itself.

A community gives people a safe place to mingle, ask questions, network, develop relationships and create a sense of accountability.

And if you are someone who is seen as an authority in your niche and holds a level of influence in your industry, you’ll find people will join just to be associated with you! (more on this in a minute)

05. They want support.

With more and more digital product and online course creators adding a greater level of support for their students (beyond the “email if you have a question” type of support) being able to find help when they need it is really important.

Just think about it, you wouldn’t expect your college professor to give you lessons and not be available to help you when you get stuck right? Well the same is true for your online course.

You can provide support to your students in many ways. It can come in the form of a community or forum, it can come from you directly, or from your support team.

Many times people just want to know someone (anyone) will be there, just in case they need help. A sounding board for their ideas, people to help them out, and the knowledge that there’s somewhere they can go to get advice and feedback.

06. They want to be nosey.

Curious? Many times people will join just to see how YOU do something. They may already know the information or have found a solution, but are curious as to the tools, methods and processes you use.

Maybe they are launching their own businesses or blog?
Maybe they are planning to create their own product and want to see the elements you’ve used to create in yours.

Maybe it’s one of your competitors who just wants to know what you’re doing in your business?

Maybe it’s someone who is doing research about you, what you’re doing, your topic, or your industry.

Obviously, one of the best ways to learn how something works, is to get a sneak peek under someone else’s hood.

Sometimes the curiosity factor is enough to get someone to spend the cash to get access to your course!

07. They want to show their appreciation.

I get this all the time. Because I give out so much valuable content, many times for FREE, when I sell something, people are happy to buy it just because they want to show their support.

08. They want to buy because of the price.

Sometimes you’ll get people that buy your couser strictly because of the price point. They may be budget conscious and if your courses are on the lower end of their budget, they’ll invest in yours simply because it costs less.

Now, on the other hand, there will be people who will buy from you because your course is priced higher than anyone else’s in the market place and considered “premium” or of higher value. There are people who will drop 25K on a course or mastermind spot just because they can!

So as you can see there are many different reasons why people will (or won’t) buy from you but the more you know about your ideal customer avatar and the better understanding you have of what makes them smack the buy now button, the better marketer you’ll become.

If you are curious as to why people buy from you…just ask them!

Create a quick poll, survey or questionnaire that you can ask your students to fill out when they first enroll so you can get a better understanding of why they chose YOU.

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Here’s to your 6-figure future!

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