What The Heck Is A Sales Funnel Anyways

sales funnelThe average marketer leaves tens of thousands of dollars on the table because they do not implement a proper high converting sales funnel in the online marketing. Most marketers will create an information product, sell it on a sales page or on their blog then just give their buyers a link to their download page.

That method is not “wrong” but it leaves so much money on the table. Why make pennies when you can multiple your profits by setting up a proper ‘fast cash’ sales funnel?

An awesome sales funnel implements 3 steps for the potential buyer or prospect after they make their purchase.


To set up a proper sales funnel you will need a few more pages than just a ‘Thank You” page or Download page. Instead of just making your sale you are putting your customers through a “sales process” that will multiply your profits on autopilot! This method isn’t new, it’s not something I invented, it’s been around for as long as savvy marketers have been making money online.

This method is something all the big time merchants like Walmart, Zappos, Amazon and many more online vendors. A sales funnel is an integral part of their online marketing campaign.

How To Create a Money-Making Sales Funnel

I dedicate a whole module to creating money making sales funnels in my new course Fast Cash eBook Formula. It’s that important and can dramatically increase your income – in many cases more than 4 times.

One Time Offers and Promotional Ads

Your one time offer can be an upsell (upgrade) or a downsell.  This is another fun part of online marketing – An one time offer is when you ask customers to spend more money in order to receive additional products.  Basically you give them the option to spend more money as they’re pulling out their credit card. You should be making over 60% of your profits AFTER people have bought your product. You could start off by offering an Upgrade (also known as an upsell) as soon as someone purchases your product.

If you are upselling, you are giving the buyer the option to a higher end or more expensive product than what they are already buying  – like access to a coaching program or premium membership site.

For example:
Let’s say someone lands on the sales page in the front half of my sales funnel for my Traffic Generation product and makes a purchase. Let’s say the product is priced at $37.

Immediately after the purchase is made, I redirect them to a One Time Offer page where for $97 they get access to a Traffic Generation Membership site. Your OTO page is simply another sales page. It doesn’t have to be as good as the front end page because the people who see your OTO will already trust you.

Upgrades work because they take advantage of the customer’s buying mindset. You are essentially hitting your customer while they are hot. During the purchase process, most people are in a heightened emotional state.  They’re excited to check out your product and have a good feeling about what you’re offering.   In all likelihood, they’re willing to spend more if you give them the option.  (This same concept also applies to your free offers and opt-ins). You may notice when you opt-in to my email list I redirect you to a intermediary page which has an “upsell”offer listed. Opt in and you can see exactly how I set it up.

An upsell when selling your information products is by no means mandatory, but I do recommend you create a few more bonus items and offer them to your customers. You can also downsell your customers. If they don’t bite on the upsell, offer a less expensive one time offer. For example, it could be a series of 10 live webinars on Traffic Generation for $10.

One time offers are one of the best ways to add more fast cash to your bottom line without a lot of effort. You are essentially letting the system do the work for you and your profits grow on complete autopilot.

And we haven’t even talked about the next step of the sales process – email marketing – where we can literally sell to our new customers again and again as long as they are on our list…

Pretty awesome right?

how to create money making sales funnels

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