The Power Is In The List – The Importance of List Building

Have you ever wondered why small business owners and internet marketers ask you for your contact information whenever you request their help? Are you a marketer yourself and ever thought of the importance of building your own list?  What is the importance of building your own lists?  Building a list of followers or subscribers is one of the most powerful tools to growing a successful and profitable business, especially online!

Know that consistent and continuous communication with subscribers to your lists will solidify a relationship between yourself and your customers.  Establishing a good relationship with your followers and providing valuable content, products and services allows you to get more referrals for your business. When someone has benefited from email or video email messages that have helped them in some way, they will not be quick to forget you, and if they come across someone looking to solve the same problems they had, you’ll be the first person they’ll recommend!

It has been determined through market research that people buy from those they know and trust. Providing quality to your customers ensures that if they buy from you once, there is a great likely-hood that they will turn into repeat customers, purchasing from you time and time again in the future.

When you build your own lists, you do not have to spend money purchasing or renting one. You also don’t have to worry about  obtaining a list with questionable leads on them. Building your own list, knowing exactly where those subscribers came from and keeping the profits in your pockets is a great deal.  Not only does building your own lists save you money, it saves you time as well. To save time, you can program your content and video email messages to be sent through an auto responder,  such as Aweber, GetResponse or iContact. This allows you to email your entire lists at once, set to go out at whatever day and time you choose. This way you don’t have to sit at your computer sending e-mails and responses to your subscribers one by one.

When you start working to build a list, the goal is to get as many subscribers and followers as you can. The more relationships you build the more customers and profits you are able to drive to your business. The process of sending an email and monetizing your list is a great feeling, because you know it did not cost you a lot or take up lots of your valuable time. The most powerful fact is that your list is yours forever, which will allow you to forever connect with your potential customers.

To succeed in marketing your business on the internet it is necessary to build a reliable list. There are always a number of marketing techniques and strategies, but once you have mastered list-building and how to effectively monetize that list, you will make a lot of money online.

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